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Oct 29 2010

Plastic Bags VS Paper Bags – Who solves our Eco Problems better?

When your company gives out giveaways in imprinted promotional bags or promotional bags as giveaways themselves are you really thinking about where the bag may land up, its impact, the profits, the losses etc? Before your brain starts making connections with words like ‘visibility, brand popularity and recall, advertising tools etc’, STOP!What I am really asking is …Do you wonder whether your bag will end up in the stomach of a poor cow, or choke dolphins to death or deprive the world of its old-growth forests and the animals of their habitat? I am referring to much-discussed yet unsolved dilemma of what should eco-friendly bagsbe made of; Plastic, paper or something else? Let’s first dissect the characteristics of plastic and paper bags and then take it forward from thereonDifferences between plastic and paper bags- A compilation of facts found online.

Plastic Bags
Paper Bags
In America, 30 billion plastic bags are used/year.
In America, 10 billion paper bags are used/year.
Plastic bags are manufactured from petroleum. It requires 12 million barrels of oil to make 100 million plastic bags annually.
Paper bags are made from trees. It requires 14 million trees a year to produce 10 billion bags.
Plastic bags are made from virgin petroleum.
Some paper bags are made from virgin forest while others are made from recycled paper.
Though plastics can be recycled, the efficacy of the process remains uncertain. It may take them years to bio-degrade and according to the nonprofit World watch Institute, Americans only recycle 0.6 percent of the 100 billion plastic bags they use annually while the rest become litter or reach landfills.
A forestation is being taken seriously these days and replanting of fast-growing pine trees has been offered as a solution. However the unnatural forests it creates hampers the natural living habitat for animals.
1-3% of plastic bags are recycled.
(Wall Street Journal) 
10 to 15% of paper bags are recycled
(Wall Street Journal) 
Plastic bags do not decompose; they are exposed to nature’s processes, get degraded over time into smaller pieces and become more hazardous if they enter the food chain. Animals mistake them for food and consume them.
Virgin paper creates 35 percent more water pollution than recycled paper. Recycled paper also creates 74 percent less air pollution than virgin paper

America certainly seems to hate its plastic bags with an increasing number of US cities having banned it already. Though the efforts to impose a state-wide ban in California went kaput, the California communities of Fairfax, Malibu, Palo Alto, and San Francisco have struck back and outlawed plastic bags in addition to Bethel, Alaska, Edmonds, Washington, and Westport, Connecticut. Washington, D.C.’s has levied a 5-cent fee for each disposable grocery bag which is being argued. The poor, little, plastic bag- no one wants it now, not even for collecting dead leaves!

Well, there is no clear outcome to the debate but as a responsible corporate citizen you have to make an informed choice. If you ask me, the solution is to use reusable bags. Bags made of natural fiber like canvas or cotton are more durable, yet not detrimental to nature. You can also use custom bags for your grocery, gifting or promotional needs. By using eco-friendly promotional products, you don’t just help your business flourish; you nurture Mother Nature too.

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May 18 2010

Tri-Pocket Flap Messenger

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Promotional bags are undoubtedly one of the most spotted, renowned and utilized personalized promotional items even today. Promotional bags double up as walking billboards along with being stylish and efficient accessories. They might serve many purposes ranging from carrying office stationary and files to any other preferable stuff. However choosing an appropriate multi-functional bag could be the right promotional choice for you.

Purchasing promotional items may not be as easy as you think. Promoting your business via efficient products is necessary as those products might end up being used for a longer time. Promo Direct understand the importance of giving away inventive products to potential customers and other promotional targets. Thus, we suggest you to check out The Tri-Pocket Flap Messenger.

The Tri-Pocket Flap Messenger is an ideal gift for all your corporate customers. It has multiple compartments to keep all your belongings organized. It has a front slip pocket, two pen pockets, a front flap Velcro closure and a mesh water bottle pocket. It also has a carrying handle along with a shoulder strap for carrying it conveniently. It is made from a material called 600 Denier Poly Canvas and you can successfully imprint your multicolor brand artworks on them.

Promotional bags are ideal for tradeshow giveaway, business events and other company promotional activities but our Tri-Pocket Flap Messenger is rather perfect.

