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Dec 20 2013

Using Reviews Better For Your Business

Do you put some thought into what’s said about your business online? If you haven’t yet, then please do so as quickly as you can. A lot of companies prefer to ignore reviews about them, especially if it’s negative. Don’t follow the same path.

Websites like yelp.com and local.yahoo.com provide prospects with handy insight into your business. These websites offer local business coverage and are easy to access online. Whether its restaurants, automobiles, travel or just about anything under the sun – reliable reviews are ready for those who need them any time of the day!

Reviews serve as an excellent marketing channel because they can easily manipulate consumer behaviour. A 2012 survey by Nielsen revealed that respondents believed in online reviews as the second most trusted form of advertising, behind recommendations from family and friends. Here is a fact – if you don’t have reviews for your business online, you are missing out on a whole lot of fun!

So how do you get favorable reviews for your business? Of course, the first step would be to sell products/services that match the expectations of your target audience. The second step would be to provide your customers with an opportunity to write about their experience on your website itself. Guide customers to write reviews and if they write favorably on 3rd party sites such as Google+ and Yelp as well, your business stands to gain exponentially.

So after a customer has completed a transaction on your website, send him/her a thank you note and invite to share his/her experience. You can either do so by sending them an email or contacting them by phone.

This is exactly what we do at Promo Direct. Each product page on our site allows customers to write a review and this will be displayed for other prospects to read about.

Check out some external reviews on Promo Direct such as the following:


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Dec 11 2013

4 Tips to Convert Cold Calls into Successful Leads

Even though we live in an era dominated by digital marketing, cold calls are still the most preferred and reliable method of obtaining prospective leads. The purpose of any cold call must be to convert the conversation into a winning one that meets the caller’s goals. Here are 4 important tips that will help you convert cold calls into successful leads:

1. Plan Your Strategy

This is the first step that will lead you towards a potential lead. You need to compile a comprehensive list of individuals whose objectives and requirements match with those of your present customers. Chart out an ideal sales pitch that will impart effective structure to your conversation. Include a list of probable questions that your clients may come up with and consider responses that you will have to make to maintain effectual conversation.

2. Face Your Fears

While making cold calls, even the most experienced person may get nervous. Open a call confidently by identifying yourself and briefing about your company. It will also help you judge the temperament of your customers. It is not necessary that every client you come across may consider you as intrusive or abrasive.

3. Market Your Brand

It may be possible that a company or customer may not require your service presently. Take this opportunity to market your brand. These customers may consider buying products from you in the future.

4. Never Give Up

At times, cold calls will not yield any positive leads and you might feel frustrated. In such situations, remain optimistic and be persistent in your efforts. Review strategies and try to incorporate some changes in them if needed.

With these tips, converting cold calls into successful leads will not be a tough task.

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Oct 31 2013

8 Popular Growth Hacking Techniques For Your Business

You have probably heard the marketing concept Growth Hacking being discussed a lot these days. For those who are not aware, Growth Hacking is smart marketing that involves a mixture of social metrics, creativity and analytical thinking.

Hugely beneficial for startups, the concept allows companies to focus on growth and the ensuing monetary benefits while worrying about budgets later.

Neil Patel, the Seattle-based entrepreneur has said that the primary focus of Growth Hackers would be to Pull (“give them a reason to come to you”), Push (“find people online and push them towards your product”) and Product (“everyone that uses the product gets more people to use the product”).

Featured below are 10 Growth Hacking techniques that will be beneficial for businesses:

1. Viral Loop: Among the most effective Growth Hacking methods, a Viral Loop is when a viral coefficient of 1 is achieved. This means that a person who comes across a product or service shares it with a minimum of one person atleast.

2. Focus on Organic Search: Leverage the power of On-page and Off-page SEO to get your website high for search engine results. When you drive traffic to your site, make sure there is a Call-To-Action waiting for them to act upon.

3. Blogging: Create articles that can go viral with ease. You could write on Top 10 lists or provide useful tips for online users in your domain.

4. Share Content: If your target audience doesn’t come to you, make sure you reach out to them! Share content related to your site on external links such as Reddit and Quora.

5. Optimize Landing Pages: When you are successful in getting people to reach your landing pages, you should make sure that they don’t leave without signing up for your services or buying your products. Be aggressive with the CTA on the landing page.

6. Social Campaigns: Concentrate on sharing engaging content on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Win the trust of your followers and make sure they convert into meaningful business for your website.

7. Paid Search: It takes time to learn how to wisely invest in tools such as Google AdSense. But when you master it, you will be able to convert clicks into meaningful business while spending less on paid search.

8. Referral Campaigns: Launch campaigns that will reward existing customers who bring in more business. You could run a “Refer a friend and get a $25 coupon absolutely free!” campaign. Come up with something creatie.

You could also do a press release or get an endorsement from an expert authority in your domain. Just make sure that whatever you do to gain quick business falls within accepted ethical practices. All the best!

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Jul 29 2013

25 Reasons Why Promotional Products Offer The Best Marketing Options For Your Brand

Published by under Promotional Products

Several businesses around the world rely on promotional Items to boost their brand power. Featured here are 25 reasons why you too should opt for this mode of marketing!

