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Jan 24 2012

New Year Top-Selling Promotional Items—Market By Brand Insistence

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Promotional products that guarantee marketing success and help increase ROI are the ones that companies choose year after year for advertising campaigns. Why these products work each time is because they are effective as promotional tools. People recall the advertiser with them more than they do with other promotional products, and they retain these promotional giveaways.

Promotional pens are top-selling promotional products that customers respond well to. Pens are high-utility business gifts. They are functional and offer an optimum print area for logos to be imprinted on. When you imprint your company logo or message on the barrel of a promotional pen, it is visible clearly to its user. As your customers use the imprinted pen on a day-to-day basis, they and people around them are reminded of your brand. This is marketing by brand insistence.

The same holds true for promotional bags and totes. By giving away these advertising specialties, you are gradually moving your customer from brand awareness to brand insistence. By frequent use of these promos, you are subtly conditioning the customer to choose your brand over and above your competitors’. With a low cost-per-impression for both promotional items, they are perfect promotional tools for businesses of all sizes.

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Dec 23 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Its that time of the year again!

When every day is soaked in cheer and snow,
Merriment and joy abound,
Wish your employees and clients twice around
Once for X’mas and then New Year’s too,
Through promotional gifts that speak for you


I am super excited! Its my favorite time of the year, when business and pleasure comfortably blend and I get to wish all my favorite people, including you and everyone else a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Nah! … A MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR!

We will be finally stepping into 2011 but not before thanking all those lovely people who made 2010 such a delightful year. I plan to say my thank yous in this way. After a year-long saga of business tips, why refrain from doling out some more?

December is the season for gifts and gifting but instead of the usual run-of-the-mill gifting ideas, why not try something new? Your promotional gifts can be as cheerful as you this year-end. Here’s how.

Cards are passé, promotional calendars are in!
Instead of giving out paper greeting cards, opt for creative ways to let your greetings linger even though the year won’t. Customize promotional calendars with your greetings and hand them out to your clients or employees.
My tip: You can customize your promotional calendars with photos of employees and one liners that make them unique in your office.

Sweeten your wishes
Promotional chocolates as business gifts won’t come as a real surprise to your clients or employees but imagine the looks on their faces when they see their name imprinted on the chocolates they receive preceded by a ‘thank you’? Make the ‘custom’ in your custom promotional chocolates creative and you’ll be rewarded with a smile.

Talk through a theme
Gift promotional shirts in red to your employees and ask them to wear it on X’mas. These promotional shirts will be perceived as thoughtful gifts that promote camaraderie rather promotional gifts.

Lastly, can business ideas ever leave out business? Introduce special year-end discounts or offers for your customers and gift yourself the assurance that they will be waiting for you in 2011.

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Dec 19 2010

Have a healthy New Year

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The New Year’s around the corner and I am sure potential resolutions are already wreaking havoc in your mind. Thinking that resolutions are meant to be broken? Think again…think Michael Moore rather and you’ll know what I am getting at. The very obviously overweight doc film-maker has taken a conscious leap and decided to be physically fit again.Now you need not enroll into a luxury weight loss spa costing $4500/week, but why not make a simple ‘health is wealth’ resolution and apply it personally AND professionally? Your clients and employees make up your business family and it won’t be too farfetched to assume that their wellness will give a healthy glow to your business!How will you do that? Here’s how you can…

Fitness Day!

Organize a day-long health check-up for your employees when they can be advised about stress, diet and basic health-care. Most people are paranoid about health check-ups lest it throws up something sinister. You could lighten the atmosphere by gifting them promotional healthcare items like promotional pill boxes, bandage dispensers and first aid kits that are inexpensive and useful.

Make every-day a fitness day!

The stress should be on a healthy life-style so why not make every day a fitness day. Make your office cafeteria fitness-friendly, gift your employees promotional healthcare items like promotional pedometers or promotional hand sanitizers and you will be indirectly paving their way to good health.

Make ‘health is wealth’ your brand marketing message!

You can also communicate your fitness agenda to your clients as well. Instead of promotional products that communicate only a corporate message, give promotional healthcare items as gifts which will foster your client’s health in addition to your brand popularity.

Corporate social responsibility – the healthy way!

Heard of the phrase Charity begins at Home? Apply it now, to your CSR initiatives by merging your healthy living agenda to your corporate cause. A simple way would be to organize a walkathon, a race or an aerobics session to raise money. In addition to your employees, your clients can also participate and as you could then distribute promotional healthcare items like promotional pedometers, promotional hand sanitizers to the winners and the participants.

Have a happy and a healthy New Year! Cheers!

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