Some Great Facts on Valentine’s Day and why you should promote your brand on this day!

Valentine’s Day – the most celebrated occasion among couples – is just around the corner. This special occasion has come a long way since Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 as Valentine’s Day in the year 496. In America, this romantic day received a big push in the 1840s when Esther Howland of Massachusetts launched the first ever Valentine Day cards.

Have you ever promoted your brand on this special day? If not, it is time you joined in the festivities by distributing Valentine’s Day themed giveaways to highlight your brand.

Featured in this article are a compilation of 8 fun facts taken from the online world. These facts showcase the significance of this special day and the emotional chord people associate with it:

1. The total value of imports for cut flowers in 2011 stands at $880,893,904. A major chunk of these cut flowers were used in bouquets that were given away to loved ones on Valentine’s Day.
2. As per stats released by the US Greeting Card Association, approximately one billion cards are given away in the United States each year.
3. Did you know that 15% of American women send themselves flowers?
4. A whopping 73% of those who buy flowers are men!
5. A staggering 189 million stems of roses are sold in America on Valentine’s Day alone!
6. Popularity list: Valentine’s Day cards are given to teachers, kids, moms, wives, sweethearts and pets, in that order.
7. American men spend an average of $130 on gifts for their loved ones.
8. Richard Cadbury – the founder of world renowned chocolate brand Cadbury – launched the first set of chocolates more than a century ago for Valentine’s Day.

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