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Jun 29 2010

How to carefully choose a business promotional gift

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Promotional products, corporate gifts or any other type of business promotional gifts work only when they have been chosen appropriately for your business. Giving away promotional gifts could qualify as a beneficial tool to support your promotional and marketing efforts. However, choosing inappropriate, flimsy and inefficient products could lead to disastrous consequences.Thus, it is highly recommended to carefully select such personalized marketing items and plan your promotional campaign cautiously.


Make a careful move!

Durability is probably the most important characteristic to consider while choosing your promotional products. Instead of seeking for low-cost products, it is recommended to look for durable and efficient products. Carefully selecting a particular product which is inexpensive as well as efficient could be the right choice.

Remember, the key word here is ‘durability.’ Durable products could last for several months, even years. Here are a few examples of inexpensive yet efficient products: promotional calendars, promo backpacks, mouse pads, promotional calculators, travel mugs, etc.

With so many different kinds of promotional items available in the market, it becomes difficult for new companies to make purchase decisions. Those companies usually specify and determine their target audience first; before anything else. This helps them to choose suitable gifts for them and generates adequate curiosity amongst them. It also generates enough possibility for rewarding results from them.

Other important tips:

  • Choose a renowned company to avoid inferior quality products.
  • Look for testimonials. A company that other business owners have recommended is always a safer option.
  • Choose a company that has a trusted online presence.

A company like: Promo Direct, which offers low prices every day and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Jun 23 2010

Promotional gifts to engage your clients

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Every business requires a set of loyal clients and every company wants their customers to recognize their logo and brand instantly and easily. Business promotional gifts are ideal to attract potential customers as well as engage your existing clients.Yes, promotional gifts could work efficiently to engage your clients.

To some extent, corporate gifts are inbuilt into any promotional campaign to enhance brand visibility and recall amongst existing clients and customers as well. When you gift them with such personalized business items, it gives them a feeling of appreciation and uplifts their characteristics of trust and loyalty towards your company.

Giving away promotional gifts generates company goodwill amongst the people who matter to the organization such as clients, investors, customers and even employees. It helps you express your gratitude towards your clients and enhances the level of goodwill that you already share with them.

You can also use these promotional products to introduce new products or services to existing customers by sending them a free customized, logo-imprinted sample or sending a message on any useful product to update them about it. Promotional products attract customers and influence them to publicize the company; whereas, clients could recommend your company in their network which could eventually get you more business.

We suggest you to carefully plan out your upcoming promotional activities and gratify your clients and investors too, accordingly.

So why wait?
Order your preferable set of corporate promotional products today!

Happy gratifying! :)

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May 04 2010

Desk in a Box

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Office items are generally simple imprinted desk-products, which can be given away to all those corporate executives, businessmen or other office-going crowd who constitute your company’s target audience. There are various promotional gifts which can be listed under the category of office items, such as writing products, desk clocks, stationary items or stationary kits, etc. They are highly efficient, cost-effective and can be easily customized for maximum impact on your prospects.But why giveaway meager corporate gift items when you can opt for such exclusive products at same prices?Promo Direct presents your ultimate option amongst office items:

A Desk in a Box.

This product is absolutely great for traveling purposes. It includes various mini desk items like a stapler, staples, paper clips, rubber bands, transparent tape, sticky notes and sticky tabs. That covers up almost all the necessary office items which are used on a daily basis. It is compact and skillfully designed to fit easily into a bag or a purse.

All this at an unbelievable cost as low as $2.43 per box only. You can also attain free artwork from our professional in-house art department. Steal-deal, right?

The advantage of promotional office items is that they serve a very distinct function of meeting various needs of your target audience. For example, whoever works in an office is bound to need paper clips, sticky notes or a stapler.

Our ‘desk in a box’ is ideally designed for your complete convenience wherever you go.
This is how you could enhance your company recognition and brand image proficiently

So why wait?

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Happy working! :)

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May 01 2010

The Discount Price Factor: Crescent Jr. Padfolio

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Promotional padfolios are ideal as corporate gifts for meetings, conferences, tradeshows, conventions or other business events. Businessmen and employees carry padfolios to avoid carrying around a heavy briefcase constantly. It helps them organize and assemble important documents, minutes of the attended meetings, business cards of new acquaintances and other significant information.
These padfolios will promote your business wherever the users go. Think about the number of people who could see your logo on such personalized items. If your target market includes business executives, entrepreneurs or corporate employees, this is easily one of the best types of corporate gifts to choose from.If you liked the idea of giving away padfolios, then why settle for an ordinary, unappealing product?

We at Promo Direct believe in offering you supreme discount promotional items, for example: The Crescent Jr. Padfolio. This full size folder is perfect to hold papers. It is made from soft AlluraHyde material with a full size pocket on the front documents, and a business card slot with a writing pad and built-in pen or pencil holder.

If you are looking for ideal corporate gifts in the section of discount promotional items, this could probably be the best decision you make. But we suggest you to purchase it as soon as possible. Why you wonder? Well, as the title suggests, for the unbelievable discount price factor! You can now buy them at the cost as low as $3.84 (per padfolio) only; but only if you do so before 1st of July, 2010.

Also see Gemline padfolio

So why wait?
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Happy promoting! :)

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Apr 21 2010

A Deluxe Poker Set for a Win-Win Promotion!

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Why settle for ordinary or those usual business gifts which have been utilized by hundreds of companies already? It is time to stand out amongst competitors. Some companies use pens, some use apparels while some look out for best-sellers. But if your company wants to embark an unforgettable impression on the corporate customers, you have to think of giving some business promotional gifts. Why don’t you check this out!Presenting a ‘Deluxe Poker Set’ for a win-win promotion! That’s right, a winning promotional innovation indeed. Poker is an extremely popular game and that is one of the main reasons for you to opt for it. A poker set is a great business promotional item as it can get your brand noticed wherever your customers carry the set. Give it away as a business promotional product and see the kind of customer response you get. Since people, who receive such business gifts, end up loving it. Your poker set can create the similar impact.

People love playing poker and companies distributing them as personalized business items know that they are certainly going to be used. And when they are being used, your company visibility and recall increases and prospers. So don’t forget to imprint your brand logo and information for people to contact you whenever a need arises.

The Deluxe Poker set from Promo Direct, features 300 pieces of 11.5 gram-casino-sized supreme quality poker chips along with two decks of regulation poker cards, 5 red dice and all this packed inside an extremely durable and classy aluminum case, lined with plush foam and imprinted with your brand artwork.

All this for an unbelievable cost as low as $34.49 each, which is a better deal than other promotional products distributors would ever offer you.

Don’t you think that is absolutely impressive? So why wait?
RAISE your promotion to the next level. :)

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