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May 19 2010

Keep Your Customers Stress Free With Promotional Stressballs

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Having a bad day?
Work stress can get really vicious at times, right?
Do not worry, we have a solution: Promotional Stressballs.Promotional stressballs make excellent promotional giveaways at all events, especially tradeshows. These custom stressballs primarily relieve your customers’ stress, fatigue or anxiety. They can also be used to exercise the muscles of their hands. But their secondary role of promoting your business could play a vital role in building its brand image. Giving away imprinted stressballs could promote your company amongst potential customers, colleagues, competitors and other well-wishers.

Imprinted Promotional Stress Balls – The Best Giveaway Product

A stress ball is a squeezable foam product which can be attained in various shapes, colors and sizes. They say medical stressballs were created to help increase the strength in the user’s fingers and other muscles of the hand. We have a diversified range of promotional stressballs from the standard and basic stressball to other exclusive ones such as: football or basketball shaped stressball for the sporty ones, heart and apple shaped balls for the hospital industry; and a few others.

Why distribute these stressballs?
Well, one of the best qualities of such toys is to combine business with some fun. Your imprinted artwork and brand message keeps advertising your company whenever the user decided to use the stressball. They also act as an ice breaker for conversations with your new clients.

So why wait?
Bid goodbye to your stress concerning promotional activities.

Order Promotional Stressballs today!

To view a large variety of Promotional Stress Balls for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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May 10 2010

Floating Keychain (24 Hour Rush)

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Promotional keychains are probably the second most renowned category of promotional giveaways in the world. For obvious reasons, as they are inexpensive, efficient, convenient and impactful. Gifting appealing keychains as trade show giveaways is also a successful solution to enhance your brand recognition amongst your target market.Multifunction keychains are more likely to be used by receivers as they serve more purposes apart from holding keys together. This in return, doubles the chance of receivers remembering your brand name effectively. Promo Direct would like to present such a multifunction keychain to enhance your promotional efforts: The Floating Keychain.

Keep you brand afloat with the new floating key chain, especially while you are out fishing, scouting and sporting. It is an ideal product for the outdoor or the boating industry. You can purchase this magnificent product at the cost as low as $1.39/per piece only.

In fact, if you decide to place an order before 1st of July, 2010; you can acquire these promotional keychains at an unbelievable cost as low as $1.25 only (maximum quantity: 2500). And for those who do not know already, we offer free artwork from our professional in-house art department.

Promotional keychains are a proven marketing tool to depict your artwork and message in front of customers and clients on a daily basis. Key chains are also great as trade show giveaways and are recommended by hundreds of companies across USA today.

So why wait?
Order the floating keychain today or visit www.promodirect.com for more promotional keychains or other trade show giveaways.

Happy promoting! :)

To view a large variety of other Promotional Products & Giveaways for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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Apr 25 2010

Imprinted Promotional Stress Balls

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Promoting a brand requires distinctive creativity. Opting for unique and efficient promotional products could work wonders for your company, for example: stress balls. Stress balls are soft and squeezable toys which are used for relieving stress and the muscle tension in your hand. Promotional stress ballsare fun items, worth to be shared with your potential customers and everybody else for a joyful first impression.
We all suffer some kind of stress in our lives. Promotional stress balls can be used by every age-group, from office executives to college students and other top-notch businessmen. People tend to remember useful promotional giveawaysvery well which in return benefits for your brand image. We have a massive collection of imprinted stress balls, available in different sizes, shapes and colors to match your preferences or customization ideas.You can choose from promotional stress balls shaped like footballs, basketballs, baseballs, etc. or opt for standard balls available in red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc. All this, at an unbelievable cost as low as $.85 per ball. Now, isn’t that wonderful?

You can also opt for goofy stress balls for young customers or balls shaped like an apple or a heart which can be used for healthcare promotion. You can use these inexpensive yet extremely practical items for promoting your brand at tradeshows, health care events or other business events. We want to make sure that our customers live a hassle-free and peaceful life. Don’t you?

Also see stress balls by Prime Line

Take it easy, you all! :)

To view a large variety of Promotional Stress Balls for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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Apr 20 2010

Promotional Toys and Novelties: All Work & All Play!

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For all those kids and kids-at-heart, we would like to present these promotional toys and other novelties to you. These products might seem unlikely giveaways but toys or games are successful advertising novelties which never fail to grab customer attention. And, if you think these items are appreciated only by children, think again. Adults might like these novelties as much as they do.
These promotional novelty items are ideal for a quick stress relief. Toys can easily reduce stress and cheer everybody up. These promotional items are also worth having for some joy and entertainment. For example, instead of wasting those 15 minutes on having a cigarette and ruining your health, you can take a 20-minute-break to play cards or relax by playing with a yo-yo instead. These are the best giveaway products to consider for distributing at the events planned for children.

You can choose from a range of such inexpensive promotional items such as Plastic Yo-Yos as low as $.99 each, electro balls as low as $2.18 each and other reasonably priced toy cars, stuffed teddy bears or other cute animals, etc. These product giveaways are portable and light-weight. We also recommend the Glimmer Light Up Pen for that perfect playful corporate gift you’ve been searching for.

These promotional item giveaways are often used to capture potential customers for motivation purposes. These are also handed out as freebies at various tradeshows or exhibitions.

So why wait?
All you have to do is place your order and customize these items with your company artwork and desired message. It’s time to change your promotional items ideas!

Happy Playing! :)

To view a large variety of other Toys and Novelties for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com


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Apr 07 2010

Flavored Lip Balm – Simply Delicious!

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Protecting your skin against harmful sun rays is very important, especially during warmer seasons like spring. Lip balms protect your lips in a great way and that’s why they are preferred as promotional products to be given away at big tradeshows that happen during the spring season.

Many of you might argue that promotional lip balms are not specifically meant for the spring season, however, most of us use lip balms more frequently when the weather is warmer. Lip balms are extremely useful and they are available in various delicious flavors. These handy and cost-effective promotional items leave behind remarkable first impression in customer’s mind.

Opting for an exceptional promotional giveaway depicts that the brand believes in approaching the target market in a right way. Competition between businesses is very intense these days and thus, it is beneficial to be one step ahead of competitors in order to stand out in the competition. And if you’re planning to opt for an exceptional products, why not consider flavored lip balms?

We, at Promo Direct, would like to present to you one of our best selling product – the World’s best tasting lip balm. That’s right, it is the world’s best tasting lip balm and it’s undoubtedly delicious! PABA free sun protection moisturizer combats dryness and chapping as it contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, along with SPF 15 and it is also FDA approved including both, UVA and UVB protectors.

You can buy these lip balms at the cost as low as $.82 only!
You simply need to imprint your company’s artwork or any desired message on the lip balms and distribute them amongst potential or existing customers to enhance your brand recall amongst them.

To view a large variety of Promotional Lip Balm for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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