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Aug 08 2010

14 oz. Mood Beer Mug (Biodegradable & Recyclable)

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If you are planning to gift beer mugs to your potential clients and customers, why choose an ordinary option? Here’s presenting the 14 oz. Mood Beer Mug which changes color according to the liquids you pour into it.

Available Colors!

These mugs are made of durable plastic which change color according to cold beverages, making it a great party product. Choose this promotional product if you are planning to embark an unforgettable first impression on new or potential customers. This will make them remember your company and brand name forever.

The 14 oz. Mood Beer Mug from Promo Direct comes with an easy to hold thumb-grip handle and will cost you as low as $1.22 (per mug) only. You can also choose the changeable colors from different orange, red, blue or purple.

This promotional item is also biodegradable and recyclable. Giving away environmentally friendly products will always enhance you brand identity and make you look a responsible company.

So why wait?
Impress your customers today.
You can also choose from our extensive range of other discount mugs for upcoming tradeshows, exhibitions or business events.

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May 07 2010

Using drinkware products for Brand Advertising

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Advertising instruments like promotional drinkware make your brand more popular amongst your target customers, especially during the warmer seasons. Drinkware is ideal for everyday use. Drinking vessels can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities as they are portable and you can count on their durability. Drinkware includes various useful items such as mugs, glasses, bottles, cups and tumblers. Know more about these high-utility promotional items.

  • Drinkware products are versatile and practical for multiple uses.
  • These products are available in a wide range of options where you can choose the kind of drinkware you require.
  • Drinkware is accepted by people of all ages because it is extremely useful for daily purpose.
  • Drinkware products are more in demand during the warmer seasons.
  • They are widely used throughout the year because of their long shelf life.

Drinkware Items are available in different varieties and thus, you can customize and advertise them based on the needs of the targeted market segment. Giving away promotional drinkware is a good and cost-effective option to consider for many indoor and outdoor events. Promotional drinkware offers maximum printing capacity and it should be used for imprinting a logo in an attractive manner. Get these products customized and use them as tradeshow giveaways at big events; they will surely get your brand the needed exposure.

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May 03 2010

Customized Promotional Mugs

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You must have certainly received a few customized promotional mugs with a logo imprinted on it along with a message, maybe. If not, you might have at least seen them or heard about personalized mugs in the past. The reason is obvious; it is one of the most popular promotional giveaways utilized widely by various companies today.
Personalized mugs are popular gift items mainly because of their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Mugs become an important part of our daily routine and they tend to last longer with users who receive them as promotional giveaways. Think about it, would you ever throw away promotional coffee mugs unless they happen to break?

At Promo Direct, you can choose from a variety of personalized mugs such as the 11 oz. standard, budget mug at the cost as low as $1.15 each. Or you can choose from items like Kensington Mugs, Buckingham Mugs, Two-Tone Bistro Mugs, Campfire Mugs, Marble Mugs, etc. Giving away customized promotional mugs is a great way to advertise and promote your brand. Thus, it is extremely important to get your mug customized according to the interests of your target group. So choose the type, color, artwork and brand message appropriately.

Promotional coffee mugs are still acceptable promotional items as they are used as free gifts by most companies throughout the world. Why you wonder? Well, the idea is very simple. Taking an everyday product which is seen on most desks by numerable people is a smart promotional idea.

So why wait?
Order your set of personalized mugs today!

Happy promoting! :)

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Apr 24 2010

3 steps to use Coffee Mugs for Brand Promotion

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Advertising your brand through useful promotional products like mugs is a good idea to get your brand noticed every time these mugs are used to have beverages like coffee or hot chocolate. Coffee mugs are used everywhere. They are a basic necessity. Coffee mugs are handy and people like to receive them as gifts because they are durable. You can promote your brand using these custom ceramic coffee mugs in 3 simple steps. Read on to know more about endorsing brand through these high-utility items.

  • Add a touch of creativity

Make sure you go for full-color coffee mugs with vibrant shades. Add a cheerful message that is nice to read every morning while drinking coffee. Customized these mugs with your brand logo and slogan and give them out to your customers, clients or business associates.

  • Use Coffee Mugs as Business Gifts

Ceramic mugs or stainless steel mugs can be given out as personalized business gifts at the corporate events or meetings. Mugs can be placed on the office desks and an attractive looking one helps in decorating the desk in a better way. These printed glassware are perfect items that are helpful in expanding your brand effectively.

  • Mugs for the travelers

People who are always on the move use mugs on a regular basis. Salesmen, students, insurance executives need to use the coffee mugs quite often. Moreover, frequent travelers also prefer to carry around their own mugs wherever they travel. Give them the mugs designed with eye-catching travel images related to enjoyment and fun. They will definitely appreciate your efforts and remember you.

Thus, get these low-cost items customized with your brand logo and company information and give them out. Your brand is sure to win the much needed attention.

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Mar 26 2010

Different Types of Promotional Mugs & Drinkware

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Imagine this printed on a coffee mug:
“Our work is good, our office coffee is better.
Come over. Let’s talk!”
Impressive, right?

Drinkware products are not solely used to consume beverages anymore. It has become a very successful type of gift over the years, even as a promotional giveaway at business events. Majority of companies purchase drinkware to promote a business, event, a particular team, a certain promotional activity, company’s offerings or services, etc. These custom promotional items can be given away to potential customers, valuable clients, hardworking employees or even as a souvenir to competitors!

Promotional drinkware can be created from numerous types of glasses, mugs, cups and bottles. Glassware is usually imprinted with names and dates of significant events or personal messages or even customized artworks and graphics. Glassware includes wine glasses, normal drinking glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs, etc. You can also opt for koozies and other can or bottle holders.

Ceramic mugs are another renowned type of drinkware. This section comprises of classic mugs, café mugs, bistro mugs, campfire mugs, etc. Another section of plastic cups and promo sport bottles comprises of stadium cups, trendy & sporty plastic water bottles and biodegradable & recyclable mugs.

Drinkware has evidently escalated its way up, to be one of our top promo product bestsellers. You can choose from our wide range of promotional mugs, ceramics, glassware, promotional bottles, travel mugs, tumblers, etc. You can imprint these promotional items with your company names, logos and desired messages for receivers, and distribute them at various corporate events.

So, why wait?
I hope you’re ordering preferable drinkware today!

Visit www.promodirect.com for further details.

Happy drinking! :)

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