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Oct 06 2010

Giveaway items for marketing your business during events

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Don’t you just love receiving gifts! So do your clients. However small or irrelevant the gift may be, getting something complementary gives them a high. To strengthen your customer’s loyalty to your brand, all you need is to use promotional giveawaysthat are designed to tug at their heartstrings.Your gift will first elicit a smile and then their logical brain will skip to the ‘well-wisher’ who was responsible for this sudden piece of joy; i.e. YOU! Brand recognition – accomplished!According to the study done by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 78.2% more attendees responded to a mailing offering a promo giveaway, than a plain post card advertising the exhibitor’s booth. So there is really no doubt that with giveaways you get to please your customers and leave them with a part of you, which they will hold on to.

Your personalized giveaways can be cute, useful, witty, durable or ideally, a combination of all these. Your choice of giveaways depends on the events during which you will be distributing them and the industry you are in. In this regard, tradeshows are a best place for distributing giveaways as they host the who’s who of your industry and clientele. Choose giveaways that are relevant to your brand as well target group, and neither time nor competition will weaken your brand equity. For example, if you are from the health industry, use healthcare giveaways like sanitizers, sunscreens or first aid kits.

Promotional calendars on topics that excite your customer will keep your brand alive in their mind all year long. From puppies to tractors, cars, stamps, wildlife, food and healthy food, promotional calendars cover a large ground and you can surprise your customers by giving them a customized calendar suiting their tastes.

If you want two targets achieved at the price of one, then choose promotional products that cost less but are highly effective because of their high usage. Promotional pens, flashlights, key-chains, stress balls promote brand recall because they aren’t stored away for later. Imprint anything from your company’s logo or message advocating a cause, it gets conveyed loud and clear. Imprinted household items are also high on the list as they are practical for daily use.

Be it a charity event, formal business seminars, conferences or a tradeshow, you can never go wrong with chocolates. Personalized candy tins, chocolates or jelly beans will tickle your customer’s taste buds and will in turn give you your share of sweet success.

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Aug 15 2010

Why are Business Cards Outdated Now?

Yes, it’s true. Business cards are outdated now.
Why? Because every company has been giving away business cards over the past few years; making it extremely common and monotonous to be noticed easily over competitors.If you are looking for a distinctive way to generate brand awareness, we recommend you to give away promotional products instead. Personalizing promotional products by imprinting your company logo and slogan will help you generate better brand recall over competitors. Don’t forget to imprint your contact details too; this will provoke your perspective customers to contact you immediately whenever needed.

Here are few options at similar costs which could replace business cards easily:

People carry notepads to work everyday. You can order customized notepads or sticky notes at as low as $0.22 only.

People carry keyholders wherever they go. Imprinted keyholders from Promo Direct are available at as low as $0.22 only.

Stand out amongst others. Instead of being one card among many, give away inexpensive business card holders ($0.84 only) instead or order the exclusive Noir Business Card Case holders for your valuable clients and customers.

Not convinced enough? Still wish to give away business cards and nothing else? No problem, here’s a distinctive way to distribute them.

You can give away the Thank You Business Card Box to new acquaintances or the Happy Holidays Business Card Box to existing customers with ‘thank you’ a message or ‘happy holidays’ stamped in chocolate respectively. These boxes can be sent along with your attached business card and impress your customers successfully.

So when are you switching to promotional products?

To view a large variety of other promotional giveaway products for your clients and customers, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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Jul 01 2010

The advantages of inexpensive promotional items

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Inexpensive promotional items do justice to every promotional budget of every company. They manage to convey brand messages to a wide selection of audience on a negligible budget. Promo items are primary elements of every business event today; such as tradeshows, product launches, conferences, fundraising events, etc.Choosing custom promotional items that your customers will enjoy using is equally important. The key point here is, efficiency combined with inexpensiveness qualifies as the right choice. Imagine existing and potential customers using your gift for years, for which you probably spent merely a dollar, and in return you receive long-lasting brand recall and promotion.

Worthy deal, right?

Well, inexpensive tradeshow giveaways are also ideal for your upcoming trade shows, exhibitions and other fundraising events. The impact of promotional mouse pads, writing products or other such office items could easily exceed your expectations to attract attendees to your booth or counter.

Why would you want to spend massively again and again?
Choose inexpensive yet efficient promotional items instead.

The most widely used and the most popular type of inexpensive products are promotional pens. You can usually purchase these pens for less than $1 each. We have an extensive range of branded Bic® Clic Stic pens for you starting from a price range as low as $0.21 per pen.

So why wait?
Choose your preferable inexpensive imprinted promotional product today!

Happy budgeting! :)

To view a large variety of other inexpensive promotional products for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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Jun 08 2010

The Versatility of Promotional Products

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There are hundreds of different promotional products available today. The primary idea behind promotional products giveaways is to promote your business by having your company name, logo, brand message or other contact information imprinted on them.Different kinds of target audience and their different preferences or likings are mainly responsible for the creation of new products everyday. For example, writing products are ideally given away to students and office-executives. Similarly, exclusive poker sets or golf apparels could work great as business promotional gifts for businessmen.


Now, the important point here is to share the awareness of choosing the right product amongst so many options. If you are new to the world of promotional business, we suggest you to do your research well, identify and understand your target audience; and most importantly choose an appropriate product.

We have an extensive range of products to probably satisfy any type of promotional needs and requirements. The versatility of promotional products extends over any budget too; from cost-effective items below $1 to exclusive gifts worth over $30. You can also decide over the extensive budget of a single type of product. For example, a standard ball-pen could be bought for $.50/each; whereas, a metal pen might come for $5/each.

You can choose from our standard stationary items or outdoor promotional items to the recently trending eco-friendly items. The choice is YOURS.

We are giving away free promotional catalogs.
So why wait? Place a request for a FREE CATALOG today!

Happy choosing! :)

To view a large variety of other Promotional Products for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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Jun 04 2010

Education & School Items

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It is extremely important to choose the right type of products for the right kind of promotional audience. Apart from choosing ideal promotional giveaway items, it is important to realize the significance of having promotional aims and how to target them appropriately. Different groups of people are attracted to different products and have a different set of requirements.

We have an extensive range of products to satisfy anyone and everyone.
But if you want something specifically for students, we highly recommend our range of:
Education/School Items

You can customize these promotional education items by imprinting your company logo and brand message, and distribute them at fund-raising activities or other educational functions. Some schools and colleges have limited budgets for different programs and activities. Giving away imprinted promotional school items could enhance your brand image and eventually improve your brand identity.

You can choose from products like promotional pens, pencils, crayons, USB flash drives, backpacks, mini staplers, notepads, multifunctional calculators, etc. Writing products and other stationary items are amongst our bestsellers which are already very popular in the promotional industry. You can also opt for our imprinted backpacks and help your students by keeping them organized.

Learn how to promote smartly by giving away these items to smart learners.

So, don’t wait for the Annual Teacher’s Appreciation Week.
Order now!

Happy schooling! :)

To view a large variety of other Promotional Education & School Products for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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