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Jul 05 2010

Happy Independence Day!

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Hello everyone!
We, at Promo Direct, would like to wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day. We would also like to suggest you to make the most out of this week by giving away Made in USA promotional items, to share the patriotic spirit with all your customers, clients and even competitors!

Choose from promotional carry bags, outdoor items, health care products, drinkware, keyholders, magnets and the bestselling writing products. You can then personalize your chosen custom promotional product by imprinting brand messages, taglines and the company logo.Our promotional giveawaysare exclusively manufactured in USA and are indirectly supporting the US economy. So take this opportunity during the Independence Week to uplift your brand image amongst everyone.
Also see Sweda USA promotional products

Happy ‘nationalizing’! :)

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Jun 01 2010

Made In USA (300 Different Products In Total)

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Do you believe in supporting your country?
Do you want to contribute in eradicating issues like unemployment and poverty?
If yes, purchase only those promotional productswhich are made in the USA.

In America, majority of local distributors do not usually opt for local products. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute ESP Online database, only 10% or less of the total promotional products such as promotional mugs, pens, T-shirts, etc. are made in USA and the remaining is imported from other foreign countries.

Why would you want to opt for such products if you are patriotic or concerned enough towards your own motherland?

We would like to proudly present to you our distinctive section of US promotional products, constituting of more than 300 different products! You can select a wide range of such exclusive promotional giveaways and personalize them accordingly for your promotional initiatives.

You can choose from distinctive range of products such as bags/outdoor items, healthcare products, drinkware, office items & writing products, magnets, keyholders and other giveaways. You can opt for simple pens or other luxurious souvenirs for your potential customers and create a positive brand image by spreading the awareness of utilizing US promotional products.

These custom imprinted promo items are exclusively manufactured in USA and are indirectly supporting the US economy. So step up and take up some responsibility. Support your country by opting only for any Promotional Product USA today!

Happy promoting! :)

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May 22 2010

Brand New Promotional Item for You

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Do you want to rapidly spread the information about any upcoming event or any announcement for your organization? Visit any local park and giveaway free imprinted Frisbees with your contact details to the people present there. It will definitely work as there are hundreds of people at a park usually.We are pleased to introduce a new promotional product USA (made in USA) to you:
The Confetti Flyer

Outdoor promotional products are great for sports and sports related events. Not only players but even the spectators are exposed to your promotional imprints on those outdoor items. Promotional Frisbees and flyers are one of the most universal products to bring your family and friends closer. It is a perfect combination of sports and leisure, and a pleasant way to pass time on a picnic or an outing with your loved ones.

Promotional flyers are one of the well-thought products to market your brand amongst various people constituting your target group. Many companies are giving away such outdoor items at tradeshows, ribbon cutting ceremonies or product launches, company picnics or gatherings and other such business events.

PromoDirect’s Confetti Flyer is made in the USA with a unique confetti design. But please note that the nature of the ‘confetti’ pattern is to be different on each flyer. We also recommend bold graphics to be imprinted on this product as fine lines or intricate logos may not be easily readable. (Imprint Area: 5 1/2” Diameter)

So why wait?
Buy the Confetti Flyer at the cost as low as $.92 per piece only!

Happy playing! :)

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Feb 19 2010

The 5 Best Selling Promotional Products

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What are the best selling promotional products of Promo Direct? Which ones have higher possibilities of being successful? These are the most common questions asked to us; and why not! It is important to know what is already doing well to minimize the risk factor, especially if it is your first acquaintance with promotional products.

On number one, we have the made in the USA products which consists of various promotional items made in America itself for patriotic values and to benefit our own economy. These products are famous due to their pleasant impact on potential customers.

Gifting a pen has been a successful tradition since centuries which consistently continues till today. Writing products have undoubtedly been the second most best selling promotional products mainly due to their efficient characteristics. Amongst writing products, a particular range of Bic Brand items consisting of pens, pencils and highlighters, occupies third place in the race of promo products best sellers.

On fourth place we have the segment of our Free 24 hour service, which include alternatives like bags, technology products, flashlights, drinkware, golf items, healthcare products, etc.

Promo Tote bags come on number five as they are highly efficient and also recyclable. Choose from an extensive range of eco-friendly bags such as backpacks, carry-bags, personalized plastic bags, luggage tags, etc. to make that unforgettable first impression.

So why wait?

Order our business promotional items Now!

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Jan 27 2010

Promotional Products made in USA

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Being patriotic is such an intense emotion amongst all Americans.
We all love our motherland, don’t we? Then why not depict your patriotism during the next upcoming tradeshow or any promotional event!

These products are known to be durable as they are produced from high quality materials and resources. Moreover, buying American products contributes in supporting the US economy as it eliminates some level of foreign import and unemployment. Even the military branches prefer only American promotional products to boost the patriotic along with motivational values.

These USA made promotional products tend to establish an extremely positive first impression on potential customers by showcasing a patriotic feeling amongst them. They will appreciate the patriotic initiatives which will in turn add joy to the brand recognition or recall.

We worship giving customers what they wish for, thus, we offer you a special range of promotional products made in USA containing over hundred types of options to meet your requirements.

Choose from products right from a simple stationary items to luxurious bags and funky accessories.

So be an ideal citizen by contributing in America’s welfare!

To view USA made promotional items or other promotional products, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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