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Aug 30 2013

5 Interesting Facts about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM)

There is no doubt that regular breast examinations are crucial in the fight against breast cancer. Every year, breast cancer awareness campaigns are held in the month of October to help and guide women in the fight against the disease. Featured below are some interesting facts on NBCAM, the biggest breast cancer awareness campaign in the United States.

1. History: The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) is an effort that was jointly launched by the American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries (currently a part of AstraZeneca) way back in 1985. NBCAM’s main objective is to highlight the importance of mammography in fighting breast cancer.

2. How pink became associated with breast cancer awareness: In 1991, the Susan G. Komen Foundation distributed pink ribbons among participants in the New York City race for breast cancer survivors. Two years later, Evelyn Lauder of the Estée Lauder Companies launched a campaign involving pink ribbons as well, thus giving the color much needed importance.

3. National Mammography Day: Every October, the third Friday is observed as National Mammography Day. This day was launched by former President Clinton in 1993. Women generally keep their mammography appointments on this day. In 2013, National Mammography Day falls on October 19.

4. Celebrities associated with NBCAM: Several women have lent their voice and support to help spread the message against breast cancer. They include Edna Campbell (former basketball star), Ann Jillian (television/movie actress) and Betty Rollin (author and former TV correspondent).

5. Effectiveness of NBCAM: Every year since 1985 when the NBCAM was launched, there has been steady reports of breast cancer diagnoses in the month of November. This clearly points to the effectiveness of the NBCAM in October.

If you represent a company or institution, you too can be a part of the drive against breast cancer. All you have to do is go for pink-themed promotional items with your logo imprinted on them. You will gain a lot of goodwill and some quality visibility. Check out Promo Direct range of breast cancer awareness items here.

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Aug 16 2013

10 Fun Facts To Celebrate Golf Month

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August is celebrated nationwide as Golf Month. With the sun smiling and the grass greener than ever before, August is ideal for a fantastic day at the golf course. So if you want to impress your clients and employees while promoting your brand as well, go for golf-themed giveaways.

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Here are some interesting and fun facts to get your business geared up for Golf Month:

1. The first ever game of golf was played by members of the Scottish regiment who were supporting the French in fighting the English. This game took place in the year 1421.

2. The first ever evidence of golf being played in America was when the game was banned in the streets of Albany, New York. The year was 1659.

3. Annika Sorenstam broke all norms when she participated in the 2003 Bank of America Colonial. Before her, there was only one woman – Babe Saharias – to qualify for a PGA Tour event. Babe did this at the 1945 Los Angeles Open.

4. Popular American actor Samuel Jackson has clause written in his contract that allows him to play golf twice every week wherever he is shooting for his movies.

5. Tiger Woods was 9 months old when he was first introduced to golf by his father.

6. Harry Lee Bonner holds the record for the most Holes-in-One – 68 from 1967 to 1985 in a career.

7. The enviable record for the longest golf course rests with Nullarbor Links, Australia. Its golf course is 850 miles long.

8. Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard swung his six-iron to hit a golf ball on the moon. This took place during a February 6, 1971 flight.

9. Walter Hagen from the 1920s is the first professional to eke a living by playing golf. Prior to him, the only way golfers earned money is by teaching the sport.

10. Jack Nicklaus’ first paycheck was for $33.33 during the 1962 LA Open. Compare this amount with the hundreds of thousands golfers earn today.

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Feb 09 2013

Some Great Facts on Valentine’s Day and why you should promote your brand on this day!

Valentine’s Day – the most celebrated occasion among couples – is just around the corner. This special occasion has come a long way since Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 as Valentine’s Day in the year 496. In America, this romantic day received a big push in the 1840s when Esther Howland of Massachusetts launched the first ever Valentine Day cards.

Have you ever promoted your brand on this special day? If not, it is time you joined in the festivities by distributing Valentine’s Day themed giveaways to highlight your brand.

