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Mar 28 2014

Create A Buzz For Your Brand This Earth’s Day!

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Earth day is celebrated on April 22 worldwide to promote awareness and concern for our depleting environment. Founded by U.S senator Gaylord Nelson, this day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970.  Every year, citizens participate in several activities such as tree planting, clean-up drives at rivers, beaches or parks, parades, contests and much more.

You can take this opportunity to launch an eco-friendly campaign to highlight your brand. The little investment you make on promotional products can go a long way in building your brand’s image.

Check out these 5 eco-friendly products from Promo Direct. You can give them out at tradeshows or use them as direct marketing tools:

  1. Celebration Tote Bag (Abe)

These totes are perfect for shopping, a day at the beach or while spending time downtown. Let your customers replace their old plastic bags with these trendy totes!

  1. Gildan® Colored T-Shirt

Looking to gain brand visibility without exceeding your marketing budget? These t-shirts are the ones you need to opt for. They are made of 100% cotton and offer the perfect alternative to shirts that are made of polyester material.

  1. The Eco Spiral Notebook & Pen

Let your customers jot down their important messages and contact numbers on these notebooks. They will make great gifts for offices, educational institutions and organizations.

  1. Moisturizing Lip Balm

These lip balms will make ideal giveaways for salons, spas and resorts. They are made of natural ingredients such as beeswax, Vitamin E and aloe. They are cost-effective and among the most popular promotional items preferred by our customers.

  1. 25 oz Eco – Fresh Lite Grip Bottle

As the name suggests, these bottles are made of eco-friendly material and available in active colors.         Give them away at walkathons and sports events while making way for effective branding.

Like our products? Get them personalized and expand your brand’s reach this Earth Day!



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Nov 28 2013

Associating Christmas’ Spirit of Giving With Promotional Giveaways

Christmas is often associated with the spirit of giving. Every year, people give and receive gifts from their love ones – a tradition they have been following from their childhood. This year will be no different. While they shop for their families and friends, they will also be looking forward to receive some exciting gifts. Why don’t you take advantage of this fact and do some memorable marketing for your campaign?


Here is what you should do. Choose any of the giveaways from the list mentioned below and have them personalized with your logo and message. Send them across to your customers or employees and let them remember your business wherever they are.

1. Winter Lights Greeting Card: This beautiful looking card will capture the imagination of people associated with your business. Starting for as low as $.92, these cards are economical and visually appealing as giveaways.

2. Buttermints Pouch Bags: Use these sweets to leave a lasting impression on your marketing campaign. These sweets will assure you win the hearts of your recipients in quick time.

3. Glass Set: Featuring 4 quality glasses, this product comes along with a free “Thank You” gift box. These glasses can be used at any occasion and is ideal as business gifts.

4. A “Murphy’s” Christmas Greeting Card: This greeting card is a delight to look at and will do a good job of highlighting your brand. The image on the front is quite appealing!

Apart from the items mentioned above, you can also check out our Calendar section for a range of quality giveaways. And here’s wishing you the very best for the Christmas season!

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Nov 19 2013

Using The Great American Smokeout To Launch An Effective Marketing Campaign

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The number of smokers in America has dwindled over the last couple of years and stands at 21% in 2011-12, down from 25% in 2001-05. Recent research has shown that people are able to kick the habit with the help of active support and counseling.

The American Cancer Society is in the forefront of anti-smoking campaigns and it’s their efforts that have helped witness a reduction in the number of smokers. The organization has launched the Great American Smokeout, which falls on the third Thursday of November each year. In 2013, the Great American Smokeout will be observed on November 21.

Why not join this special occasion to launch a worthwhile marketing campaign? Get your logo and message imprinted on anti-smoking giveaways and help fight the disastrous consequences of smoking. By associating your brand with such a cause, you stand to gain the goodwill of people in the local community.

You can have your logo and message imprinted on awareness bracelets and have them distributed among employees and customers. The bracelets available with Promo Direct come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are trendy enough to be worn around.

You could also give out educational books such as the Pocket Slider – Quit Smoking and Pocket Slider – Risks of Smoking and Tobacco. They feature quality content and will help users make informative decisions about their smoking habits.

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Oct 15 2010

Be a Brand Rock Star!

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All you Prince fans out there, prepare to lay down the red carpet for the royal rock star who will soon be in your part of town for the series of ‘Welcome 2 America’ concerts in December. Royalty comes with entourage now, doesn’t it? The tour will undoubtedly be a feast for the ears (literally) with his favorites like Maceo Parker, Mind Condition, Cassandra Wilson and his Janelle Monáe performing too!


It’s interesting how a rocker can stimulate food for marketing thought and even help you nurture your business in the process! For starters, let’s draw a simple comparison.

Memorabilia is available for every Prince fan at prices that suit his pocket. Tickets and backstage passes of his earliest concerts are dirt cheap, while autographs and autographed pictures cost slightly more and signed early LP albums being a collector’s item are understandably high priced.

Similarly, there are promotional products made for every purse too. Again, there are products that merely promote and there are products that can make your brand a rage and generate fervor just like how Prince does among his fans. Would you ever throw away a T-shirt signed by your favorite rock star however old or faded it gets, or shred the ticket of the first ever rock concert you ever attended, because it is just ‘a yellow piece of paper’? (Nooo? Your shudder conveyed it all!)

Make your corporate gifts so unique that they become collector’s items that your client will never want to part with. For example, wouldn’t you rather hold on to an Antique Tractors calendar or a The Saturday Evening Post calendar as compared to a dreary yearly planner? Yes, because these promotional calendars become more than mere utility items or business gifts, they become collectibles with an emotional flavor.

If you followed the TV grabs of Prince’s press conference you will realize how he implemented one of the simple tools of modern marketing by allying his concert with propaganda for the soon-to-release documentary on public education ‘Waiting for Superman’ and a charity.

Supporting a cause serves to heighten your brand’s popularity because of something that I will call as ‘the empathy factor. Psychologically your clients feel that if you have an empathetic streak in you, you are a befitting corporate citizen to do business with.

Finally, of course you know that Prince has sold 80 million albums worldwide and Purple Rain alone sold 13 million copies in the USA. He is a movement and this movement, with millions of fans is landing at your doorstep. A perfect setting to market your brand with promotional giveaways that are lapped up during concerts! From plain white t-shirts to get the rock star’s autograph to drawstring bags that fans can use to stash their Prince merchandise, use your promotional products to be a part of the craze and help your brand come alive!

So what are you waiting for…In the words of the rock star himself…

Its time we all reach out for something new…That means u too!

To view a large variety of imprinted promotional products for brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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