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December 2014, Holidays and Observances in USA

December is finally here! It’s time to launch a final marketing campaign for the year. Here are some pointers to help you with your marketing campaign in December: Show the humane side of your business by observing Universal Human Rights Month. Use giveaways to gain goodwill for your brand!

Giveaway items for marketing your business during events

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Don’t you just love receiving gifts! So do your clients. However small or irrelevant the gift may be, getting something complementary gives them a high. To strengthen your customer’s loyalty to your brand, all you need is to use promotional giveaways that are designed to tug at their heartstrings.Your

Why are Business Cards Outdated Now?

Yes, it’s true. Business cards are outdated now. Why? Because every company has been giving away business cards over the past few years; making it extremely common and monotonous to be noticed easily over competitors.If you are looking for a distinctive way to generate brand awareness, we recommend you

The advantages of inexpensive promotional items

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Inexpensive promotional items do justice to every promotional budget of every company. They manage to convey brand messages to a wide selection of audience on a negligible budget. Promo items are primary elements of every business event today; such as tradeshows, product launches, conferences, fundraising events, etc.Choosing custom promotional items

The Versatility of Promotional Products

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There are hundreds of different promotional products available today. The primary idea behind promotional products giveaways is to promote your business by having your company name, logo, brand message or other contact information imprinted on them.Different kinds of target audience and their different preferences or likings are mainly responsible for

Education & School Items

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It is extremely important to choose the right type of products for the right kind of promotional audience. Apart from choosing ideal promotional giveaway items,it is important to realize the significance of having promotional aims and how to target them appropriately. Different groups of people are attracted to different

The PPI Blog

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Have you ever visited The PPI Blog? Well, PPI stands for ‘Promotional Product International’ and this is where authors from all around the world post information and news about the gift and premium industry. So do we. Promo Direct willingly participates in sharing knowledge and information about promotional giveaways

One-of-A-Kind Spectra Highlighter

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There are several types of promotional giveaways available today, amongst which writing products have always managed to be the most popular. Amongst those various writing products, pens and highlighters have always been the easiest option for their inexpensiveness and more importantly usefulness.Pens and highlighters are probably the most inexpensive promotional

Happy Highlighter

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Custom promotional items are ideal to increase brand recognition amongst customers, colleagues, competitors or whoever possible! And what better way to promote your company by leaving behind a smile on their faces? Goofy products have been doing really well in the promotional industry as they successfully establish a smile

Mighty Bright Mini Light

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Yes, that is correct, it is very mighty! Do not misjudge its might by looking at its size. The Mighty Bright Mini Lightwould prove to be mightier than you expect to uplift your promotional efforts. Promotional light products have always proven to be ideal as giveaway items on all