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Free Artwork and Art Proof

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Promo Direct is proud to introduce free artwork related services to you, on ordering our wide range of promotional products. For those who don’t know, artwork is a term to define the custom imprint of company logos and their brand slogans or messages on personalized business merchandise for promotional

Promo Direct Stick Pen: Another Discount Price Factor

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We all know promotional pens are one of the most popular promotional products, and that is a proven fact. Hundreds of companies have given away thousands of promotional pens to probably millions of potential and current customers, colleagues or just users. Why you wonder? Because customizing personalized pens is extremely

Get Your Quotation in Just 15 minutes

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That’s right! Get your quotation immediately after placing a request, in about 15 minutes. Now isn’t that wonderful?Promo Direct is renowned in the field of imprinted promotional products and our promotional services have always been appreciated by our esteemed customers. We believe in providing supreme quality custom promotional products

PromoDirect Now Offers $50 off On Your First Purchase

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We at Promo Direct, care a lot about our customers. In fact, 100% customer satisfaction is what we strongly believe in. And if you’re our new customer, we welcome you wholeheartedly. If this is your first ever promotional product experience or only the first one with us, we’d rather

Special Offer – Promo Direct Stick Pens at Unimaginable Price

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Offer Last Till 1st April, 2010 Pens have undoubtedly been the most popular kinds of promotional products, utilized by majority of companies across USA and benefited from its promotional advantages. In fact, gifting promotional pens to everybody is one of the oldest forms of advertising. They’re so successfully common

Promote Your Business with Quality Promotional Products

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Promotional product is one of the best ways to promote your brand image. Researches reveal that customers who receive imprinted promo products, corporate gifts have more positive impression towards those companies. Quality promotional items make your brand popular that too in a short span of time, compared to other