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Jun 19 2012

Best of marketing and why are they so

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It is a well known fact that out of all our marketing efforts and ubiquitous promotions, some will become an instant hit and some will suffer major hit back.  The one which resonates so well with your target audience will be the one to buzz around in the market for sometime and gives your brand a new look.

Marketers, often try to create such bustle which becomes the talk of the town for generating new prospects for your business. The idea of promoting your brand with promo items like promotional pens and personalized t-shirts is no different.

Here we will consider some of the best promotion and understand why they are so with a learning edge and try to figure out what could serve the best in the market.


In case of promo items

Remember the iconic bicyclist Lance Armstrong? In 1996, just after he was identified with cancer, he founded his Lance Armstrong Foundation the following year.

In association with Nike, his foundation developed a yellow silicon wristband imprinted with the Livestrong mantra for selling the item as a fundraiser. This, later reported by lancewins.com, resulted in generating more than 45 million of sale. The bracelets very soon became an instant identifiable symbol of Armstrong, who often used to wear the yellow leaders jersey while cycling to seven Tour de France victories.

Lesson: Make your brand unique with a signature look. This is important for your brand’s own identity in the market. This will connect your brand to your niche and customers which will promote stronger relationship.  With promo items like promotional pens and personalized t-shirts your brand can be a messenger which keeps your customers loyal to you along with generating new potential prospects.

You need to create promotions in a manner which easily recognizable in the market and wherever your customers see similar image your name should instantly come in their minds.

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Nov 25 2011

Persuasion vs Passion-What Works To Increase Sales

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Tired of rallying up leads? After countless sleepless nights over driving “organic traffic” to your website and watching the horror of how few convert into sales both on your website and off-page as well, you have probably laid down arms now on increasing sales!

You ask yourself, “Where am I going wrong? I created the perfect business…have the perfect sales pitch…have been sending the newsletters, catalogs, and highlighting the cheapest products, the best quality products….then where is the smelly skunk that’s turning away conversions?”

The answer might just be looking you in the face without you knowing it. Pestering people to buy doesn’t work. That is a fundamental principle of marketing. People love to buy but they do not to like to be told to buy! Your pitching your products and services in every communication with your customers is simply not going to work. Persuasion is an uphill task and can eventually help to convince people to buy.

But what works effortlessly is your conviction about your product or service. If you love what you do, are passionate about your offering, about your product, your buyers will naturally be drawn to you and your business! People who are passionate do not need to run after others to have them buy their product. Can you imagine Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs pitching and pestering people into buying their product? The idea itself sounds silly!

In fact, citing those very examples shows us something. We all are drawn to passionate people like moths to a flame, simply because they believe in what they have to offer and love what they do.

The more convinced you are about your product and service the more people will believe in it and will want to procure it. Confidence and passion are the keys you need in business, and not just a great sales page and pitch!

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Nov 04 2011

Is Your Sales Team Losing The Battle To Your Well-Informed Customer?

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Customer satisfaction is no longer a lazy day by the poolside for business owners. Today the customer’s expectations are high. He is no longer just waltzing into your store because he simply felt like it. Instead he has done thorough research about what he is spending his precious bucks on and he has studied the reviews and opinions of his peers and users who have used, tried, and tested the said product.

According to several surveys and studies done by the likes of IBM, Cisco, and Accenture, statistics show how the sales strategy and execution needs drastic overhaul everywhere, irrespective of which niche you’re in:

–60% of shoppers rated online reviews as more significant than in-store sales employees or even social networking

–Shoppers said that they would rather do a detailed research and study the products online than interact with the sales staff

–51% of customers said that online reviews swayed their buying decisions over and above other sources of information

–87% of retailers concur that finding better deals is easier for consumers who make use of online price-comparison applications and online shopping tools

–41% people are more likely to broadcast negative product experiences online on Twitter or by writing a negative review

Given these stats, businesses need to revisit their sales strategy and enhance the shopping experience they offer to the consumers who walk through their doors.