Featured in this article are a compilation of 8 fun facts taken from the online world. These facts showcase the significance of this special day and the emotional chord people associate with it:

1. The total value of imports for cut flowers in 2011 stands at $880,893,904. A major chunk of these cut flowers were used in bouquets that were given away to loved ones on Valentine’s Day.
2. As per stats released by the US Greeting Card Association, approximately one billion cards are given away in the United States each year.
3. Did you know that 15% of American women send themselves flowers?
4. A whopping 73% of those who buy flowers are men!
5. A staggering 189 million stems of roses are sold in America on Valentine’s Day alone!
6. Popularity list: Valentine’s Day cards are given to teachers, kids, moms, wives, sweethearts and pets, in that order.
7. American men spend an average of $130 on gifts for their loved ones.
8. Richard Cadbury – the founder of world renowned chocolate brand Cadbury – launched the first set of chocolates more than a century ago for Valentine’s Day.

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Dec 05 2012

Discovering Pinterest With 5 Interesting Facts

The past year has witnessed a flurry of activity on Pinterest, the social photo sharing site that has captured the hearts of users all over the world. In an Internet-era ruled by sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has done mighty well for itself since its introduction in 2010.

Here we look at 5 facts that underline its reputation as the world’s fastest growing social site.

Fact #1 – The Beginning: Pinterest had a humble beginning. Work on developing Pinterest took off in December 2009 and by the first half of 2010, a beta version of the site was operational. Co-founder Ben Silbermann personally wrote and demonstrated his site to the first 5000 members. In a couple of months, the site’s members more than doubled.

All this while, Silbermann ran his company from an apartment that housed a few of his programmers.

Fact #2 – The Recognition: In its early days, Pinterest received a lot of positive attention from far and wide. This helped to boost its reputation as a force to reckon with in the online world. For example, Pinterest was ranked 38 in Time’s 2011 list of ’50 Websites That Make the Web Great’. Another worthy mention is a survey conducted by Experian Marketing Services in early-2012. It revealed that Pinterest was behind only Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity, beating LinkedIn for the 3rd spot.

Fact #3 – The Consistency: A problem with start-ups is that visitor interest often dies down quickly after a couple of months. No such thing with Pinterest though. The photo-sharing site has gone from strength to strength, breaking new records on its way to establishing itself in the online world.

In February 2012, Pinterest became the fastest to 10 million monthly unique visits in the US. In July, Pinterest had a whopping 23 million unique visitors and continues to draw in valuable traffic.

Fact #4 – The Referrals: A survey by Shareaholic in June 2012 revealed that Pinterest brought more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Youtube. A remarkable feat for a company that is barely two years old.

Fact #5 – The User-friendliness: A picture is worth a thousand words! Pinterest’s biggest USP is its visually communicative medium. The easy-to-understand layout ensures that Pinterest users can share images simply by pinning them. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest is picture-friendly and focuses less on words. No wonder retailers prefer Pinterest for e-commerce activities.

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Nov 16 2012

Celebrating Thanksgiving With 8 Interesting Facts

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are sure that everybody has big plans for the week. Here we list 8 interesting facts about this centuries-old tradition. Hope you enjoy reading them!

  1. Remember Sarah Josepha Hale? She is the famous American author who wrote the nursery rhyme “Mary had a little lamb”. Hale campaigned for close to 20 years before Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November as a Thanksgiving holiday.
  2. Sarah Josepha Hale is also credited with introducing traditional recipes for Thanksgiving dinner, which include turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing and cranberry sauce.
  3. The first Thanksgiving took place in 1621 when the Wampanoag Indians dined with the Plymouth Pilgrims. The thanksgiving feast included wild turkeys, deer, corn and barley.
  4. In 1947, Harry Truman became the first President to pardon turkeys, a tradition that has been carried over till this day.
  5. Popular folklore suggests that Abraham Lincoln was the first to informally pardon a turkey – he did so when he pardoned his son Tad’s turkey.
  6. Residents of the Virgin Islands celebrate two Thanksgivings – the national holiday as well as October 19, which is known as Hurricane Thanksgiving Day.
  7. Thanksgiving Day is ranked busiest day for travelers – Americans travel the most on this day!
  8. Cranberries – a staple part of Thanksgiving feasts – were popularly used by Native Americans to treat wounds.

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