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Aug 08 2010

14 oz. Mood Beer Mug (Biodegradable & Recyclable)

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If you are planning to gift beer mugs to your potential clients and customers, why choose an ordinary option? Here’s presenting the 14 oz. Mood Beer Mug which changes color according to the liquids you pour into it.

Available Colors!

These mugs are made of durable plastic which change color according to cold beverages, making it a great party product. Choose this promotional product if you are planning to embark an unforgettable first impression on new or potential customers. This will make them remember your company and brand name forever.

The 14 oz. Mood Beer Mug from Promo Direct comes with an easy to hold thumb-grip handle and will cost you as low as $1.22 (per mug) only. You can also choose the changeable colors from different orange, red, blue or purple.

This promotional item is also biodegradable and recyclable. Giving away environmentally friendly products will always enhance you brand identity and make you look a responsible company.

So why wait?
Impress your customers today.
You can also choose from our extensive range of other discount mugs for upcoming tradeshows, exhibitions or business events.

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Feb 07 2010

Advantages of buying eco friendly promotional items

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Going green is the buzz in the biz nowadays! And it should be; because if you aren’t kinder towards the environment now, you might not even get a chance in the future!

More and more companies are joining the race of ‘go green promotional products’ by adapting eco-friendly ways and recommending it to clients, colleagues or even competitors.

But for purchasers, the most important question is: What exactly are the advantages of buying eco friendly promotional products?

One of the most significant objectives behind purchasing eco- friendly products is to draw noble intentions towards ecological aspects. This could just be the beginning of your initiatives, as an individual or a company, towards the welfare of our environment.

Everybody is doing their bit to protect the environment, right from governmental organizations, NGOs and even common citizens. Buying eco friendly promo products could be a very small initiative but it still counts, doesn’t it? In fact, if you are one of those industrialists of a leading corporate company, your initiatives would be idealized and followed by many others.

We also suggest adapting personal lifestyles to damage the environment a little less. Switching off electrical equipments when not being used or engines at traffic signals to save energy and fuel could comprise of minor examples towards the same.

Apart from self-developing and ethical advantages, these products can even enhance your company’s goodwill and first impression on potential customers. Who wouldn’t like to talk about your company if your motives and lessons are supporting environmental causes?

So, stop thinking about it.
Instead, just go for it. Go green!

To view Eco friendly promotional items or other promotional products, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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