So why wait?
Order it today!

Happy bagging this opportunity! :)

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Apr 06 2010

Value Economy Tote – Always useful and always appreciated!

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Promotional tote bags created from recyclable material are extremely popular due to the current trend of utilizing reusable, eco-friendly products. Recycling involves conversion of used materials into new products. The process of recycling helps in many ways. It reduces the consumption of raw materials, pollution levels go down and conservation of energy takes place.
Tote bags have the capability of replacing hundreds of disposable plastic or paper bags used by just one person throughout a year. These promotional items are cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and practical for daily use. They are handy and can make good fashion accessories. So, why not be more responsible towards protecting the environment by using these bags?Giving away tote bags as promotional gifts at various business events such as tradeshows or conferences could benefit your brand image. Targeting potential customers with such a caring approach about the environment could work wonders for your brand. You simply need to give them away with an inspiring message that underlines the importance of going green.

You can choose from our extensive range of tote bags with over 100 options or opt for our value economy tote available at a price as low as $2.27 only! These bags are also available in various vibrant colors such as black, orange, pink, purple, classic red, forest green, etc. You can customize these promotional tote bags by imprinting an artwork, logo and any desired tagline or a message.

Like we said, value economy tote is always useful and always appreciated!
So, why wait? Go green by ordering your set of tote bags today!

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Mar 11 2010

Effective Promotion Using Drawstring Bags

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Promotional bags have always been a renowned option for various promotional activities. This category of bags consists of a wide range of promotional business gifts such as conference bags, laptop bags, tote bags, etc. But let us spotlight on a new range of colorful, trendy and exceptionally cost-effective type of bags: “Promotional Drawstring Bags.”

As the name signifies, drawstring bags are bags with strings which are placed on the inside line of stitching at the top closing. You can easily carry them around anywhere and for anything possible. Drawstring bags are certainly long lasting items which is also why they’re so popular nowadays.

Drawstring sport bags are extremely popular amongst school students, sportspersons, young executives, etc. They are extremely trendy which adds to the benchmark of being efficient and cost-effective. There are literally hundreds of colors and designs available to choose from. In fact, one of the latest fashionable accessories used by the younger generation today are these drawstring bags.

Customized drawstring bags are imprinted with the company’s logo and desired message to communicate with the targeted audience and promote the brand’s existence amongst others. For example, giving away personalized drawstring bags to only one class can create an unbelievable buzz amongst the entire college.

Customized imprinting on promotional drawstring bags not only make them attractive but puts them into good use for brand recall amongst users, every single day. The users will end up showcasing your brand name to many others which will increase your brand recognition. These bags, like we mentioned in the title, will definitely help your ‘brand travel along’.

Don’t you wish to do that?

Happy ‘bagging’!

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Mar 07 2010

Imprinted Promotional Bags – Help Your Brand Last Long

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Different variety of quality bags for Brand Promotion

Every company comes across the dilemma, at least once, of deciding over which particular promotional product to go with. Promotional bags are one of the ideal promotional products utilized by various companies already, mainly for its efficiency, attractiveness and first impression on users. Bags are certainly one of the best types of corporate gifts for your customers, clients, business associates at all corporate events.

The most significant characteristic of bags are its usability. The longer your bags are used, the longer your promotion lasts. Cost effectiveness is another advantage of buying such promotional bags. For example, if you opt to imprint your logo and message on paper promotional bags, you’d pay an estimate of only 0.50$ for each.

Variety is another plus point when it comes to promotional bags. You can choose from hundreds of available colors, styles and sizes. Mobility is also great benefit which makes these bags handy and portable for users wherever they go.

Tote bags and plastic promotional bags are highly beneficial especially if you’re running your own business, where giving away these bags could boast about your brand’s existence. These bags generally possess higher perceived value when compared to other items such as pens, notepads or key-chains.

Promotional bags are renowned to always win brand promotions and advertisements. This is solely because of their wider application amongst people as every person is found using bags of one brand or the other.

Just remember, Promo Direct promises you quality, style and a widely diversified selection of bags to choose from in order to fit all your needs.

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Happy Promoting!

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