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Sep 16 2011

How Are Promotional Products Imprinted? Part Two

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Embroidery—The logo is embroidered on the article and this is useful particularly for promotional products such as t-shirts, promotional sweatshirts, caps, and bags. To reproduce the logo or image on the substrate, a card is required. The rates for embroidery depend upon the stabbing number as well as the size of the logo

Laser engraving—A controlled beam of laser is used to literally burn the design into metal. The design turns out precise and clear. The color is obviously dependent on the color of the metal that is engraved. This method is specifically used on corporate gifts like executive promotional pens, drinkware, flashlights and other accessories.

Embossing—Utilizing a cliché or die, the design is pressed onto the article using high pressure. This method is particularly utilized with leather promotional items.

Digital printing—This technique utilizes a sticker with a layer of epoxy, which is a two-component resin. This layer enhances the product by giving a magnified look to the design that is under it while protecting the colors of the print from any wear and tear. This method is mostly used for USB drives and other expensive electrical promotional items.

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Sep 15 2011

How Are Promotional Products Imprinted? Part One

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Your corporate gifts have to be imprinted in a certain way. Which method is used depends upon which product you have chosen, the type of logo you mean to have on it, and also the substrate or printing surface.

Silkscreen printing—The technique uses a woven mesh to which the design is applied. The mesh has a light-sensitive layer. A design film, which contains both illuminating and non-illuminating parts, is applied to this mesh and the whole is exposed to UV light. The unexposed parts of the film are washed out of the mesh, so the ink can flow. The article to be printed is placed directly under the mesh and ink is then pressed through the mesh and onto the surface of the article.

With this method only promotional products flat surfaces can be printed and it is possible to print one or more colors. Nylon and textile products especially, like promotional t-shirts, umbrellas, caps, and mugs are printed using this method. Promotional calendars are also imprinted using this method.

Pad printing—This method uses a metal plate called “cliché” The design is fitted photographically to this. Utilizing the pad, which is the actual image carrier, the design of the cliché is transferred onto the article. Different forms of the pad can be used to print various forms. One or more colors can be printed on most articles. Usually plastic promotional items are printed using this method of printing.

Transfer printing—The image carrier here is paper onto which the design is printed by screen printing. Heat transfer press is used to transfer the desired pattern onto a surface/substrate. This method of printing is particularly useful for printing products like promotional t-shirts, banners, ceramic mugs, bags, mouse pads, and umbrellas. This technique of printing is utilized especially for multiple color printing.

To Be Continued…

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May 13 2011

The Know-How of Promotional Products Industry

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Have you ever received a promotional product? A pen, a T-shirt, or even a coffee mug with some business name imprinted on it? The advertizing idea of giving away promotional items has gained widespread popularity since its inception in 1789. There is hardly anyone in the world today who does not receive a promo item at least once in their life. Here is a very creative chart that will give you interesting details about this widespread industry.

As depicted in the chart above, promotional products industry gains $15.6 million in revenue per year. Several surveys suggest that promotional items have an effective recall value, are great giveaways for brand building exercises, and inspire customer loyalty too!! A lot of businesses leverage this popular advertizing medium to their benefit by giving away promo items at their annual celebrations, tradeshows, and even business meetings.  So, while planning an advertizing campaign next time, it might work well for you to have a budget kept aside for promotional giveaways and see your business soar to success!!

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Sep 29 2010

An ode to Women’s Health and Fitness

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Lost amidst the daily buzz of homely activity and official duties, women entrepreneurs and homemakers alike tend to ignore the toll their busy lifestyles have on their health. Maybe its time that this apathy gave way to action and it is encouraging to see that our country has already taken the first steps this month! Your brand can help you take your first step too.It is true that causes are defined by commitment rather than time, but as September draws to a close I hope you continue to commemorate the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. And while you are at it, now usher in the Women’s Health and Fitness Day on the 29th as well!According to the National Cancer Institute, in the year 2010 alone, 21,880 new cases of Ovarian Cancer and an appalling 13,850 deaths owing to the same have been reported in the United States. These numbers are slowly and scarily rising but the same cannot be said of awareness levels which need a serious boost! Till the cure for this is discovered, prevention is the only way to beat it. Our honorable President Barack Obama in his official proclamation endorses the same view!

Make it your moral and corporate responsibility to help the women of our country know about Ovarian Cancer and its symptoms in a simple yet effective manner. Rest assured it won’t be very difficult or detrimental to your pocket! Unite the citizens against the silent killer using promotional items like custom awareness bracelets or and fortify their knowledge using promotional calendars or women’s health pocket sliders. After all forewarned is forearmed, isn’t it?

You can also take your concern about women’s health further this Wednesday when the nation will welcome the Women’s Health and Fitness Day.

Even as umpteen organizations of the country come together to host women’s health and fitness activities, am sure you and your brand don’t want to be left behind. Just when participants in these events are gearing up for walkathons, exercise demonstrations or health screenings, walk up to them and gift them promotional personal care products like sanitizers, pedometers or stress balls. You don’t always need words to say you care and yet your brand strikes a chord.

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Aug 12 2010

How to Multiply Your ROI by Using Promotional Products

For those who don’t know, ROI stands for “Return on Investment” which essentially is a technique to measure the effectiveness of your investments. Companies examine total profits against the amount of investment and evaluate their advertising efforts accordingly. For example, a particular campaign is said to be successful only when the returns exceed the entire cost of investment.If you are looking for ways to multiply your ROI, investing in promotional products is probably the smartest choice you’ll make.

Following are five quick steps to establish a strong promotional product campaign and yield maximum ROIs:

  • Choose Your Marketing Message

Before ordering your set of promotional items; make sure you figure out what you want to convey to your target market carefully.

  • Conduct Research & Analysis

Conduct a detailed research and analysis on current trends and updates.

  • Demand Feedback

The best way to evaluate your efforts is by requesting people to submit instant feedback. Request your customers to fill out a form after they receive free gifts from you.

  • Review Your Responses

In order to perform better in the future, it is extremely important to review suggestions received by in-house company members before the campaign and suggestions by customers after the campaign.

  • Be Creative

Perhaps the most significant way to achieve success is by being creative. Adapt innovative techniques and order distinctive promotional products to establish an unforgettable first impression on new customers.

Promotional products offer better ROI than any other medium of advertising, including television commercials. One way to calculate ROI on promotional products is by comparing the average amount of money that is spent to the number of times consumers might be exposed to it. That would define how successful your campaign can get. Thus, choosing useful products is a wiser choice because they tend to last much longer with users.

Happy investing! :)

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