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Apr 07 2014

Market Your Brand More Effectively With Stress Balls

Stress balls help people to get rid of tension, anxiety and depression while making them feel better and lighter. They can also be used to increase concentration while developing a better grip. These stress balls are also beneficial for individuals suffering from arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome as they provide quality exercises for the fingers and wrist.

Custom stress balls are becoming popular in offices, health centers and educational institutions. These products will make your marketing campaign stand out from the rest.

Featured in this article are some stress relievers offered by Promo Direct:

1. Promo Stress Balls:- These stress balls are made of soft poly-foam. They are perfect to show your customers and employees that you care for their well-being.

2. Earth Stress Reliever:- Help your customers lead a quality life by giving them these unique stress relievers. They are made of squeezable polyurethane material and are perfect for the travel industry.

3. Golf Ball Stress Reliever:- Made of polyurethane foam, these stress balls are ideal for sports clubs and golf outings. They tone hands and wrist muscles, and provide relief from stress.

4. Colored Stress Ball:- These classic stress balls are available in several colors and are perfect for tradeshows, conferences and campaign drives.

5. Basketball Shape Stress Ball:- These basketball-shaped stress relievers are trendy looking and can be used as the perfect sports giveaways.

Stress balls can also be given away to show your support for causes such as Earth day, cancer awareness and anti-smoking campaigns. Browse our website to find out other varieties and contact our experts to get them tailored as per your requirement!

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Oct 08 2010

Defining a product appropriately in consumer’s mind while marketing

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If only Inception could be a businessman’s official guidebook! Picture this – we could all be real-life Leonardo di Caprios who will be able to unravel the mind of a consumer, plant the idea of how fantastic our product is and mentally prod him to do business with us. Well, that may work in the reel world but in reality it is your marketing strategy that can influence how much a consumer knows about your product.

The trick to define your product in your consumer’s mind is to know how much he knows and what to tell him. Your potential customer needs the product that you sell but he is faced with so many companies offering the same product that he doesn’t know which one to choose. Use the three-tier marketing strategy given below and your consumer will know your brand and make an informed choice.

Advertise and emphasize:

Door-to-door promotions are difficult to execute in today’s busy world and internet advertisements are the new buzz words. Your promotional advertisements should reveal the salient features of your product or your service and leave your customer with a budding interest in you. When he goes a step further, your website should embody your company’s personality and offer a glimpse of your work, policies and finally what you promise to give him.

Gift away a giveaway:

The customer has reached you and now it is your turn to reach out to him. Promotional products are meant to give a human edge to profit-driven business ideas. Promotional items like customized stationery, pens, health care products, calendars or apparel serve as good gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Top-class corporate gifts indicate you really care about your customers and won’t compromise on quality even if you are giving out complementary products.

Confessions of a consumer mind:

However objective you seem while describing your product to a consumer, you won’t be able to keep him from thinking that he is merely a means to your end. However, if he hears your message from another consumer who has used your product or availed your service, he is likely to believe him. Forums on social media like Facebook and Twitter are the latest forums to advertise and influence a consumer’s mind.

Now being a Dom Cobb doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it?

To view a large variety of promotional products for your business promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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Aug 29 2010

5 ways on how to please your customers

Your customers are the backbone of your business. If you are a new player in the market, the first and most important factor that will help you determine your future goal is the strength of your customer base. You need to develop and execute different strategies to expand and stabilize your customer base. Once your customers start following your brand name, the next step towards achieving greater results is to delightfully gratify your customers. We offer you five ways to successfully please your customers.

  • Satisfy their needs

Your products and services should satisfy the requirements of your customers. Make sure you do a thorough research of the kind of lifestyle your customer lives, the age and gender group he belongs to. The products and services you offer should reflect your concerns towards your customers.

  • Reach out to your customers

Your customers expect you to solve their issues. Your approach towards your customers should be positive and solution-oriented. Give out a patient ear to them and set up a plan to address and solve their problems.

