5 Fun Facts To Get Your Business Into The Halloween Mood

Just like every other year, October 31 in 2013 promises to provide a spooky and fun-filled day for Americans in the USA and across the world.

Since people associate really good memories with Halloween, why not give away promotional items your customers and employees will find useful? There’s every chance your recipients will remember your brand better!

Here are 10 fun facts to get you in the mood for a marketing campaign this Halloween:

1. The origin of Halloween: The word Halloween is derived from the Middle English word ‘Alholowmesse’, which means All Saints’ Day (celebrated on November 1 every year). The evening before Alholowmesse was known as ‘All Hallows Even’, which finally shortened to ‘Halloween’.

2. The origin of Jack-O-Lanterns: Jack-O-Lanterns owe their origins to a Celtic tale. Legend goes that a man named Jack fooled the Devil by making him pay for his drink. In return, the Devil forced upon him some hellish embers. Jack immediately placed these embers in a turnip and carried it with him wherever he went to ward off hellish spirits.

This brings us to a significant fact – the first Jack-O-Lanterns were turnips and not pumpkins!

3. Astonishing fact on pumpkins: In 2009, an estimated 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkins were grown in the United States alone. These pumpkins were valued at $141 million.

4. Just behind Christmas!: Halloween is acknowledged as the 2nd most commercially viable holiday after Christmas – close to 40 million Halloween cards are given away each year!

5. The most popular Halloween costumes for adults and kids in 2012: As expected, grown-ups have a different wardrobe for Halloween from their younger counterparts. Here is a top 5 list of costumes for grown-ups:

i. Witch

ii. Vampire

iii. Pirate

iv. Batman

v. Zombie

And here is a top 5 list of costumes for children:

i. Princess

ii. Batman

iii. Spider-Man

iv. Witch

v. Disney Princess

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