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Jun 19 2010

How to Promote Small Businesses by Using Promotional Products?

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Majority of companies in America are categorized under small businesses; and one of the most common questions asked by them is “How do we promote our small business by using imprinted promotional items?”Well, giving away promotional products is probably the most effective and ideal way to promote your small businesses.

In today’s world, it is difficult for any business to attract potential customers; especially since they have a limited advertising budget. But personalized business items are inexpensive enough to be affordable by everyone. In fact, it is easily one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to your target market.

By giving away reasonably priced promotional items such as imprinted coffee mugs, imprinted key chains or imprinted promotional pens; small companies can easily interact with potential customers and build relationships with the existing ones. Building references and attracting leads for future sales are probably the main advantages of using such personalized marketing items. These products are renowned to generate elegance and refinement in your selling, and also spread awareness about the brand amongst the unexplored target market.

Small businesses usually choose to buy inexpensive pens in high quantities for low prices. We recommend our extensive range of Promotional Pens, available at the cost as low as $.11 only. Promotional gifts can achieve great returns on its investment for small businesses and push your company towards success by fostering relationships with essential customers in the market.

So, if you are looking for ways to promote your small business; you know what to do now.

Happy succeeding! :)

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Jun 16 2010

How Fundraising Events Could Also Promote Your Business

Perhaps, one of the most surrogate yet effective methods of promoting your business is by participating in a fundraising event. Such events are ideal to bring people together as everybody is more likely to turn up for a good cause.The primary motive of fundraising events is to raise money for a good cause. Contributions are gathered from individuals, businesses and other well-wishers to support non-profit organizations for their kind efforts towards the benefit of our society.

If you are willing to conduct such an event instead, it is rather obvious to realize the intensity of goodwill it will carry for your company and boost its brand identity.

There are various promotional gifts for business designed particularly for specific events and occasions. You can giveaway personalized business items with your company logo and probably an appropriate message to support the considerate event. For example, you could be participating in a fundraising event for an orphanage and you could invite your existing customers, colleagues, competitors and other well-wishers to participate willingly. They will spread the word voluntarily as it is for a good cause and a lot of people might turn up for the event.

After the word spreads, you could distribute customized giveaways to all attendees with a message imprinted on it: “Thank you for supporting us in supporting a noble cause. We appreciate your presence.” This will enhance your brand image and also make those business promotional products last longer with them.

You could also subtly request attendees to fill out a form in return for your gift.
Their contact information could be used as leads for future sales.

So why wait?
Participate or organize a fundraising event today!

Happy fundraising! :)

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Jun 14 2010

The Advantages of Tradeshow Giveaways

Worried about an upcoming promotional tradeshow?
Do not worry. Implement the powerful strategy of distributing tradeshow giveaways.For those of you who are not aware, trade shows are one of the most entertaining yet competitive business events to participate in. The advantages of opting for tradeshow giveaways are plenty.

Following are the key advantages:

  • Brand awareness

Trade shows provide a brilliant opportunity for spreading brand awareness amongst people who have never heard of you. They get to know what your company has to offer by visiting tradeshows you participated in. After receiving giveaway products, people usually start sharing information about your company positively. That enhances mouth-to-mouth publicity, which is believed to be extremely significant by almost all marketers around the world.

  • Acquiring numerous leads for sales:

Everybody loves receiving gifts. Even if the gift has no relevance, it is still valued and appreciated. You could ask visitors to submit their personal details in exchange of the promotional giveaway they receive and convert them into potential customers. Acquiring leads is probably the first significant step in achieving company sales.

  • Reaching out to your specific target audience:

It is important to reach out to your target specifically. If you offer giveaway items at tradeshows, you are targeting a specific group of people who belong to the same industry. This simplifies your efforts of segregating people for your promotional initiatives.

Other common reasons for conducting or participating in a tradeshow include:


  1. Generating actual sales at the event
  2. Enhancing your brand image
  3. Establishing the company’s existence presence in the marketplace
  4. Adding to the efficiency of your marketing efforts
  5. Personally meeting your customers, competitors, suppliers, clients and other well-wishers
  6. Introducing and demonstrating new products and services
  7. Sharing industry knowledge with your target audience

So why wait?
Order our bestselling and exclusive tradeshow giveaways today!

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May 08 2010

Using customized themed products for brand promotion

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Every business tradeshow, exhibition, event or a campaign has a theme. Nearly all marketing campaigns focus on promoting the business through selling their respective products and services. However, they are backed by exclusive themes to promote the business in a particular way. Not all campaigns have the same theme even though they have similar products for a display. Using a promotional product that fits in the theme can create wonders. Your potential customers will appreciate your creativity and you will get higher chances to pursue them to buy your product. Here are 3 simple ways of using customized themed promotional items for brand promotion.

Customized Promotional Products


  • Reinforce the theme

A good theme can help create a buzz of your product or service. Keep your brand message and campaign theme consistent and let people notice you. The theme of your business campaign should be such that people would relate to it.

  • Choose the right promo product

Go for a promotional product that goes hand in hand with your theme. Some common yet useful promotional products like promotional pens, caps, mugs, notepads etc are accepted by all kinds of customers. Consider giving out eco-friendly products, especially if your business provides lifestyle solutions.

  • Customize the giveaway items

You should always get your giveaway items customized with your brand logo. Print your company information and a brand message on the promotional products you are aiming to give out. For e.g. if your theme is revolving around the importance of fitness, make sure you use appropriate colors and message to attract the prospective customers.

Let your brand get the maximum exposure with the customized themed promotional products. Your customers get the high-utility products to use while you get your brand message delivered faster than ever.

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May 07 2010

The Perfect Picnic Plate

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Hello there!If you are looking out for some distinctive imprinted promotional items, you must know that opting for products like pens, caps, mugs, t-shirts, etc. would not be recommended; because they are popular and a few of the most utilized customized promotional products of America.

Business is all about risk-taking, right? Well, our distinctive products are not really risk-factors. They are just unique and atypical, for that impressive impact on prospects over competitors.

We would like to recommend one such distinctive product to you:
The Perfect Picnic Plate.

Outdoor promotional products are extremely efficient for everyone and a promotional picnic plate could be really handy on a picnic or any small business trip. The perfect picnic plate is a handy item for your customers, employees and even clients. It holds an 8-1/2″ diameter plate and 2-1/2″ diameter cup or can, making it ideal for any event!

What else?
Well, if you decide to place an order before 1st of July, 2010; you can purchase this special item at the cost as low as $2.99 per plate only!

Picnics bring people together. In fact, we would suggest you to organize a friendly business outing with your employees, colleagues, clients and invite your existing and potential customers as well. Then watch these distinctive imprinted promotional items work wonders for your brand recognition and company image.

So are you still afraid of using such unique outdoor products?
If yes, don’t be. Just try them out, once at least.

Order The Perfect Picnic Plate today!

Have fun! :)

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