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Mar 05 2014

Giveaway ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th and is celebrated in most countries around the world. It is observed in remembrance of patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. He was born in 4th century in a wealthy Irish family.

As the famous saying goes, “Everyone’s Irish on March 17th! ”, this day is marked by wearing green, eating Irish food, using shamrock decorations, conducting parades and frequenting pubs.

So if you are planning to host a sales event, wish to inspire your employees by giving them memorable gifts or want to spread a word about your brand, then make the most the of this fun-filled festival by giving your recipients any of the following St. Patrick’s Day gifts.

1. 23 oz. Beer Glasses: These glasses will make perfect gift ideas as most people celebrate this festival by dining and drinking. Give imprinted glasses to your customers or employees as a goodwill gesture. It will help in spreading awareness about your brand as people will continue to use these glasses on other occasions as well.

2. Gildan T-shirt (Colored): Since everyone switches to green on this day, you can distribute green colored t-shirts to customers at your store. They will appreciate your gesture and may end up becoming your loyal customers.

3. Koozie Collapsible Can Holder: If you are looking for affordable and worthy items to give away to your employees, a few can holders with your company logo can be a great idea.

4. 17 oz. Mood Stadium Cups: Let your customers enjoy a game of rugby or soccer while drinking their favorite beverages in these stadium cups!

With these products, you are assured of a memorable marketing campaign on St. Patrick’s Day!

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Mar 14 2013

The History behind St. Patrick’s Day and its significance in the United States

St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17 every year and is observed in remembrance of Ireland’s revered patron’s saint.

There is a bit of entertaining history behind St. Patrick’s life. As a teenager, he was kidnapped from his home in Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland. He went through several hardships for 6 years before finally running away from his captors and returning back to his family.

He grew up to become a respected cleric and returned to Ireland as a Bishop. St. Patrick’s devotion for the betterment of the Irish poor made him immensely popular in Ireland and a force to reckon with in Irish culture.

St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated in America, thanks to the huge presence of Irish-Americans. Though there is no federal holiday to mark the occasion, several Americans host Irish-themed parties that serve alcoholic drinks and food. Street parades are held in the following American cities: Pittsburgh, Denver, New York, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Seattle, New Orleans, Detroit and Philadelphia.

Several companies join in the celebrations by giving away St. Patrick’s Day themed giveaways. If you haven’t associated your business with this fun-filled day yet, then it is time you did! Head over to Promo Direct for some exciting giveaways to highlight your brand.

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