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Jan 15 2014

4 Technological Trends For 2014

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We witnessed a lot of technological changes in 2013, and 2014 will be no different. It will be a year of unprecedented technological growth, which will provide us with engaging on-site as well as hi-tech integrated user experience.

Here are top four technological trends that will rule in 2014:

1. Explosive Growth In Smart TV Competence

According to Display Search, a quarterly television design and features report, we will experience phenomenal rise in the shipment of smart TVs in 2014. The industry will witness severe competition between big players such as LG, Samsung and Panasonic. In the midst of this growth, prices will continue to drop and more number of users will use Hulu and Amazon Smart video to browse on-demand videos of their favorite TV shows, webisodes, and movies.

Apple’s iTV is in the process of development and it is believed that Apple will incorporate iCloud sync, which in turn will control user’s iPhone and LCD panels. iTV is slated to release in the early summer of 2014.

2. Google Glass – A World Within Your Reach

Although Google has not made Google Glass available to the general public, it has garnered great interest around the world. With Google Glass, you can access email, texts, and videos effortlessly. With this gadget you can translate your voice, receive overlaid walking and driving directions in your sphere of vision. It is predicted that Google Glass will be available to the general public in mid-2014.

3. Xbox One and PS4 – Integrated Entertainment

These new gaming consoles will allow users to follow each other, work together to achieve common goals and will enable like-skilled individuals to compete with each other.

 In short, users will able to watch TV, surf the Internet, listen music, play games and carry out two or more activities alongside or switch from one activity to another easily. The PS4 is scheduled to be released on November 15th 2014.

4. Smart Watches – A Gadget To Look Out For

Instead of pulling out your Smartphone or laptop each time to check frequent emails, news, messages and social media updates; you will soon glance at your smart watch. With Google Watch you can access relevant information whenever and wherever you want. It is rumored that this watch will be available in stores from early-to-mid 2014.

However, instead of offering the usual accessible services, it would be interesting to see if Google offers us something which even smart phones are not able to such as intuitive notifications, monitoring the heart rate, analyzing behaviors and so on.

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Mar 18 2011

Cell Phones, your new electronic wallet!

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Do you remember some time back, when “plastic money”, as it is termed today, created a huge change in the market and completely revolutionized the consumer behavior? With the availability of the cell phones enabled with banking technology, there is bound to be a change in the consumer behavior.

To give you a small overview, what looks like a very recent update in the technological world, actually began in the year 2004 in Japan. The concept of an electronic wallet or a cell phone wallet was initiated by the telecommunication giant DoCoMo with their new technology called NTT. This technology allowed any user to make purchases via their cell phone that had their credit or debit card details fed into their phones. The trend took on, and now the entire world can use what is termed as “Mobile Commerce” to make speedy purchases.

Even though it is no rocket science to determine that this new technology is sure to cause a revolution, there seems to be a need to delve deeper and understand the implications. Some of the most obvious benefits, for a consumer is that mobile commerce allows you to become clutter free and “travel light” while carrying a higher purchasing power with you. A replacement of the plastic money, mobile banking offers the convenience of moving out without a wallet at all. You can contain your shopping and grocery list in the task manager of your phone and once all the purchases are made, pay for it via your smart phone. If you are running a hectic day and are too tied up to finish your grocery shopping, you can simply buy stuff online with your phone web browser and pay for it instantly.

While these points talk of the consumer behavior change with mobile commerce, there are bound to be changes in the core marketing and advertising by business as well. For instance, with the movement of stores from the physical world to the online medium or to cell phones, the focus shifts to getting noticed online and on consumer’s cell phones. Businesses then have to change their branding strategies to suit them for online medium. Page ranking, SEO, online payment methods, online branding tips gain paramount importance to compete with the large unseen world of the entrepreneurs that appear on a customer’s cell phone with a mere hit of a button. This represents a constant need to come up with new business ideas and branding tips to match the competition of the fast paced mobile world.

Even though a world without any paper or plastic money sounds like a distinct reality, the fact that the companies like Starbucks, Nike, Buy.com and Amazon.com are already enabled with these applications brings mobile commerce to our doorsteps.

So, a branding and marketing world, where promotional products and promo items will have some internet and mobile website referrals  instead of physical addresses on them does not sound much too far away now.

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