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Jan 24 2014

Planning A Better 2014 For B2B Businesses

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B2B entrepreneurs are often bombarded with advice from several quarters on how they can improve sales and performance in 2014. It is difficult to analyze which recommendations will work and which won’t. Your business resolutions must be practical and achievable, if you want to achieve the desired goals.

We, at Promo Direct, have prepared a to-do list for your B2B business:

1. Be Responsive And Approachable
You must focus on optimizing different disciplines of B2B businesses, which includes refurbishing the website for enhanced user experience, opting for webinars to increase brand awareness, and efficient customer service for greater customer satisfaction. Although, these steps may seem simple, you need a lot of dedication to strengthen your business operations.

2. Organize Your Business With Social Media
Some entrepreneurs still ignore the power of social media – you can take your company’s sales and marketing to new levels by making the most of social media platforms. Moreover, social media touches every aspect of B2B business, so it is essential that your employees and business departments remain socially active to stay ahead of competition.

3. Increase Interaction with your buyers
Social media platforms such as Google+ is going to become more comprehensive this year. It will blend social interaction, audios/videos and e-commerce all in real time. This is an ideal opportunity to showcase your brand in front of a huge target audience.

4. Drop strategies/products that are not working
Remember that all products are not super sellers and not all sales methods work well. If a marketing strategy or product is not doing well, then drop it. Never waste your time and energy in doing something that is not working. Move on and focus on promoting other products.

To sum it up, you need to devise new strategies, improvise your products or services and embrace social media to surge ahead of competition. Apply these tips to your business for 2014 and boost sales and productivity.

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Nov 25 2011

Persuasion vs Passion-What Works To Increase Sales

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Tired of rallying up leads? After countless sleepless nights over driving “organic traffic” to your website and watching the horror of how few convert into sales both on your website and off-page as well, you have probably laid down arms now on increasing sales!

You ask yourself, “Where am I going wrong? I created the perfect business…have the perfect sales pitch…have been sending the newsletters, catalogs, and highlighting the cheapest products, the best quality products….then where is the smelly skunk that’s turning away conversions?”

The answer might just be looking you in the face without you knowing it. Pestering people to buy doesn’t work. That is a fundamental principle of marketing. People love to buy but they do not to like to be told to buy! Your pitching your products and services in every communication with your customers is simply not going to work. Persuasion is an uphill task and can eventually help to convince people to buy.

But what works effortlessly is your conviction about your product or service. If you love what you do, are passionate about your offering, about your product, your buyers will naturally be drawn to you and your business! People who are passionate do not need to run after others to have them buy their product. Can you imagine Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs pitching and pestering people into buying their product? The idea itself sounds silly!

In fact, citing those very examples shows us something. We all are drawn to passionate people like moths to a flame, simply because they believe in what they have to offer and love what they do.

The more convinced you are about your product and service the more people will believe in it and will want to procure it. Confidence and passion are the keys you need in business, and not just a great sales page and pitch!

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Oct 08 2010

Defining a product appropriately in consumer’s mind while marketing

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If only Inception could be a businessman’s official guidebook! Picture this – we could all be real-life Leonardo di Caprios who will be able to unravel the mind of a consumer, plant the idea of how fantastic our product is and mentally prod him to do business with us. Well, that may work in the reel world but in reality it is your marketing strategy that can influence how much a consumer knows about your product.

The trick to define your product in your consumer’s mind is to know how much he knows and what to tell him. Your potential customer needs the product that you sell but he is faced with so many companies offering the same product that he doesn’t know which one to choose. Use the three-tier marketing strategy given below and your consumer will know your brand and make an informed choice.

Advertise and emphasize:

Door-to-door promotions are difficult to execute in today’s busy world and internet advertisements are the new buzz words. Your promotional advertisements should reveal the salient features of your product or your service and leave your customer with a budding interest in you. When he goes a step further, your website should embody your company’s personality and offer a glimpse of your work, policies and finally what you promise to give him.

Gift away a giveaway:

The customer has reached you and now it is your turn to reach out to him. Promotional products are meant to give a human edge to profit-driven business ideas. Promotional items like customized stationery, pens, health care products, calendars or apparel serve as good gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Top-class corporate gifts indicate you really care about your customers and won’t compromise on quality even if you are giving out complementary products.

Confessions of a consumer mind:

However objective you seem while describing your product to a consumer, you won’t be able to keep him from thinking that he is merely a means to your end. However, if he hears your message from another consumer who has used your product or availed your service, he is likely to believe him. Forums on social media like Facebook and Twitter are the latest forums to advertise and influence a consumer’s mind.

Now being a Dom Cobb doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it?

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