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Feb 18 2011

Digital vs. Offset Printing: Decide which one is better for you

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If you had to select between varied printing options a few decades ago, your choice in selecting offset printing would have been simple. However, with technology upgrades, the selection is now varied and difficult. It is therefore necessary to delve in and understand the process that of the two most popular printing options-Offset and Digital.

Offset printing, popularly known as offset lithography, involves etching the required image on a metallic plate. Then the image is transferred to a rubber surface, cylindrical in shape, from which it is shifted to the material of print. Digital printing needs transfer of an image from a computer to a metal sheet. Then the print is transferred on the actual material from the sheet.

For anyone adapting the promotional marketing strategy of the first time, the choices might seem overwhelming. However, beneath the seeming cacophony of different printing mediums, some basic principles make selections easy.  These are few simple and straightforward ideas that will help make your decision simple:

Quantity:  The larger the number of promotional products you wish to be printed, the lesser the cost per product. Even though this formula holds true for both the mediums, offset printing is more cost effective for bulks.

Quality: Quality prints are compromised for lithography method as they need manual segregation and balance between oil and water. Digital printing however does not have too much of manual handling which ensures speck free quality printing.

Colors: Usage of colors in offset lithography is rare for it can undertake only two color printing. However, digital printing has a four color print technology. So, if you need to print in color, go for the digital medium.

Time:  If you are in a rush to send your business gifts, it is wise to stick to digital printing. With the elimination of several stages in the printing process, the digital prints are often delivered faster.

Printing Surface: While digital printing works well on the paper, both glossy and plain, it cannot print on any other medium. So if you are planning to print your logo or text on some promo items like promotional pens, you will have to use offset printing.

With these pointers is it easy to gauge that your selection of printing on promotional items cannot merely depend on the latest technology offered to you. You need to keep in mind that both methods have their pluses and minuses and the best selection depends on the type of promotional item to be printed.

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Oct 13 2010

Characteristics of Printing: Screen VS Digital Printing

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I was amazed to learn that soon Facebook will step out of virtual space and take up actual space on your brick and mortar walls! After imprinted promotional products like T-shirts, mugs, pens and bags, it is time now for imprinted Facebook, thanks to a new service called Printing Facebook which creates a poster collage by printing out your Facebook friends’ profile pictures.

This latest piece of news has left me awe-struck about how often we tend to ignore seemingly minor processes like printing, that make up our brand’s success recipe. So I decided that my next post will be dedicated to the characteristics of this process that has made marketing so vivid.

I know this sounds very clichéd, but the simplest way to describe Screen and Digital Printing (the two types of printing in use today) would be to compare them to two sides of the same coin. To make the process of differentiation easier I am using simple parameters like the tools they each use, efforts involved, quality and the costs that both the types entail.

Screen Printing

A better way to understand this would be to Google ‘Andy Warhol + Marilyn Monroe and see screen printing at its wondrous best! Warhol used the silk screening method (using the silk fabric to make screens) and created amazing pop art images of the diva.

Tools – The process involves making a stencil using a drawn/digitized image or a photograph, attaching it to a screen, placing it over the desired canvas and spreading the ink over the image.

Efforts – Takes a lot of time-consuming effort, because the screens need to be made and the process takes long.

Quality – Offers better quality imaging as the ink gets deeply absorbed and lasts longer. Screen printing also gives clearer edges to the image printed, because of the precision that carefully created stencils offer.

Cost – Costs escalate with the number of screens. If you want a more complex image with many colors, then individual slides for every color are created. Screen printing also requires trained labor which adds to the cost. However screen printing is apt if you want a large quantity. For example if you have a large order for promotional t-shirts or promotional calendars then go for screen printing.

Digital Printing

This is one of the boons that technology has given the marketing mankind. You only have to feed the image into the computer and it is printed directly without using any screens.

Tools – All you need is a computer and a printer with ink cartridges of every color.

Efforts – As it is so easy to operate and gives results at the touch of a key, it is relatively quicker

Quality – Choose this only if you want a fewer number of products imprinted. For example, a personalized T-shirt or a mug you want to gift for a special event. The ink doesn’t spread because the image is directly printed on the fabric, but tends to fade quicker than the screen printed images. However, if you have a colorful image to imprint, then this is an apt option for you as all the colors are present in the single image, and you don’t need separate screens for the same.

Cost – The computer and printers are one time investments and digital printing is cheaper compared to screen printing as the charge is often for per imprinted image.

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