How Are Promotional Products Imprinted? Part One

Your corporate gifts have to be imprinted in a certain way. Which method is used depends upon which product you have chosen, the type of logo you mean to have on it, and also the substrate or printing surface.

Silkscreen printing—The technique uses a woven mesh to which the design is applied. The mesh has a light-sensitive layer. A design film, which contains both illuminating and non-illuminating parts, is applied to this mesh and the whole is exposed to UV light. The unexposed parts of the film are washed out of the mesh, so the ink can flow. The article to be printed is placed directly under the mesh and ink is then pressed through the mesh and onto the surface of the article.

With this method only promotional productsflat surfaces can be printed and it is possible to print one or more colors. Nylon and textile products especially, like promotional t-shirts, umbrellas, caps, and mugs are printed using this method. Promotional calendars are also imprinted using this method.

Pad printing—This method uses a metal plate called “cliché” The design is fitted photographically to this. Utilizing the pad, which is the actual image carrier, the design of the cliché is transferred onto the article. Different forms of the pad can be used to print various forms. One or more colors can be printed on most articles. Usually plastic promotional items are printed using this method of printing.

Transfer printing—The image carrier here is paper onto which the design is printed by screen printing. Heat transfer press is used to transfer the desired pattern onto a surface/substrate. This method of printing is particularly useful for printing products like promotional t-shirts, banners, ceramic mugs, bags, mouse pads, and umbrellas. This technique of printing is utilized especially for multiple color printing.

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