An ode to Women’s Health and Fitness

Lost amidst the daily buzz of homely activity and official duties, women entrepreneurs and homemakers alike tend to ignore the toll their busy lifestyles have on their health. Maybe its time that this apathy gave way to action and it is encouraging to see that our country has already taken the first steps this month! Your brand can help you take your first step too. It is true that causes are defined by commitment rather than time, but as September draws to a close I hope you continue to commemorate the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. And while you are at it, now usher in the Women’s Health and Fitness Day on the 29th as well! According to the National Cancer Institute, in the year 2010 alone, 21,880 new cases of Ovarian Cancer and an appalling 13,850 deaths owing to the same have been reported in the United States. These numbers are slowly and scarily rising but the same cannot be said of awareness levels which need a serious boost! Till the cure for this is discovered, prevention is the only way to beat it. Our honorable President Barack Obama in his official proclamation endorses the same view!

Make it your moral and corporate responsibility to help the women of our country know about Ovarian Cancer and its symptoms in a simple yet effective manner. Rest assured it won’t be very difficult or detrimental to your pocket! Unite the citizens against the silent killer using promotional items like custom awareness bracelets or and fortify their knowledge using promotional calendars or women’s health pocket sliders. After all forewarned is forearmed, isn’t it?

You can also take your concern about women’s health further this Wednesday when the nation will welcome the Women’s Health and Fitness Day.

Even as umpteen organizations of the country come together to host women’s health and fitness activities, am sure you and your brand don’t want to be left behind. Just when participants in these events are gearing up for walkathons, exercise demonstrations or health screenings, walk up to them and gift them promotional personal care products like sanitizers, pedometers or stress balls. You don’t always need words to say you care and yet your brand strikes a chord.

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3 thoughts on “An ode to Women’s Health and Fitness

  1. Time to get our family members, friends and well wishers to spread the awareness among them about the fitness and health of Women and the precautions which they have to follow.

  2. Amazing! Thanks a ton! I always wanted to produce in my website something similar to that. Am i allowed to quote section of your post to my blog?

  3. I liked the article so much that I shall keep reading it every time I feel low or lost. This article boosts my mind from thinking only positive and helps me to work towards living a positive life.


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