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Jan 12 2011

Employee Management tips that requires you to be a leader

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I always say that three things should instantly course through the mind of an employer before he ticks off an employee/s. (I know its too subjective to be small business advice, but it always works for me!)

  • You were once an employee too
  • Split second anger will cause staggering distance between employer-employee
  • Be a leader not an autocrat

Turns out that a whole bunch of managers agree with me too! According to a research on what leads to reduced business performance conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), 44 per cent cited a lack of leadership while 45 per cent pointed to poor staff morale.

I know its difficult being a boss – too many people to co-ordinate with and too many tasks to delegate. But just imagine, your employees are dissatisfied with their work but they need the job, they can’t share office troubles in detail with their families, neither can they discuss them with their bosses who are the cause of their misery in the first place. Thinking ‘stuck between the Devil and the deep blue sea’?  Exactly!

Its not a cakewalk but you can defuse the tension and make your office a happy place to work in if you heed my small business advice on how to generate a motivated bunch of employees.

Talk to your employees. I am not saying that be a friend to them, but an occasional chat, a periodical review of their grievances can reassure them that their company cares for them. Giving them occasional business gifts can also convey what you want to say.
Running a business is all about team-work, and a feeling of mutual responsibility is necessary to make that happen. Discuss company goals with your employees and don’t announce them. After all they are the ones going to make it happen and they need to find it feasible.

Your employees are people who work for you in exchange for money and you don’t own their life. Its harsh to put it this way I know, but be considerate with your employees. Give them flexible working hours or while giving them promotional gifts for X’mas or New Year’s, give promo items that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Just a small tip. A kind word can do wonders to your employees’ morale. For e.g. don’t make your promo items charity gifts for your employees. Adorn them with words straight from your heart!

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Dec 03 2010

Of Happy Employees and Happening Sales!

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Seen how a beautiful pattern gradually unfolds in front of your eyes when a line of dominoes rhythmically slide into each other? A successful business development strategy embodies this too; happy employees = happy clients = rising sales = happy You, and the beautiful pattern spells ‘Success’.

Read on for more business tips about how happy employees will boost your sales.

Satisfy them and they will satisfy your customers

Satisfied employees will genuinely like working for you and not just because you pay them well. Make them feel important by giving them an occasional compliment or corporate gifts and they will have a similar demeanor while dealing with your customers.

They are brand messengers

Promotional products are not the only means to publicize your brand; the people who use them can spread the word too. Corporate gifts like promotional t-shirts, promotional mugs and imprinted travel bags will boost your brand in addition to their morale. A satisfied employee is likely to flaunt these corporate gifts even outside work.

Aggrieved employees can antagonize your clientele

Remember for your client, your employees represent your business and an unprofessional employee can sabotage client relations. The trick is to have a healthy, understanding employee-employer relationship. Even if you can’t afford to give promotional t-shirts or other such fancy promo items, the least you can do is have ‘grievance discussion and resolution’ sessions. Your indifference about their issues can kill their spirit but your interest can revive and boost it.

Hang on to them because they save costs

Its always advisable to hang on to your long-standing employees even if they aren’t going through a particularly productive period. The bottom line is they know their work; they are going through a phase and will get out of it. On the other hand, hiring new employees means training costs and valuable sales time lost in instruction.

Business tips are about action rather than mere ideas. Act today! Make your business development strategy employee-friendly. Treat your staff as your assets and they will treat your work personal responsibility rather than a mere professional task.

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Nov 06 2010

How to answer your customer’s complaints gently

Many feel that ‘positive criticism’ is a polite way to say ‘You suck! So better pull up your socks!’ In business, this reality check comes to us in the form of customer complaints. No one likes to be told ‘you are doing a bad job’ but isn’t it much better than dreaded ‘I told you so?’According to the Technical Assistance Research Program (TARP) study that was commissioned by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, 56 %-70 % of the customers who come up to you with complaints, will do business with you again if you resolve their issue.The bottom-line therefore to treat your customer complaints as a blessing in disguise, hear them out and resolve them on a priority basis. Swift and satisfactory complaint redressal can be a priority point in your marketing strategies as well. Read these simple tips that will help you win over even your most irate customer.

The complaint busters!

Designate employees specifically for troubleshooting customer complaints. A customer’s irritation will increase even more if he is calling to complain but is not given any avenues to vent.

Start with a ‘sorry’ and end with a smile!

Train those employees in the art of listening and the virtue of patience. Your pep talk can include…

  • Receive calls by saying – ‘How may I help you. Sorry for the trouble caused.’
  • Don’t cut the complainant short when he is mid-way through his complaint.
  • Don’t justify, argue, abuse or deny.
  • End the call with a cheery ‘thank you’ or ‘we will try to not give you a reason to call us again.’

Add a gift of appreciation to your apology!

An unexpected gift can wipe the frown your client’s face, and replace it with a smile. Order promotional items to gift your clients and imprint them with a ‘Sorry, won’t happen again’ or ‘Oops’. These promotional gifts act like a salve and your customers will believe you instead of being wary, when you say that their complaint is important to you.

Redress and remember!

No business is perfect and complaints will never cease. Keep a tab on the type of complaints you receive, how long it takes to address them, whether there are repeated complaints from a particular customer or repeated complaints about a particular issue, from different customers. Also request them for feedback after their complaint has been resolved.

Believe that the customer is always right and don’t let him out of your sight.

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Oct 01 2010

5 Reasons you must keep your employees happy

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Sometimes in business the tried and tested formulae fail to work the wonders they used to; sales stagnate, customers slip away and you have no idea what’s gone wrong. If you are nodding your head reading this then Bob Marley has a useful tip for you. (Yes, I can see you smirking!)Open your eyes… look within! These lyrics from Marley’s ‘Exodus’ offer the missing link you are looking for. Maybe, you are so engrossed in the race to success that you have left your employees far behind when your shortcut to win the race is to keep them happy. Want to know why?
They are your foot-soldiers

Companies may be owned by an individual or two, but running them successfully requires team-effort. Occasional personalized gifts like promotional calendars, stationery will always keep the idea afloat in their head and heart that their company cares for them.

Happy employees = happy customers

They are your contact point with your clients so it is obvious that their professionalism and competence will define your company’s reputation in the market. Let them know that you appreciate their efforts.

Loyalty = dedication

The more genuine your feedback sounds, the deeper will be their loyalty to you. More the loyalty, higher will be their commitment to your company and then greater returns can’t be farther behind, can they?

Promptness translates into performance

A survey conducted Public Agenda Forum has revealed that not even 25 per cent of American workers are working to their full potential. Happy employees are prompt to arrive for work and perform better too. Before your brain starts calculating the monetary costs of their happiness, let me tell you that a pay hike is not the only way to achieve it! Not even a dozen bonuses can compensate the warmth generated by a good word, a sympathetic ear or informal boss-worker chat sessions on anything under the sun.

They give a face to your company

Besides your customers, give business promotional products to your employees too. Gift them customized promotional shirts and they become walking advertisements for your company.

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