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Jun 06 2012

Promotional Products Under $1

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With the economic indicator sliding downwards and shrinking bandwidth of traditional mode of advertising, it is inevitable for business houses to depend more and more on promotional campaigns to keep their brand alive in the market. It is quite sensible, especially in such scenario, to promote your brand in the market with the cheapest promotional products that comes under $ 1.

Marketers believe in keeping your brand in people’s mind through continuous brand awareness and promotion. Thus promotional items carrying your company name, logo and other vital information like contact details can be useful in keeping your brand alive in people’s mind.

In order to make promotional items more attractive marketers are making them customized as per the preferences of clients.  Moreover, with the latest technological development in art preparation and imprint production you can get your company logo printed with some sort of customization. Now-a-days a number of promotional items are available with rapid turned around. This will further reduce the cost of these items. There are many promotional products which are under one dollar and can eventually save precious resources which you can use where it is needed the more.

Some of the most popular products under one dollar are:

Personalized pens: Perhaps the most popular promo items that will be used widely and thus users will get to see you brand every day. This way your logo, phone number and website address are visible more often. There are many distributors in the market who can supply promotional pens under one dollar.

Custom candy: If you want to get industry attention in a sweeter way custom candy can be a good option. Imprinted lollipops, wrapped mints and Belgian chocolates are ideal for trade show promotion, sales meetings and other promotional events and these will never make a hole in your wallet.

Imprinted magnets: These items can be seen at homes or may be found on the refrigerator at your nearest pizza corner displaying company name, logo and other important details. Thus your brand will be seen by many eyes and that’s how will help in your promotion.

Thus your company will have better branding at lower cost which is every marketer’s dream.

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Apr 13 2012

How to promote your business successfully using promotional items

Getting customers’ attention by distributing promotional items may be a good idea to spread a positive message to a larger audience. This works most effectively when there is a restriction on budgetary allowance for marketing team. Selection of such goods can be crucial at times as this will decide the fate of your business for future and also make ways for your business in terms of congregating potential prospects.

Promotional Items For Successful Business Promotion

Everybody loves to receive free gifts and if that gift includes some of the features that solves their regular small problems at home or work then people will remember your name. Some of the most popular gifts are Mugs, juggling balls, lanyards, bookmarks, badges, coasters, t shirts, pencils, pens and key rings which will give your brand recognition in the market.

Most of these gifts can easily be printed on. The printing could be in the way of a campaign slogan, a company name or logo or an advertisement of some kind. The type of gift should be considered before the printing is done. Certain gifts may work better with a particular message. The aim is to get the brand name out as far and as wide as possible. Important to know is that while the item may cost very little money, compromising on the quality of the item should not be a consideration.

Printing your company name and logo on these items are pretty easy and these will find widespread usage among your target audience. It is always better to get connected with your existing and prospective clients once a year to rejuvenate the warmth of relationship that you enjoy with them. This way—customers will remember you better and they will also rely on your products. By doing such campaigns you can very well gain market popularity with better brand visibility.

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Apr 09 2012

Promotional items for business startup events

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Promotional items can be a wonderful marketing instrument for start up businesses. These are proved to be a good brand mascot bearing your company name. Through promotional items you can get connected to your customers and build relationship. These items can act like ice breakers and make you more credible to your customers as they may know your products and quality of the same.

Logo Promotional Products

There are certain essential planning that one needs to adhere for promotional products while promoting start up business. It is of utmost of importance to know your target audience. Also knowing their likings will help you to design and plan for right kind promotional items. Try to make your presence through building brand from the very first impression. Your promotional products will help you build your market perception and earn credibility in the market.

Understand your clients’ needs before they start telling you about it. Provide solution with an immediate impact. Through your promotional gifts your customers will able to connect to you in an engaging way that will go a long way to build your brand. Everybody loves getting things for Free. It’s a good idea to offer some sample products to your customers and request them to use it first and see how effective the product is for them. This will get you some future business.  You can very well grab your customers’ notice by distributing some useful promotional items like personalized promotional pens, flash drives, writing pads and many such similar items.

If people find your promotional products useful they might try your service and this also gives them the reason to hire you. This way you will have better brand visibility and brand recall.

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Jun 14 2010

Is It Important to Have A Budget For Promotional Items?

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Promotional products are used by many companies but only a few use them effectively. Promotional activities need to be planned and measured before you start. Every company keeps a budget in mind before investing into anything, but most of them opt for inappropriate products just for their inexpensiveness. Choosing the right kinds of inexpensive promotional items is necessary, which possess a fair balance of efficiency and affordability.So, why it is important to have a budget for promotional items?
Well, let me explain.

There is a fair possibility of over-expenditure. If you fail to choose the right product even after spending a lot of money, you might end up overspending and eventually causing damages to your company funds. Take your time to decide and do not rush into purchasing anything without thorough research.

Do not compromise on efficiency and message longevity. In order to satisfy your budget, do not opt for cheap promotional products. That could harm your brand image and also damage your promotional outcomes. Promo Direct guarantees lowest prices as we keep our overheads low, in order to offer you competitive prices.

Most of you might be looking for business promotional pens, we suggest you to check our range of inexpensive Promotional Bic Pens at the price of only $.22 and onwards per pen.

Ask for our free promotional catalogs or promotional products free sample to view extensive range of products which are suitable to any kind of budgets. We also offer 48 hour promotional products for immediate requirements.

Happy budgeting! :)

To view a large variety of other Promotional Products for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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Nov 24 2009

The art of giving away products for Marketing in return

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Have you ever tried counting the amount of promotional products that you possess or received? And you’d certainly recollect the brand imprinted on it when mentioned, without even looking at it. True?Promotional products are being positioned and implemented much more today, in marketing and communications mix of various companies in the U.S. These giveaways are usually imprinted with a logo or slogan, to depict the brand’s personality and dissimilarity with the others, especially competitors.

Why should your company consider and concentrate on business promotional items?

Here’s why…
1. Enhances goodwill and brand personality
2. Diverts and strengthens marketing of existing products or services
3. Generates ample leads for sales
4. Acquires feedback for newly launched products/services
5. Stimulates customers’ involvement

Industrial advertising has been proven to be much more effective than most of the other mediums via promotional gifts. Due to its useful characteristics, those products are tend to be used and treasured by potential customers. That eventually leads to voluntary and repeated exposure and easy recall of the advertiser’s brand and/or the put across message.

If you have a lead database, which involves knowing the people specifically, personalizing them by including their name or preference could create maximum appeal.

The next step is simple.
For the upcoming trade show, plan out your business promotional items well.
And if you need any help with that, call us.
We’d love to help you out.

To view Business Promotional Products or other promotional giveaways, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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