You can watch out for negative factors that turn customers away from you, like:

1)     Limited sales assistance that leads customers to walk out sooner.

2)     Out-of-stock products are a major turn-off for customers too.

3)     People have lesser patience and long checkout processes don’t really help!

4)     Consumer demand for price-comparison is something that your sales department has to give serious thought to.

Consider five elements when analyzing shopping experience that you offer to your customers in order to retain them:

(a)   Engagement—Attracting and keeping consumers engaged is a task that can never have enough put into it! According to Cisco, retailers should “introduce technologies such as interactive digital displays, video assistants, social networking technologies and Wi-Fi networks that enable shoppers to remain connected with trusted people and information while they are in the store.”

(b)   Consistent brand experience and quality.

(c)   Furnish and equip your sales staff with adequate information on the products—including user experience, feedback, price-comparison, durability, etc.

(d)   Expediting and speeding up the shopping process.

(e)   Problem recovery—helping to resolve issues and providing compensation efficiently and speedily.

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May 15 2011

How to Write a Persuasive Business Message

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Worried if your business mail will be lost with the several unread messages in your customers’ mailbox? Effective communication might just help you to get your mail noticed by your customers. Here are some effective business tipsthat you could use to make your business mail stand out among the rest:

To the point writing: If your business mail is chunky, the reader might miss the real point of your message. Besides, no one likes to wade through long mails. Keeping your business mail short and concise could help you stay focused and also makes it easy for the customers to read your proposal. However, take care not to hard sell because this might put off your clients. Instead you could talk of your business in the mail and subtly mention your business strengths in it.

Target audience: Using the language that your target audience can relate to is a great way to build an inter-personal relationship with them. Simple tricks like starting your mail with a casual “how are you doing?” could help because it sends across a warm feeling and makes your target audience (customers) feel wanted.

Be creative: Everyone likes a joke or a witty remark. It is a smart advertizing idea to add these or come up with other creative ideas to make your business mail engaging. By adding some interesting and eye catching lines, your business mail and consequently your business will come across as smart to your customers.

A business mail is very important because it represents your business to your customers. You could use the tips above to craft a great business mail and portray a positive picture of your business to your clients.

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Apr 23 2011

Marketing in Spring

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“Now that the winter’s gone, the earth hath lost
Her snow-white robes; and now no more the frost
Candies the grass, or casts an icy cream
Upon the silver lake or crystal stream:
But the warm sun thaws the benumbed earth,
And makes it tender; gives a sacred birth
To the dead swallow; wakes in hollow tree
The drowsy cuckoo and the humble-bee.
Now do a choir of chirping minstrels bring.
In triumph to the world, the youthful spring:
The valleys, hills, and woods in rich array

Welcome the coming of the long’d-for May…”

-Thomas Carew

Spring is in the air again folks and marketing your brand was never easier! As flora and fauna awaken to a new season, businesses can take up brand promotion with a wide selection of promotional products. Here are some interesting ideas that can help your spring venture succeed:

  • A traditional giveaway could be a nice gift basket, lovely flowers that the season brings with it, and maybe a promo spring calendar along with a promotional pen, and there you have it…a perfect giveaway for spring!
  • You could plan an exclusive promotional outdoor event for your clients where they could participate in games and contests and have a nice lunch to go with it. To complete your marketing strategy top it all with a giveaway like a promotional flyer, lunch bag, cooler, or a promotional beach ball with your business name imprinted on them.
  • This is a great time to promote your business with eco-friendly products. Your customers will love your concern for nature and your brand will stay in their memories for all the right reasons.
  • Bring a bit of spring indoors to your workplace and even to your website! Those lovely gladioli, dahlias, and daffodils will make your workplace come to life with their colors and aroma. Your site users and visitors will love a dash of color on your website for spring too!
  • Special spring discounts always help to lure customers. Shopping ahead for the upcoming summer is on everyone’s mind. So you can use this to advantage and boost sales, especially by having the offer up for only a limited period. This will help to create excitement and the buzz will spread fast.
 With these ideas, you can cash in on the spring season and bring new life to your business!
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