Observing August As Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

The month of August is celebrated in America as Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. This special occasion coincides with a new calendar year for children – they will be returning back to school after a long vacation.

If you are a school teacher or administrator, then you must be aware that August is when children are given immunizations and other important healthcare services.

During the summers, children play a lot in the sun, leaving their eyes exposed to harmful rays. You can educate children about the significance of wearing eyewear to protect their vision.

Business owners can give away items like the Junior Neon Sunglasses that are available in a variety of colors. Neon Sunglasses – White Frame is another product kids will love to wear.


You can also take this opportunity to give away some quality coloring books on a variety of health topics. Here are some of the exciting coloring books Promo Direct has in stock for you:

1. A Visit To Your Doctor: This coloring book has 16 pages of fun-filled activity, reminding kids about the importance of doctor visits.

2. A Visit To The Dentist: This coloring book teaches children the importance of oral hygiene.

3. Flash Teaches Fire Safety: This activity book uses word search, jokes and coloring pages to teach kids the importance of fire safety.

4. Fitness is Fun Coloring Book: This wonderful book provides kids with great tips to remain fit.


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