Ten Interesting Facts about Christmas

Every year, thousands of businesses and institutions across the USA spend precious marketing dollars to celebrate the special event. Here are ten interesting facts that will make promotions revolving around Christmas more memorable.

  1. Even though Christmas is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ, there are several alternate stories doing the rounds about its origin. Foremost among them is of Saint Nicholas, a 4th century saint, who obtained the repute of a wonder worker and a gift-giver. Christmas’ spirit of giving is attributed to him – it is believed that St. Nicholas used to put coins secretly in the shoes of needy people.
  2. Alabama is the first US state to declare 25th December as an official holiday on.
  3. The world’s tallest Xmas tree was erected in the US in 1950. It was 76 meters in height.
  4. The famous song “Jingle bells” which is associated with Christmas was in fact written for Thanksgiving. However, it got immense popularity as a Christmas song.
  5. The place of origin of most popular Christmas symbol — the candy cane is Europe. However, it was only in the 1800s that these symbols became popular in the US.
  6. The Christmas plant Poinsettia is believed to have originated in Mexico. The plant was introduced in the US by Joel Poinsett, a physicist and diplomat.
  7. Holly berries that are used to decorate the Christmas tree are poisonous and the Poinsettia plants which are believed to be toxic are in fact non-poisonous.
  8. ‘Jingle bells’ is the first song that was broadcasted from outer space. Astronauts Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra, who were on Gemini 6 mission secretly smuggled harmonica and bells aboard and sang the song.
  9. The present image that we have of Santa Claus is the work of cartoonist Thomas Nast. His illustrations appeared in the magazine Harper’s weekly in the year 1863.
  10. Franklin Pierce was the first US president to decorate the Christmas tree in White house.

Loved these facts? Hope you have a good marketing campaign this season.

Here’s wishing you a snowy and delightful Christmas from everybody at Promo Direct.

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