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Mar 14 2012

Factory Direct Prices On Promotional Products By Promo Direct

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Promo Direct has brought another great way for businesses to stay on budget with their promotional campaigns by introducing an assortment of promotional products at Factory Direct Prices! In order to make it easy for its patrons, Promo Direct has worked hard to procure these products directly from the manufacturer so that there is no ‘middle-man’ factor that would hike up the price.

Factory Direct Pricing By Promo DirectCompanies can now save up to an incredible 50% on promotional items! The range of discounted products they can choose from includes:

Debossed and embossed promotional awareness bracelets

•             Debossed thumb rings

•             Branded promotional BIC pens

•             Imprinted promotional backpacks

•             Promotional travel mugs and ceramic mugs

•             Custom hand sanitizers

•             Promotional USB drives

•             Promotional t shirts

There are promotional products at Factory Direct prices to suit every budget. Branded promotional BIC pens for as low as 26 cents, awareness bracelets for 27 cents, promotional plastic pens for as low as 12 cents and promotional bags and totes for just 68 cents—clearly there is something for every company looking for cheap promotional items to imprint their logo on.

The products are available in an assortment of colors and print options. So companies can take the best choice of product that will allow the perfect background color to make their logo clearly visible.

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Jul 18 2011


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Winner of 100 Promotional Pens

We have a WINNER for our Support The Troops Contest!!

It’s Rift Success

The Entry By Rift Success

“The RIFT SUCCESS Family sends our love to all of our wonderful troops. Without your sacrifice, our business efforts could not be possible. You are in our thoughts and in our prayers daily through our diverse religious beliefs. We know you answered the call of duty to defend Freedom, and for that, we will always be in debt to you all. Stay safe and know that you are not forgotten.

To those who have lost their lives on our behalf, we thank you deeply and will honor your families as the days continue. The ultimate sacrifice you gave, the ultimate penalty you paid, but know that upon thy soldier’s grave, a step to a better future has been made.


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Jun 06 2011

Independence Day Contest by Promo Direct

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“Jason Bogar was the youngest of Carlene Cross’s three children. Carlene says, as an only boy with two older sisters, he kept them all on their toes, growing up in Seattle. She described her son as “a great, fun-loving guy.” An avid soccer player and artist, he planned on enrolling in art school when he got home from Afghanistan.

Carlene says her son believed in what he was doing. He was “always reaching out to the people and the children” of Afghanistan. She says he constantly volunteered for any humanitarian missions, and he would often try to connect with the children during his time overseas.

Jason also wrote a portentous letter to his family in which he wrote, ‘I feel my days are numbered so I want to say all this while I still can. I pray to god no-one will ever have to read this but as death is all around me if it falls upon me you will understand my recent feelings on this madness we call life…I was just starting to live my life…Never have I felt as strong as I do about what I am doing here in Afghanistan is the right thing to be doing and is understood and accepted by god. As a result of that death is easier to accept.’

Cpl. Jason Bogar died July 13, 2008 during a fierce battle in Wanat, Afghanistan that also claimed the lives of eight other soldiers.”—excerpted from CBSnews.com

  • Only business owners or those part of some business entity can participate in this contest
  • Use the comment box to post your entries
  • The last date to submit your Independence Day Entries is 4th July 2011
  • There will be only one selected winner
  • The winner will be selected by our panel of Judges
  • The participant needs to submit their email address to post their entries
  • The winner will be declared on the Promo Direct blog and On Facebook
  • The ideas submitted with respect to the contest should not be abusive or offensive in anyway what-so-ever


Use The Below Comment Box

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Mar 06 2011

New Product Category at Promo Direct – Trade show Banners & Displays

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Promo Direct understands that the world of business is constantly changing with the revolutions that take place at a lightning speed. With the progression of sciences and other streams, there are new discoveries at every dawn. Additions to technology change attitudes, behaviors and consequently demands. To meet up with these rapidly changing needs Promo Direct constantly adds new promotional products to its catalog.

Promo Direct has launched a new category namely, “Banners and Displays” that has promo items to be used in trade shows, festivals and exhibitions. You will find promotional items dealing in all ranges, right from fun banners like their range of sail sign banners to more formal ones like the billboard straight floor. Their array of total show kits are ideal to set up a stall, for it includes several banners in different sizes and shapes to be placed at different points.

Banners and displays at any event or a show are the basic necessity. They act as your identification and drive traffic for you. Not having a recognition banner at a stall is like asking your client to solve a puzzle by walking into different allies, hitting dead ends and finally reaching you. The potential client might be put off with the idea of playing the hunt game, and you might end up missing a business lead. All your other efforts of selecting tradeshow giveaways and investing money in promotional giveaways would be wasted then. Select a banner offered by Promo Direct and ensure that your clients find you easily.

There are several other promotional items that Promo Direct has recently added. You might want to consider new options like USB drives, eco-friendly bottles, custom-printing white bandages and many more that would increase your brand value and promote your business effectively.

To view a large variety of promotional products for your business promotion and to enjoy low price and discounts please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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Feb 03 2011

Do you think our Shopping Cart is User-friendly?

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Online shopping is growing and is considered as the most convenient option from the consumer’s perspective. When we think of shopping carts, all that comes to our minds are the malls or stores. We then imagine the tiring effort of shopping with the checklist we make for the things to shop. Essentially, shopping via the online shopping cart of promotional productson Promo Direct prevents us from racking our brains and making long check-lists.

Reasons NOT TO MISS the opportunity to shop online on Promo Direct:

  • Promodirect’s promotional items have a neat segregation under Most Popular, New additions, On Sale, Free 24 Hour service. This helps our customers to work out what they need and they can choose their liking specifically.
  • You also have all the promotional items that you need for domestic as well as business use.
  • Among the business promotional products you have a variety of promotional pens, stationary, note pads that you would essentially need for your set-up.
  • You also have a chance to shortlist the items and search them based on Price, Category, Quantity, Product Color.
  • The segregation and arrangement of promo items enlisted on Promodirect is simplified and offers an effortless view.
  • You would find it easy to shop and add all what you need in no time. And what’s more, all the shopping would be hassle free.

As its out rightly said “The purpose of a business is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between itself and those that it serves. When it does that well, it will be around tomorrow to do it some more.” Customers make us and help us enhance our service for the better. So we would like to ask you to help us shape for the good, function for the better and serve you the best. We would like to have your genuine feedback on our shopping cart and would love to have your suggestions that will cater us in modifying or gaining a confidence that we have made a place in our customer’s heart.

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