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Oct 21 2010

Ready to go red? – Celebrate the Red Ribbon Week –(Oct 23 to 31)

Over the past few months I have been bombarded with news reports about Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse-prison-rehab escapades. What happened to the freckled-face kid who played the role of twins in the movie Parent Trap and just when did this haggard looking starlet take her place?Lohan’s list of addictions is eerily long, from cocaine, alcohol to e-mail and Twitterand I cannot help but wryly commend her decision to opt for rehab. (Yes, I know its being seen as a gimmick to evade jail-time!) But to give the girl some credit, she got a chance at de-addiction and she grabbed it, whatever may be the reason. I don’t think every addict is as fortunate, well, latest research on substance abuse in USA certainly doesn’t indicate so.According to statistics provided by Healthy People 2010, a US Department of Health and Human Services initiative, about 100,000 deaths in the United States are related to alcohol consumption while another 12,000 deaths are related to illicit drug abuse and resultant AIDS.

Scary, isn’t it! Even as the thoughts of keeping my kids away from drugs and booze ran through my head, I realized even though we may not be able to save the Lindsays of the world from substance abuse, each one of us can make a difference where it matters. Just like Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Enrique Camarena did.

In 1985 Camarena, a young, upright DEA agent working undercover in Mexico for investigating an illegal drug cartel was murdered by drug lords. A few years earlier, when his mother had dissuaded him from joining the DEA he had reportedly told her, “I am only one person, but I want to make a difference.” After his death, he became a motivation for many coalition groups crusading against alcohol and drug abuse who wore red badges of satin as an ode to him. The movement is now known as the Red Ribbon Week which is commemorated from October 23 to 31 every year.

Are you a responsible American who wants a drug and alcohol free home, school, office, neighborhood, community etc? Then spread the message of healthy, drug and alcohol-free living, this Red Ribbon Week.

Spread the Red ribbon cheer
Hand out Red Ribbon items as personalized gifts. Flexible key-tags, awareness car magnets, awareness bracelets, all imprinted with ‘Break away from booze – no more drug abuse’ messages will bind your near and dear ones to the cause.

Ensure that the cheer resonates beyond a week
Make the week so memorable that the Red Ribbon cause gets entrenched as a moral value. For example custom calendars which speak about substance abuse, effects and remedies on every page won’t leave your employees’ desks, and the message won’t leave their minds either.

Do your bit as a humanitarian -
Visit your nearest alcohol or drug rehab center and carry along gifts like promotional calendars with motivational quotes, promotional t-shirts with Red Ribbon Week slogans imprinted on them. After all substance abuse can be cured only with medication, it needs a regular dosage of care and acceptance as well.

Over a month back Lindsay Lohan tweeted…

“Substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn’t go away over night. I am working hard to overcome it and am taking positive steps.”

It is time we took positive steps too; to be the change we want.

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Sep 10 2010

How to take a stand for your brand this September!

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September is the month for standing up for causes. It’s National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, National Childhood Cancer Month, National Literacy Month and of course, Patriot day on September 11th.Fulfill your corporate social responsibility by supporting one of the above causes. By associating with a meaningful cause not only are you helping those in need, you’re also enhancing your brand image.A CSR Branding survey conducted in the U.S in Feb this year revealed that 55% of the customers surveyed were more likely to choose a product that supports a certain cause when choosing between otherwise similar products.

75% of those surveyed who read about a company’s social responsibility agenda on its website said that it made them more likely to purchase products or services from that company.

What does this mean for your business? It means that your company stands a lot to gain by supporting social causes!

And whatever your cause, Promo Direct has the right promotional items for you to imprint your message on.

You can customize awareness bracelets (as low as $ 0.39 per piece) to promote the importance of education or to support cancer victims. You can contribute to educational institutions by gifting reasonable promotional Educational items.

Prove your patriotism to America by distributing imprinted promotional items Made in The USA to your customers, business partners and employees.

In fact, you can use any of our diverse promotional products to promote the cause of your choice.

Contribute to America’s future! Go on; start giving to start reaping.

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