What the Market Sees Vs What It is Actually…

The world of advertising is quite bizarre. There is absolutely no certainty what will work and what won’t. There are a number of factors that decide the fate of advertising success. Demographic preferences, consumer buying behavior and certain nuances of the target segment highly influence the overall marketing campaign. In order to understand the same PromoDirect—a leading name in the promotional industry, initiated a discussion in one of the social media channels “Which are the Best ways to recall brand in customer’s mind?”

As anticipated, we were bombarded with tons of replies from a lot of marketing geeks and some of these were business owners, and people at a very senior level including managers. Out of this survey what we have seen is some traditional outlook along with a few modern demeanors. We have taken into account all these replies and analyzed in a manner that will leave you with amazement.

  • Result 1: 58% says Television/print Media will win the race

Analogy: Perhaps true! However, with the advent of internet and online marketing, the world has been witnessing a new trend of interactive marketing instead of interruptive marketing. Moreover, the ever burgeoning cost of television and other print media is less effective when compared to internet marketing because you can measure the success of the latter one. Also with the rapid change in technology can be a catalyst in making these media less effective. With the rise in VoD (Video on Demand) people are becoming more selective regarding what they want to see, thus further shrinking the bandwidth of these traditional modes of advertising.

  • Result 2: 28% says it’s the promotional products that is more effective

Analogy: Cost effective, highly influential this concept is ideal for those who have started their business recently or may be in the industry for quite some time. Many large corporations also patronize the concept of elevating your brand image in the market by distributing promotional products among its customers and future prospects. The result is quite palpable in terms of higher customer satisfaction, better brand visibility and brand recall. However, the flip side is you need to know your target audience like a mother knows her child.

  • Result 3: Only 5% still relies on Radio Advertising

Analogy: The number is already abysmally low and it will further shrink with short wave becoming obsolete.

  • Result 4: 9% is of the opinion that billboard advertising is the best

Analogy: While this might have worked earlier but no longer any more, at least not the best. There are people who do not even look at those hoardings even if they are stuck in the traffic (We came to know about it from these survey). Moreover, this can make you spend a huge some of marketing dollars without letting you know how much ROI you have got so far.

If we want to take into consideration the above mentioned analogy, we would recommend that other than internet or online marketing it is promotional marketing that can help building trust with your target segment and this way you can clearly convey your brand message to your esteemed customers with proper visibility in the market.

After all, we all know that today’s buyers no longer buy things based on opinions but inclined more towards user experience. In that way promotional products will rule the advertising world along with online marketing.

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Dave Sarro
Dave Sarro is the founder and CEO of Promo Direct, a #1 promotional products company in the US that is focused on supplying a range of promotional giveaways to businesses, educational institutes, and NGOs of all sizes in the US. Dave is a consummate marketing strategist, key authority in the promotional industry and responsible for driving the company towards its mission of delivering quality products and optimum user experiences.

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