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May 03 2010

Customized Promotional Mugs

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You must have certainly received a few customized promotional mugs with a logo imprinted on it along with a message, maybe. If not, you might have at least seen them or heard about personalized mugs in the past. The reason is obvious; it is one of the most popular promotional giveaways utilized widely by various companies today.
Personalized mugs are popular gift items mainly because of their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Mugs become an important part of our daily routine and they tend to last longer with users who receive them as promotional giveaways. Think about it, would you ever throw away promotional coffee mugs unless they happen to break?

At Promo Direct, you can choose from a variety of personalized mugs such as the 11 oz. standard, budget mug at the cost as low as $1.15 each. Or you can choose from items like Kensington Mugs, Buckingham Mugs, Two-Tone Bistro Mugs, Campfire Mugs, Marble Mugs, etc. Giving away customized promotional mugs is a great way to advertise and promote your brand. Thus, it is extremely important to get your mug customized according to the interests of your target group. So choose the type, color, artwork and brand message appropriately.

Promotional coffee mugs are still acceptable promotional items as they are used as free gifts by most companies throughout the world. Why you wonder? Well, the idea is very simple. Taking an everyday product which is seen on most desks by numerable people is a smart promotional idea.

So why wait?
Order your set of personalized mugs today!

Happy promoting! :)

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Nov 18 2009

Sip the taste of promotion with Coffee Mugs

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You wake up in the morning, brew some fresh coffee for your friends or family members and pour it in different cups that you received over the years by attending various trade shows. Relative situation, isn’t it? Promotional cups have evidently been one of the most common and efficient giveaways in tradeshows and the reasons beneath it are rather obvious. Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage.

So, distributing promo cups increase the chances of it being appealing and utilized amongst potential customers.Are you aiming to increase your brand awareness at your next trade show? If yes, a personalized coffee mugs could be precisely an answer to that. Just select from a wide range of available options to suit your brand’s personality, imprint your logo and give them away to acquired leads. Sounds good?

There are many other options to choose from under promotional cups, if coffee mugs are not exactly what you are looking for. For example, wine glasses, porcelain or plastic mugs, disposable paper cups, water bottles or sippers, etc. Choosing a new drink ware for every trade show can be an interesting strategy. Your prospect customers will have your brand around throughout the day. While sipping coffee in the morning & sipping water while traveling to work or while hosting a party at home in the evening, your brand would always be around.

So why are you wasting time in thinking? Just organize your trade show. Distribute promotional cups. Acquire leads successfully. And spread the experience of sipping on to promotion.

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