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Mar 26 2014

Holidays and Observances in USA

Are you planning to give away promotional items to highlight your brand? This infographic sheds some insights on the Days, Weeks and Months you should associate your giveaways with.

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Jun 05 2012

Promotional products for all events and occasions

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If you want to outshine in reviving your business and brand image, doing it through promotional products will not only bring more prospects to your business but will also give you a larger bandwidth of people attracting to you.

Promo items like business pens can act as a sharp tool to business promotion and elevate your brand in the market. These pens, carrying company logo, name, address and a corporate tag line, can be of great use to your target segment as pens are needed in every day life. Thus SMBs and large corporations can promote their brand through promotional pens.

Not only pens but you can also use other range of products which you think your customers will be using regularly and which will effectively highlight your brand, can be included in your campaign list. The prime objective of your marketing policy revolves around getting more customers onboard and maintaining long lasting relationship with the same group.

Through promotional products your company tries to constantly remind customers about its existence. Promotional bic pens are one of such categories which can be catered to any events and occasion for increasing your brand recall. It’s just a token of your relation that you shared with your customers’ so long.

The popularity of norwood bic pens is because of its widespread use and availability at a lower cost. Also people those who receive these business gifts will remember your brand name better and if any need arises they will first prefer to get in touch with you. While offering business gifts one thing you must remember is its long time usability by the receivers. If the gifts distributed are not functional it won’t take much time for these to reach the garbage bin.

People will remember your brand only when they get to use your promotional products for a little while. Thus while planning for your promotional products you need to think of such items which can be given and most importantly used for all occasions. Promotional pens are one of such categories which are not only ideal for all occasions but also very much usable for receivers.

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Feb 10 2012

The Progressive Evolution That Made Promotional Items Effective Marketing Tools

Giving away promotional products to loyal customers, recognizing an employee’s effort or expressing gratitude to someone you really care about, as a subtle way of marketing, is something that has become the norm for businesses universally.

However, this marketing methodology has its roots back in the golden pages of history. During the inauguration of George Washington as the first President of the U.S. on April 30, 1789, promotional items were used to good advantage back then just as they are today to promote an idea, a cause, an individual or a group of people.


This idea was further boosted during the latter part of 1800 when business enterprises realized the benefits that could be garnered by distributing promotional products—like shot glasses given away to customers. Eventually their business grew both in revenue and volume.

Initially promo items like fans, bags, and calendars were used. However, the exponential growth of industry competition made people bring in some innovative ideas like imprinting company logos, taglines on these items and it was observed that their business gained better market visibility. Thereafter, promotional giveaways like corporate gift items have emerged as reliable and measurable methods of marketing that promises a better brand recall.

So if you are still biting your nails, then we would recommend you go with this marketing strategy and give your brand a new lease of life. Check out this study conducted by ASI just to understand how promotional items are received in the market and by the end-users.

Here it goes:

  • 85% respondents could recall from whom they have received promotional gifts—better Brand Recall.
  • 24% are ready to do business with the advertiser they received the items from—better Business Prospect
  • 62% already had done business with the advertisers they received gifts from—measurable ROI from Promotional Items

So if you would like to propel your business to a new dimension, consider promotional items as your perfect marketing tools.

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Jan 24 2012

New Year Top-Selling Promotional Items—Market By Brand Insistence

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Promotional products that guarantee marketing success and help increase ROI are the ones that companies choose year after year for advertising campaigns. Why these products work each time is because they are effective as promotional tools. People recall the advertiser with them more than they do with other promotional products, and they retain these promotional giveaways.

Promotional pens are top-selling promotional products that customers respond well to. Pens are high-utility business gifts. They are functional and offer an optimum print area for logos to be imprinted on. When you imprint your company logo or message on the barrel of a promotional pen, it is visible clearly to its user. As your customers use the imprinted pen on a day-to-day basis, they and people around them are reminded of your brand. This is marketing by brand insistence.

The same holds true for promotional bags and totes. By giving away these advertising specialties, you are gradually moving your customer from brand awareness to brand insistence. By frequent use of these promos, you are subtly conditioning the customer to choose your brand over and above your competitors’. With a low cost-per-impression for both promotional items, they are perfect promotional tools for businesses of all sizes.

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Sep 26 2011

Gear Up For Halloween With Promotional Items

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It’s almost October 31st and time for Halloween—our favorite fall holiday! Make this Halloween special for your employees, your existing, and potential customers by giving out promotional products that carry the festive spirit straight to their hearts along with your brand name.

Jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghosts and goblins, superstitions and apparitions are the focal point of the holiday for kids and adults alike. Add to the fun with promotional t-shirts, promotional toys, chocolates and candy. In fact, this is the season of tricks and treats! Why not treat your audiences to our exclusive range of promotional gifts and candies?! We have a delightful range of promotional candy, mints, chocolate pretzels, gourmet popcorn, cookie tins, and treat packets.

Promotional t-shirts can shout your custom message out to your prospects at any event this Halloween! You could put a grinning pumpkin or a boogeyman along with it on your chosen promotional t-shirt. How about a promotional product like a flashlight this Halloween, as most of the celebrations and festivity takes place at night. Promotional caps, mugs, and koozies too are business gift ideas that compliment Halloween events.

No party is complete without balloons! Give away custom imprinted balloons to ‘round off’ the festivity. Bring a touch of playfulness to your marketing strategy with promotional items and give them away neatly in customized Halloween bags.

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