  • Share your company information

Customers are always attracted towards companies that follow transparent business and communication practices. Let your customers know more about you through the social networking channels that are readily available today. You can also send them a monthly update in the form of a newsletter to keep them updated.

  • Keep special offers for them

Your customers pay a fair price to obtain the products and services you offer them. Give them good discounts whenever possible. Also, keep special offers for them every season. Attract prospective customers towards you in the shopping season through sale offers and special coupons.

  • Be creative

Send seasonal greetings to your customers to surprise them. Gifting them with useful products with your brand logo will create a sense of belonging in them. Offer them attractive, innovative and handy products on various occasions and get your brand the needed exposure.

This way, you can keep your customers happy for a longer period of time.

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Aug 12 2010

How to Multiply Your ROI by Using Promotional Products

For those who don’t know, ROI stands for “Return on Investment” which essentially is a technique to measure the effectiveness of your investments. Companies examine total profits against the amount of investment and evaluate their advertising efforts accordingly. For example, a particular campaign is said to be successful only when the returns exceed the entire cost of investment.If you are looking for ways to multiply your ROI, investing in promotional products is probably the smartest choice you’ll make.

Following are five quick steps to establish a strong promotional product campaign and yield maximum ROIs:

  • Choose Your Marketing Message

Before ordering your set of promotional items; make sure you figure out what you want to convey to your target market carefully.

  • Conduct Research & Analysis

Conduct a detailed research and analysis on current trends and updates.

  • Demand Feedback

The best way to evaluate your efforts is by requesting people to submit instant feedback. Request your customers to fill out a form after they receive free gifts from you.

  • Review Your Responses

In order to perform better in the future, it is extremely important to review suggestions received by in-house company members before the campaign and suggestions by customers after the campaign.

  • Be Creative

Perhaps the most significant way to achieve success is by being creative. Adapt innovative techniques and order distinctive promotional products to establish an unforgettable first impression on new customers.

Promotional products offer better ROI than any other medium of advertising, including television commercials. One way to calculate ROI on promotional products is by comparing the average amount of money that is spent to the number of times consumers might be exposed to it. That would define how successful your campaign can get. Thus, choosing useful products is a wiser choice because they tend to last much longer with users.

Happy investing! :)

To view a large variety of other promotional products or tradeshow giveaways for your clients and customers, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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Jul 23 2010

5 Essential Ways to Market a Business with Promotional Products

Promotional products are useful tools to market your business. They are renowned to be consistent in generating a recurring impact on users and intrigue them towards companies and their specialties. Business promotional products also provide an incredible opportunity to carry out effective marketing.Here are 5 essential ways to market your business with the help of promotional items:

  • Use them as invitations

Instead of giving them away without any specific reason, try using them as invitations for important or extravagant occasions. For example, you could send across a box of chocolates with a card including a message: “We are pleased to invite you to celebrate our company’s 25th year of operation.”

  • Sponsor Events

Try hosting an event to acquire more leads for sales and impress existing clients and customers. You can organize a fundraising event for a NGO or probably a fun golf competition for your corporate customers and giveaway imprinted promotional merchandise at the event. Give each participant a gift bag with efficient products that they could use frequently.

  • Send Direct Mailers

Send across mails to existing clients, investors or customers with a thank you note imprinted on it. Or introduce your company and its products or services by sending free gifts or samples to potential customers. Direct mail campaigns have proven to be a great way for new business to establish their name in the market.

  • Socialize

Do not hesitate to discuss about your promotional ideas whenever you get an opportunity to do socialize with people. Giving away an imprinted promotional product while talking about them could create an unforgettable first impression; so always keep them handy! Also, try distributing products imprinted with contact details instead of visiting cards. You will be surprised to see their impact on receivers.

  • Analyze

Analyzing promotional products is extremely important to perform better in the future. Request your customers to submit feedback on the gifts they received from your company. This will help you evaluate your efforts and rectify your mistakes for future promotions.

Good luck. :)

To view a large variety of promotional products & tradeshow giveaways for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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