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We have a WINNER for our Support The Troops Contest!! It’s Rift Success The Entry By Rift Success “The RIFT SUCCESS Family sends our love to all of our wonderful troops. Without your sacrifice, our business efforts could not be possible. You are in our thoughts and in our

Independence Day Contest by Promo Direct

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“FOR THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU DO, NO EXPLANATION IS NECESSARY. FOR THOSE WHO DON’T, NONE IS POSSIBLE.” - OIF SOLDIER “Jason Bogar was the youngest of Carlene Cross’s three children. Carlene says, as an only boy with two older sisters, he kept them all on their toes, growing

What makes Bic pens a world famous brand

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Gifting pens is probably the oldest and one of the most popular mediums of promotion amongst small as well as big companies. Promotional metal pens are undoubtedly very popular amongst majority of companies around the world for their high appeal, functionality and usefulness. Giving away personalized pens is probably an

Education & School Items

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It is extremely important to choose the right type of products for the right kind of promotional audience. Apart from choosing ideal promotional giveaway items,it is important to realize the significance of having promotional aims and how to target them appropriately. Different groups of people are attracted to different

Promo Direct Stick Pen: Another Discount Price Factor

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We all know promotional pens are one of the most popular promotional products, and that is a proven fact. Hundreds of companies have given away thousands of promotional pens to probably millions of potential and current customers, colleagues or just users. Why you wonder? Because customizing personalized pens is extremely

Orbit 4 Color Pen

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Promotional pens are probably the first type of products that would come to your mind when the topic of promotional products is being discussed. Imprinted promotional pens are undoubtedly the most popular type of promotional items utilized by majority of companies around the world. It is renowned for its

Special Offer – Promo Direct Stick Pens at Unimaginable Price

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Offer Last Till 1st April, 2010 Pens have undoubtedly been the most popular kinds of promotional products, utilized by majority of companies across USA and benefited from its promotional advantages. In fact, gifting promotional pens to everybody is one of the oldest forms of advertising. They’re so successfully common

Promotional Pens – Penning your Company’s Success

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How often have you been on the receiving end of: “Hi, could I please borrow your pen for one second?” Or for a matter of fact, said this too?Next time anybody asks you that, offer him a free promotional pen of your company instead!Pens are indeed one of the

Best Selling Promotional Products

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Are you curious to know Promotional Product Best Sellers? Promo Direct is proud to list out the Best Selling Promotional Products.Top selling products inlclude Bic® Clic Stic®, 4-Color Magnetic Business Cards, Bic® Pencil Solids, Bic® 4″ x 3″ Notepads (25 Sheets), Bargain Buy Pencils, Medium Die Cut Frosted Brite