Power of Promotional Products for Branding

power of promotional products

Several businesses around the world rely on promotional Items to boost their brand power. Featured here are 25 reasons why you too should opt for this mode of marketing!

1. Quality recall

Did you know that 76% of participants in a 2010 survey could easily recall the name of the advertiser who gave them a promotional product in the last 12 months? Compare it with this fact – only 53.5% of this same group of participants recalled the advertiser in a newspaper or magazine the previous week.

2. Long-lasting impression

This same survey revealed that 52% of participants pursued business opportunities with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product. An impressive 52% stated that they had a favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving the item.

3. Repeated exposure

The exposure provided by giveaways is very high. Recipients are likely to use your products in public, giving your brand quality visibility. The more frequently the item is used and viewed, the greater the return on investment for the advertiser.

4. Superior brand awareness

Giveaways do a good job of spreading awareness about your brand. Introducing a new product? Use a giveaway to announce its arrival.

5. Positive attitude toward advertiser

A recipient will begin to trust the advertiser more and seek his services when it matters.

6. High utility value

Promotional items are practical in nature and will be used by recipients in their daily lives. Your customers will thank you for giving them a quality bag or pen.

7. Conventional marketing mediums on the decline

While television and the print media are frequently used to highlight brands, they are often considered too expensive and lacking in recall value. As a result, people are relying more on giveaways to highlight their brand.

8. The best way to keep your brand in front of target audiences!

An item like a calendar or clock will not be discarded but will be kept in constant view of the recipient, helping them remember your brand more often.

10. Amazing variety

There is a huge variety of giveaways to choose from – stationery, drinkware, apparel and lots more!

11. Adding a personal touch

Giveaways can be personalized to your satisfaction. A business owner can be assured that the recipient is using a product that is the true ambassador of his brand.

12. Quick promotion

Giveaways bring about instant results – as soon as your recipient receives them!

13. Gain their trust

For a business, it is important to gain the trust of the target audience. Promo items achieves this with ease!

14. People love receiving giveaways!

Who doesn’t love receiving a quality freebie? Gain the appreciation of your clients for giving them a product they can use.

15. Low cost

Promo items are cheap since you can buy them in bulk. If you do the calculations, you will realize that they are far cheaper than the prices available at actual stores.

16. Creative outlet

You get the opportunity to be as creative as you can to launch a visually appealing product. This helps you connect with your audience in a quick fashion.

17. Business usefulness

Business owners can use giveaways for a wide range of purposes. Whether it’s as business gifts, appreciation tools, tradeshow items or as part of orientation programs, promo items are always useful!

18. Add variety to your marketing mix

Already have a marketing plan in place? Add variety by adding promo items to your marketing campaign.

19. Direct impact on the target audience

No other marketing campaign provides a direct impact with the target audience like giveaways do. They can actually feel and use your product.

20. All kinds of budgets

Point no. 15 talks about the low cost factor of giveaways. Businesses looking for expensive items will find classy pen sets, wine glasses or golfing items to match their fancy.

21. Improving trade show traffic

If you have an event coming up, then you will do your business a world of good by handing out giveaways. This will bring more people to your booth.

22. As a recognition tool

If your employees are performing well, they should be awarded. Choose from cost-efficient items to make them feel special.

23. As a customer retention tool

If you want your customer to continue doing business with you, then give away handy items that will keep them hooked to your brand.

24. Associate with a cause

Want to support a NGO? Or spread brand awareness during a campaign against breast cancer? Use wristbands, sanitizers or other such useful giveaways.

25. Worldwide visibility

Have clients that reside hundreds of miles away from your office? Send them personalized greeting cards. Or you could use luggage tags with your logo on them so that your brand gets noticed wherever your recipients travel around the world.

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Susan Smith
Susan Smith is a digital marketing strategist responsible for driving online visibility for Promo Direct. She oversees the social media strategy for the company and manages product campaigns to build brand awareness. Susan can be followed on Google+ and Twitter.

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  1. The key to a successful promotional product giveaway is to give something that will actually be used. Probably every vendor at a trade show will be giving away a pen. Pens are great, but there’s no room to stand out if a prospect gets 15 of them in one day. Think outside the box and be creative with it.

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