8 Popular Growth Hacking Techniques For Your Business

You have probably heard the marketing concept Growth Hacking being discussed a lot these days. For those who are not aware, Growth Hacking is smart marketing that involves a mixture of social metrics, creativity and analytical thinking.

Hugely beneficial for startups, the concept allows companies to focus on growth and the ensuing monetary benefits while worrying about budgets later.

Neil Patel, the Seattle-based entrepreneur has said that the primary focus of Growth Hackers would be to Pull (“give them a reason to come to you”), Push (“find people online and push them towards your product”) and Product (“everyone that uses the product gets more people to use the product”).

Featured below are 10 Growth Hacking techniques that will be beneficial for businesses:

1. Viral Loop: Among the most effective Growth Hacking methods, a Viral Loop is when a viral coefficient of 1 is achieved. This means that a person who comes across a product or service shares it with a minimum of one person atleast.

2. Focus on Organic Search: Leverage the power of On-page and Off-page SEO to get your website high for search engine results. When you drive traffic to your site, make sure there is a Call-To-Action waiting for them to act upon.

3. Blogging: Create articles that can go viral with ease. You could write on Top 10 lists or provide useful tips for online users in your domain.

4. Share Content: If your target audience doesn’t come to you, make sure you reach out to them! Share content related to your site on external links such as Reddit and Quora.

5. Optimize Landing Pages: When you are successful in getting people to reach your landing pages, you should make sure that they don’t leave without signing up for your services or buying your products. Be aggressive with the CTA on the landing page.

6. Social Campaigns: Concentrate on sharing engaging content on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Win the trust of your followers and make sure they convert into meaningful business for your website.

7. Paid Search: It takes time to learn how to wisely invest in tools such as Google AdSense. But when you master it, you will be able to convert clicks into meaningful business while spending less on paid search.

8. Referral Campaigns: Launch campaigns that will reward existing customers who bring in more business. You could run a “Refer a friend and get a $25 coupon absolutely free!” campaign. Come up with something creatie.

You could also do a press release or get an endorsement from an expert authority in your domain. Just make sure that whatever you do to gain quick business falls within accepted ethical practices. All the best!

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