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Aug 04 2010

Screen Printing on Promotional Products

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Did you know ‘screen printing’ is one of the most versatile methods of printing used today by leading promotional product manufacturers?Screen printing is an effective printing technique which can be used on a wide range of materials such as metal, glass, cloth, paper and plastic. It is an effective process which involves printing by using substrates that other forms of printing techniques cannot be used for. Various promotional products including T-shirts, labels, electronics, bottles etc. are usually imprinted with company artworks and brand messages by using the method of screen printing.

To have a better idea about how it is done, watch the following videos on screen printing.

Promo Direct’s bottle screen printers imprint cylindrical parts flawlessly. These printers can be adjusted to print parts with minor tapers and they are also equipped with an inflation system which can be used for squeezable, polypropylene bottles.

Promo Direct successfully prints a wide range of drinkware products including aluminum bottles, promotional coffee mugs, ceramics, glassware products and other travel tumblers and mugs. Giving away promotional drinkware is a cost-effective option your company can consider for upcoming business events. Promotional drinkware offers maximum printing capacity and you can imprint your attractive logo and brand messages on them conveniently.

For more factory insights from Promo Direct, subscribe to us on our YouTube channel. Happy viewing!

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Jul 29 2010

Five Things You Should Check Before Purchasing Promotional Products

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If you are planning to purchase promotional productsin the near future, it is absolutely necessary to take a few precautions and avoid regretting later. Following are five significant points that you must consider before purchasing promotional products:

  • Check efficiency

Make sure the type of promotional products you purchase is useful to everybody who receives it. Avoid choosing perishable or seasonal products which will remain with your target audience just for a limited period of time. The more people use your products, the longer they remember your company.

  • Check Reliability

The products you giveaway to customers will reflect the image of your company and thus, cheap products will backfire and affect your company reputation. So make sure the products you eventually going to use are of high quality. Don’t sacrifice on quality to save your money and always contact reliable distributors like Promo Direct for further guidance.

  • Choose Unique Products

If you are planning to embark an unforgettable impression on new clients and customers, avoid using common promotional products and opt for unique products instead. Those distinctive products will successfully create a buzz in you target market and would attract more attention towards your company against competitors.

  • Research on Importance

Nobody would appreciate receiving useless products, even if they are for free. So make sure you give away products having high importance to customers. Do some market research on what your target audience would like or probably is searching for and consider those results before purchasing the products.

  • Easy Customizing

Clear your doubts on customizing the products before they get imprinted and personalized with your company logo and slogan. Make sure the color or the qualities represent your brand somehow.

Good luck.

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Jul 27 2010

Can promotional products double your sales?

Distributing promotional products can prove to be an extremely powerful marketing tool to add more value to your brand identity and recall. Most companies believe that the most valuable use for promotional items is to gain brand recognition. Inexpensive promotional items do justice to every promotional budget and maximize profits by minimizing the promotional investments.But one of the most imperative questions asked by various companies around the world is: Can promotional productsdouble your sales? The answer is YES, they can.5 steps to double your sales with promotional advertising products:

  • Detailed planning

The key factor to acquire maximum sales is to minimize the investments by avoiding unnecessary expenditure and implementing a dedicated and detailed promotional plan.

  • Choosing the right product

Make sure you select a product which can connect to your company and its products or services in someway. This may not be always possible; so you can instead opt for a product which appeals to your target audience the most.

  • Outperforming the competitors

It is extremely important to be updated with what your competitors are doing and outperforming them by implementing better strategies. Make sure you choose better personalized marketing items to win over the common target market against competitors.

  • Organize events or participate

Organizing tradeshows or participating in such business events are idea opportunities to giveaway tradeshow giveaways or other corporate promotional products to acquire leads for future sales.

  • Spread the word

Spreading a viral communication about your recent activities is absolutely necessary. Send across direct mailers or emails, use the online social media or think of other ways to spread the word amongst your target audience.

If you choose the right product and follow these steps diligently, the rate of conversions would definitely surprise you. Good luck. :)

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Jul 23 2010

5 Essential Ways to Market a Business with Promotional Products

Promotional products are useful tools to market your business. They are renowned to be consistent in generating a recurring impact on users and intrigue them towards companies and their specialties. Business promotional products also provide an incredible opportunity to carry out effective marketing.Here are 5 essential ways to market your business with the help of promotional items:

  • Use them as invitations

Instead of giving them away without any specific reason, try using them as invitations for important or extravagant occasions. For example, you could send across a box of chocolates with a card including a message: “We are pleased to invite you to celebrate our company’s 25th year of operation.”

  • Sponsor Events

Try hosting an event to acquire more leads for sales and impress existing clients and customers. You can organize a fundraising event for a NGO or probably a fun golf competition for your corporate customers and giveaway imprinted promotional merchandise at the event. Give each participant a gift bag with efficient products that they could use frequently.

  • Send Direct Mailers

Send across mails to existing clients, investors or customers with a thank you note imprinted on it. Or introduce your company and its products or services by sending free gifts or samples to potential customers. Direct mail campaigns have proven to be a great way for new business to establish their name in the market.

  • Socialize

Do not hesitate to discuss about your promotional ideas whenever you get an opportunity to do socialize with people. Giving away an imprinted promotional product while talking about them could create an unforgettable first impression; so always keep them handy! Also, try distributing products imprinted with contact details instead of visiting cards. You will be surprised to see their impact on receivers.

  • Analyze

Analyzing promotional products is extremely important to perform better in the future. Request your customers to submit feedback on the gifts they received from your company. This will help you evaluate your efforts and rectify your mistakes for future promotions.

Good luck. :)

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Jul 13 2010

How to Pamper Your Clients with Promotional Products

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Most companies believe marketing products for business are meant only for brand awareness. Only a few realize its strength to convert potential clients and customers into loyal ones; and one of the easiest ways to influence their decisions is by pampering them. When clients are pampered, they feel loved and cared for, which reciprocates in building your brand identity positively and also into sales sometimes.Let us guide you on one of the questions we received from our customers recently:
How to pamper our clients with promotional products and other corporate gifts?

  • If you really care, do not be cost-conscious.

Pampering anyone does not generally come cheap, and we are talking about respectful clients here, so make sure you are willing to spend kindheartedly. If you are extremely low on budget, send across exclusive corporate promotional products such as golf items, deluxe poker sets, USB Flash drives, etc.

  • Convey your gratitude clearly.

Make sure you send across a personal note and convey your appreciation clearly to your clients. It is extremely important to be unmistakably expressive for them to feel important.

  • Decide over impressive or efficient gifts.

Sending exclusive gifts could be impressive but not useful enough; whereas efficient products might be long-lasting but not quite impressive. For example, you can opt for a premium box of chocolates called The Chocolate Elegance or go for the USB Flash Drives, which would last longer than the chocolates but would not match its first impression on clients.

Pampering your clients with exclusive business promotional products could influence them to recommend you in their networks. So make the most out your efforts and make it special.

Happy pampering! :)

To view a large variety of personalized business items for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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