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Apr 11 2014

Holidays and Observances in USA – May 2014

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Jul 08 2010

Various Ways to Promote Your Business

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There are numerous ways to promote your business via exclusive as well as inexpensive techniques. Big and small companies have their different ways to promote their businesses; but perhaps the only common way utilized by them is to giveaway personalized marketing items to enhance their brand recognition and recall. For example, inexpensive promotional items such as promotional pens and drinkware are extremely popular amongst all American companies.Here are a few quick tips apart from distributing customized giveaways to enhance your business:

  • If you do not have business cards and personalized stationary already, have them made immediately and start giving them away in your circle for networking purposes.
  • Attend various meetings, conferences, tradeshows and other such business events throughout the year; and if possible, conduct a few events as well.
  • Make sure you interact with existing customers often and help them out sincerely, whenever necessary. You must have heard that mouth-to-mouth publicity is one of the best ways to market anything. Well, this is where you can begin.
  • Network with competitors willingly. Getting to know what competitors are doing in the same market can prove to be very beneficial for future business plans and goals.
  • Request for feedback wherever possible. Ask customers, visitors and attendees to give you feedback on a personal level, or your company website or by replying to your mailers.

So why wait?
Start promoting your business today!

Good luck. :)

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Jun 28 2010

Introduce your new or redesigned website by giving away promotional mouse pads

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If you are planning to launch a new company website; introducing it to everybody by giving away promotional mouse pads would prove to be a good decision. Promotional products leave behind an intensive impact and also last very long with receivers, if it is planned correctly.Everybody who uses a computer probably uses a mouse pad too. Mouse pads are popular promotional office items, which usually have a very long life and are easily affordable even by small companies for their promotional initiatives. The people who already spend hours in front of a computer are more likely to visit your website and convert into your customers. Promotional mouse pads could attract many attendees to your desk at the website launch or any tradeshow to promote your redesigned website.

Thus, gifting mouse pads to potential customers is an ideal option for promoting your new or redesigned website.

Many companies consider promotional mouse pads to be a bestseller, and they also believe it is one of the only easily customizable and impactful personalized products. Initially mouse pads were available only in a few designs and styles, but we offer them in different shapes, colors, sizes and designs today.

Computer promotional items from Promo Direct can work wonders for your brand, mainly because they are extremely inexpensive and your customers will end up using them daily.

So why wait?
Order your set of personalized Promotional Mousepads today!

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Jun 27 2010

Surprise your company employees with promotional office items

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Have you ever considered giving away reasonably priced corporate promotional products such as imprinted coffee mugs, custom promotional bags or Bic promotional pens to your employees as well, instead of only your existing and potential customers?If not, we strongly suggest you to consider it.

Receiving gifts makes everyone happy, no matter what age-group or profession they belong to. And surprise gifts are a good way to motivate your employees further in order to boost their personal as well as team performances. It could be your secret technique to enhance their morale at work. Morale is a key to the success of any company as it raises the level of optimism amongst members irrespective of what the circumstances are.

You can even gift selective employees. For example, employees who achieve top monthly sales, employees that gain new clients or the ones who come up with inventive ideas. You can also opt to not spend too much by opting useful or impactful gifts such as trendy promotional pens, mouthwatering chocolates or in fact, a Thank You Business Card Box with “Thank You” stamped on the chocolate in a perfect way to show your appreciation.

You can also choose appropriate promotional gifts for newly hired employees, probably a customized notepad or other such writing products for their new desks. This will make them feel welcomed and motivate them to start confidently.

Gifting promotional products within your company can be as beneficial as gifting your customers. So why wait? Order now!

Happy appreciating! :)

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