Popular Promotional Products Sold by Distributors in 2011

Ever wondered which are the most popular promotional products sold by distributors? The State of the Industry (SOI) shed some light on this topic by releasing a list of promotional items that bring maximum revenues to distributors. Based on this report, we feature here the Top 10 promotional items sold by distributors in 2011:

1. Shirts/t-shirts: A whopping 20% of all revenues earned by distributors are generated through shirts and t-shirts. Businesses love the visibility provided by elegant and attractive shirts, thanks to impressive imprint areas for logos.

2. Bags: Even though bags continue to be extremely popular giveaways, revenues earned from them dipped from 11% in 2009 to 9% in 2011.

3. Pens: Inexpensive and highly practical gifts, pens continue to be a hit as business giveaways. Pens represent an estimated 7.3% of all revenues, which amounts to an impressive $ 1.4 billion.

4. Other apparel: Pants, sweatshirts, sportswear and jackets are also popularly embroidered with logos and given away to customers and employees. Businesses believe in the power of stylish apparel to add a fashionable touch to their marketing campaigns.

5. Caps: Caps are desirable marketing gifts that can easily showcase logos. No wonder they still account for 5.2% of total revenues.

6. Glassware and ceramics: Businesses looking for elegant giveaways or handy mugs rely on this segment and contribute 5% of total sales.

7. Desk Accessories: Calculators, paper weights and notepads are still counted upon to promote logos. They account for 4.8% of total sales.

8. Calendars: Calendars give visibility all 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! Whether its wall mounted or a desktop accessory, calendars are here to stay. Calendars contributed 4% to distributor revenues.

9. Automotive accessories: Tire gauges, car USB chargers and Auto Organizers are some of the popular giveaways for auto enthusiasts. They account for 3.5% of total sales.

10. USB drives: The only electronic items on this list, USB drives are great giveaways for office goers. They account for 3.3% of total sales.

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