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Sep 01 2010

This September, make sure you target the youth!

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September is here and that means that millions of students are either starting out or returning back to school and University. What does this mean for your business? An opportunity to acquire customers for life.Gifting Promotional productsto students is a great way to garner awareness in schools and colleges. The reach that educational institutions offer is extremely high. In fact, nearly 49.7 million students enroll in public elementary and secondary schools in the United States ever year and more than 5 million students attend private schools across the nation.Orientation or Freshers’ week is an extremely interactive and enjoyable week for most University students. Distributing imprinted, promotional educational items like Pens, backpacks, usb flash drives, caps, backpacks and lanyards to students during Orientation week is a great strategy.

If you provide useful products that are appreciated by the recipients, they will be retained and used, repeating the imprinted message many times without added cost to your business.

Promotional items can also be distributed to students at fundraising events, annual school functions and University career fairs.

If students have a positive brand image of your company due to your promotional items, they might even be motivated to work for your company when they complete their education!

So, make sure the future of the nation has a positive brand image of your company. Start right now!

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Jul 23 2010

5 Essential Ways to Market a Business with Promotional Products

Promotional products are useful tools to market your business. They are renowned to be consistent in generating a recurring impact on users and intrigue them towards companies and their specialties. Business promotional products also provide an incredible opportunity to carry out effective marketing.Here are 5 essential ways to market your business with the help of promotional items:

  • Use them as invitations

Instead of giving them away without any specific reason, try using them as invitations for important or extravagant occasions. For example, you could send across a box of chocolates with a card including a message: “We are pleased to invite you to celebrate our company’s 25th year of operation.”

  • Sponsor Events

Try hosting an event to acquire more leads for sales and impress existing clients and customers. You can organize a fundraising event for a NGO or probably a fun golf competition for your corporate customers and giveaway imprinted promotional merchandise at the event. Give each participant a gift bag with efficient products that they could use frequently.

  • Send Direct Mailers

Send across mails to existing clients, investors or customers with a thank you note imprinted on it. Or introduce your company and its products or services by sending free gifts or samples to potential customers. Direct mail campaigns have proven to be a great way for new business to establish their name in the market.

  • Socialize

Do not hesitate to discuss about your promotional ideas whenever you get an opportunity to do socialize with people. Giving away an imprinted promotional product while talking about them could create an unforgettable first impression; so always keep them handy! Also, try distributing products imprinted with contact details instead of visiting cards. You will be surprised to see their impact on receivers.

  • Analyze

Analyzing promotional products is extremely important to perform better in the future. Request your customers to submit feedback on the gifts they received from your company. This will help you evaluate your efforts and rectify your mistakes for future promotions.

Good luck. :)

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Jul 08 2010

Various Ways to Promote Your Business

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There are numerous ways to promote your business via exclusive as well as inexpensive techniques. Big and small companies have their different ways to promote their businesses; but perhaps the only common way utilized by them is to giveaway personalized marketing items to enhance their brand recognition and recall. For example, inexpensive promotional items such as promotional pens and drinkware are extremely popular amongst all American companies.Here are a few quick tips apart from distributing customized giveaways to enhance your business:

  • If you do not have business cards and personalized stationary already, have them made immediately and start giving them away in your circle for networking purposes.
  • Attend various meetings, conferences, tradeshows and other such business events throughout the year; and if possible, conduct a few events as well.
  • Make sure you interact with existing customers often and help them out sincerely, whenever necessary. You must have heard that mouth-to-mouth publicity is one of the best ways to market anything. Well, this is where you can begin.
  • Network with competitors willingly. Getting to know what competitors are doing in the same market can prove to be very beneficial for future business plans and goals.
  • Request for feedback wherever possible. Ask customers, visitors and attendees to give you feedback on a personal level, or your company website or by replying to your mailers.

So why wait?
Start promoting your business today!

Good luck. :)

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Jun 29 2010

How to carefully choose a business promotional gift

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Promotional products, corporate gifts or any other type of business promotional gifts work only when they have been chosen appropriately for your business. Giving away promotional gifts could qualify as a beneficial tool to support your promotional and marketing efforts. However, choosing inappropriate, flimsy and inefficient products could lead to disastrous consequences.Thus, it is highly recommended to carefully select such personalized marketing items and plan your promotional campaign cautiously.


Make a careful move!

Durability is probably the most important characteristic to consider while choosing your promotional products. Instead of seeking for low-cost products, it is recommended to look for durable and efficient products. Carefully selecting a particular product which is inexpensive as well as efficient could be the right choice.

Remember, the key word here is ‘durability.’ Durable products could last for several months, even years. Here are a few examples of inexpensive yet efficient products: promotional calendars, promo backpacks, mouse pads, promotional calculators, travel mugs, etc.

With so many different kinds of promotional items available in the market, it becomes difficult for new companies to make purchase decisions. Those companies usually specify and determine their target audience first; before anything else. This helps them to choose suitable gifts for them and generates adequate curiosity amongst them. It also generates enough possibility for rewarding results from them.

Other important tips:

  • Choose a renowned company to avoid inferior quality products.
  • Look for testimonials. A company that other business owners have recommended is always a safer option.
  • Choose a company that has a trusted online presence.

A company like: Promo Direct, which offers low prices every day and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Jun 22 2010

How effective are ‘distinctive’ promotional products?

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Giving away promotional products to vendors, employees, clients, colleagues and existing or potential customers always leaves behind some impact on them. But is it better to opt for distinctive business promotional products to embark a better impression?Yes, it is.
Promotional giveaways are beneficial to all types of small and big businesses, but choosing just the right option to fit your budget and requirements appropriately is extremely important. Nowadays, consumers receive various promotional products in a variety of forms every single day. In order to stand out amongst others and leave behind an unforgettable first impression on consumers, it is better to opt for distinctive promotional items.

Individuals usually have a selective perception and they pay attention only to a certain things they are exposed to throughout the day. Distinctive products leave behind a long-lasting impact, making them recollect about your company and its brand message easily. Such products are highly capable to enhance your brand recognition in your target market.

For example, if a businessman receives various ordinary and renowned business promotional gifts in a short period of time, such as promotional pens or mugs; there is a fair chance of him appreciating a poker-set or a golf-kit over other products.

You can choose from the following distinctive products:

Healthcare products
Day Tripper Gift Set
Promotional Tools
Digital Jump Rope
FM Scan Radio
Boom Boom Sticks

And many more.

So, choose your distinctive business promotional item today!

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