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Jan 12 2010

Personalized Tote Bags: The Upcoming Ideal Giveaway!

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Did you know the popularity of tote bags has increased greatly over the past few years?

Well, there are various reasons beneath this immense popularity. The affordable pricing, efficiency and utility of tote bags constitute amongst the obvious reasons; but one of most significant reason is the impression of the company being concerned about the environment.

They are basically large handheld bags, usually made of canvas, which is used to carry various things such as groceries, books or any kind of daily items. Logo tote bags are also a part of an upcoming trend of reusable products amongst users for maximum utility, eventually resulting in maximum brand-exposure for your company.

Promotional tote bags are eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable and most importantly, they have successfully begun to replace the use and existence of plastic bags. If one person begins to use tote bags, he or she has the capability to replace hundreds of plastic bags per year.

Tote bags come in various types and styles. From cotton bags to bags made of jute; or lunch bags to make employees appreciate you! You just name it and you’d get it! Thus, what better way to impress your potential customers, colleagues or even competitors by giving away efficient tote bags with a particular imprinted message depicting environmental responsibility!

Also referred as ‘totes’, these bags are one of the most extensively used in tradeshows and other related business gatherings. Their efficacy, style and handiness make them a favorite amongst promotional event attendees. Aren’t these reasons enough for you to order customized bags for your company now!?

Well if not, price is another essential factor to be considered while buying these personalized tote bags. Another worth-knowing-fact is they are very cheap, especially when compared to other eco-friendly promotional products. But most suppliers are defamed for offering bags with dead-cheap prices of the worst quality possible. So, make sure you grab a worthy deal before sending across your artwork requests and finalizing the order.

So go ahead and place your order. And before that, pick the appropriate colors, make them fashionable, focus more on the promotional message than the logo and proudly distribute them amongst whoever you wish to! After all, creativity mixed with ideal targeting can prove to be highly beneficial for your promotional activities.

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Jul 07 2009

Imprinted Promotional Bags – Great for Increasing Sales

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Bag is one of the most popular items used for promotional purpose. The cost of using promotional bags as promotional products is relatively low compared to the other options and thus we can save the budget of advertising cost.You can choose from a variety of promotional bags such as Attaches, Backpacks/Sport Packs, Carry/Travel Bags, Duffel Bags, Luggage Tags/Spotters, Paper Bags, Plastic Bags and Tote Bags. They come in all shapes, sizes and material from eco friendly cotton to expensive leather.

Imprinted Tote bags are very famous since they could be used again and again in many ways. Imprinted briefcases are very useful for Salespeople since they could carry all the important stuff of their daily job.

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