10 Fun Facts To Celebrate Golf Month

August is celebrated nationwide as Golf Month. With the sun smiling and the grass greener than ever before, August is ideal for a fantastic day at the golf course. So if you want to impress your clients and employees while promoting your brand as well, go for golf themed giveaways.

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Here are some interesting and fun facts to get your business geared up for Golf Month:

1. The first ever game of golf was played by members of the Scottish regiment who were supporting the French in fighting the English. This game took place in the year 1421.

2. The first ever evidence of golf being played in America was when the game was banned in the streets of Albany, New York. The year was 1659.

3. Annika Sorenstam broke all norms when she participated in the 2003 Bank of America Colonial. Before her, there was only one woman – Babe Saharias – to qualify for a PGA Tour event. Babe did this at the 1945 Los Angeles Open.

4. Popular American actor Samuel Jackson has clause written in his contract that allows him to play golf twice every week wherever he is shooting for his movies.

5. Tiger Woods was 9 months old when he was first introduced to golf by his father.

6. Harry Lee Bonner holds the record for the most Holes-in-One – 68 from 1967 to 1985 in a career.

7. The enviable record for the longest golf course rests with Nullarbor Links, Australia. Its golf course is 850 miles long.

8. Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard swung his six-iron to hit a golf ball on the moon. This took place during a February 6, 1971 flight.

9. Walter Hagen from the 1920s is the first professional to eke a living by playing golf. Prior to him, the only way golfers earned money is by teaching the sport.

10. Jack Nicklaus’ first paycheck was for $33.33 during the 1962 LA Open. Compare this amount with the hundreds of thousands golfers earn today.

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