The History behind St. Patrick’s Day and its significance in the United States

St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17 every year and is observed in remembrance of Ireland’s revered patron’s saint.

There is a bit of entertaining history behind St. Patrick’s life. As a teenager, he was kidnapped from his home in Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland. He went through several hardships for 6 years before finally running away from his captors and returning back to his family.

He grew up to become a respected cleric and returned to Ireland as a Bishop. St. Patrick’s devotion for the betterment of the Irish poor made him immensely popular in Ireland and a force to reckon with in Irish culture.

St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated in America, thanks to the huge presence of Irish-Americans. Though there is no federal holiday to mark the occasion, several Americans host Irish-themed parties that serve alcoholic drinks and food. Street parades are held in the following American cities: Pittsburgh, Denver, New York, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Seattle, New Orleans, Detroit and Philadelphia.

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