Looking Back At the Year 2013

We are in the last month it’s time to reflect on the events that shook headlines in the US the past year. 2013 was an eventful year with some events changed the course of culture, local economics and our perceptions to some extent. Here we have highlighted some of the memorable events:

1. President Obama Sworn In For 2nd Term

On January 20th, President Obama was sworn in as the 57th President of America. This is his second term and he has vowed to make reforms in immigration policies and formulate proposals to boost the plunging economy.

2. Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

In an attempt to overhaul the American health care system, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act. It aims to cut down the cost of health care and provide quality and affordable health cover to all the Americans. As per this law, all Americans will now have access to new rights, assurance and benefits in terms of health care.

3. Spying Revelations

Revelations of spying accounts rocked major tech companies across the US. A former employee of NSA disclosed that NSA has been monitoring the web activities of U.S citizens and has direct access to servers belonging to websites such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Skype. The latest news on this front is that Google has filed a 1st amendment case against NSA surveillance, and its results are awaited.

4. Total Shutdown

After congress refused to enact the legislation regarding allocation of funds for the year 2014, the US government went into a total shutdown. The result— federal government had to cut down most of its regular operations affecting scores of people across the US. The operations resumed from October 17 after the appropriation bill got passed.

5. Biggest Airline

US Airways has merged with American Airlines to be crowned as the biggest airline in world. Their common shares will be listed in NASDAQ and the union will operate under the brand name American Airlines. The company’s head office will be based in Texas. The airline will maneuver 6700 daily flights across 330 destinations of the world.

We now look forward to the year 2014, and hope that you get the very best all through the year.

Happy New Year!

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