Making Back to School Easier for Kids with Promotional Goodies

A lot of kids get nervous when they return back to school after a long vacation. Some of these kids will be introduced to new friends, new teachers or probably even a new school! So schools often have a task on their hands to get the kids adjusted to routines – this process probably takes a week or two.

If you are a school administrator or teacher, you can make things easier for them by giving away personalized school items on the first day of school. These giveaways help them adjust themselves to the school in a quicker and more efficient manner. Find below some popular and interesting items available with Promo Directto welcome students after an extended break:

School Packets: Hugely popular, each packet comes with two pencils, a wooden ruler, an eraser and a sharpener. The kids will love these items!

Aero Sportpack: Available in 7 exciting colors, these sportpacks will do a good job of highlighting your school’s logo. These bags are trendy and sturdy enough to carry a student’s belongings. They will love carrying these bags to school!

Auto Flip-Top Calculator: Get this quality calculator imprinted with your school’s logo and gift them away to students. This product has black rubber grips and a rubber keypad that is soft to use.

Therm-O-Snack: These bags are perfect for the kids to take to school. They are spacious, have a zipper closure and will keep food fresh till lunch time and beyond.

Apart from the products mentioned above, you will find a lot of other products here. Use these products alone or mix them together to make useful school combo gifts. What’s more, the incredibly low prices will ensure you come back for more!

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