1. Quality recall

Did you know that 76% of participants in a 2010 survey could easily recall the name of the advertiser who gave them a promotional product in the last 12 months? Compare it with this fact – only 53.5% of this same group of participants recalled the advertiser in a newspaper or magazine the previous week.

2. Long-lasting impression

This same survey revealed that 52% of participants pursued business opportunities with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product. An impressive 52% stated that they had a favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving the item.

3. Repeated exposure

The exposure provided by giveaways is very high. Recipients are likely to use your products in public, giving your brand quality visibility. The more frequently the item is used and viewed, the greater the return on investment for the advertiser.

4. Superior brand awareness

Giveaways do a good job of spreading awareness about your brand. Introducing a new product? Use a giveaway to announce its arrival.

5. Positive attitude toward advertiser

A recipient will begin to trust the advertiser more and seek his services when it matters.

6. High utility value

Promotional items are practical in nature and will be used by recipients in their daily lives. Your customers will thank you for giving them a quality bag or pen.

7. Conventional marketing mediums on the decline

While television and the print media are frequently used to highlight brands, they are often considered too expensive and lacking in recall value. As a result, people are relying more on giveaways to highlight their brand.

8. The best way to keep your brand in front of target audiences!

An item like a calendar or clock will not be discarded but will be kept in constant view of the recipient, helping them remember your brand more often.

10. Amazing variety

There is a huge variety of giveaways to choose from – stationery, drinkware, apparel and lots more!

11. Adding a personal touch

Giveaways can be personalized to your satisfaction. A business owner can be assured that the recipient is using a product that is the true ambassador of his brand.

12. Quick promotion

Giveaways bring about instant results – as soon as your recipient receives them!

13. Gain their trust

For a business, it is important to gain the trust of the target audience. Promo items achieves this with ease!

14. People love receiving giveaways!

Who doesn’t love receiving a quality freebie? Gain the appreciation of your clients for giving them a product they can use.

15. Low cost

Promo items are cheap since you can buy them in bulk. If you do the calculations, you will realize that they are far cheaper than the prices available at actual stores.

16. Creative outlet

You get the opportunity to be as creative as you can to launch a visually appealing product. This helps you connect with your audience in a quick fashion.

17. Business usefulness

Business owners can use giveaways for a wide range of purposes. Whether it’s as business gifts, appreciation tools, tradeshow items or as part of orientation programs, promo items are always useful!

18. Add variety to your marketing mix

Already have a marketing plan in place? Add variety by adding promo items to your marketing campaign.

19. Direct impact on the target audience

No other marketing campaign provides a direct impact with the target audience like giveaways do. They can actually feel and use your product.

20. All kinds of budgets

Point no. 15 talks about the low cost factor of giveaways. Businesses looking for expensive items will find classy pen sets, wine glasses or golfing items to match their fancy.

21. Improving trade show traffic

If you have an event coming up, then you will do your business a world of good by handing out giveaways. This will bring more people to your booth.

22. As a recognition tool

If your employees are performing well, they should be awarded. Choose from cost-efficient items to make them feel special.

23. As a customer retention tool

If you want your customer to continue doing business with you, then give away handy items that will keep them hooked to your brand.

24. Associate with a cause

Want to support a NGO? Or spread brand awareness during a campaign against breast cancer? Use wristbands, sanitizers or other such useful giveaways.

25. Worldwide visibility

Have clients that reside hundreds of miles away from your office? Send them personalized greeting cards. Or you could use luggage tags with your logo on them so that your brand gets noticed wherever your recipients travel around the world.

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Jun 19 2012

Best of marketing and why are they so

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It is a well known fact that out of all our marketing efforts and ubiquitous promotions, some will become an instant hit and some will suffer major hit back.  The one which resonates so well with your target audience will be the one to buzz around in the market for sometime and gives your brand a new look.

Marketers, often try to create such bustle which becomes the talk of the town for generating new prospects for your business. The idea of promoting your brand with promo items like promotional pens and personalized t-shirts is no different.

Here we will consider some of the best promotion and understand why they are so with a learning edge and try to figure out what could serve the best in the market.


In case of promo items

Remember the iconic bicyclist Lance Armstrong? In 1996, just after he was identified with cancer, he founded his Lance Armstrong Foundation the following year.

In association with Nike, his foundation developed a yellow silicon wristband imprinted with the Livestrong mantra for selling the item as a fundraiser. This, later reported by lancewins.com, resulted in generating more than 45 million of sale. The bracelets very soon became an instant identifiable symbol of Armstrong, who often used to wear the yellow leaders jersey while cycling to seven Tour de France victories.

Lesson: Make your brand unique with a signature look. This is important for your brand’s own identity in the market. This will connect your brand to your niche and customers which will promote stronger relationship.  With promo items like promotional pens and personalized t-shirts your brand can be a messenger which keeps your customers loyal to you along with generating new potential prospects.

You need to create promotions in a manner which easily recognizable in the market and wherever your customers see similar image your name should instantly come in their minds.

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