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Mar 12 2012

How to Build Your Business Through The Right Marketing Mix

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The success of every business depends on the implementation of right kind of marketing techniques to position its product(s) or service in the market. In order to achieve that, the marketing team of every business has to understand the behavioral psychology of their consumers including various nuances and preferences. In short, marketing guys should be able to promote a product in the most unique manner at the right time and place after knowing people’s requirement and their affordability. These are the basic marketing-mix theories even the most efficient marketing guru will follow to build a brand in the market.

business promotion texhniques

However, the right marketing mix can be produced only if your business/product(s) have certain attributes to be promoted. Most importantly, your products should have the features and quality that are hard to find in the market currently. You need to understand the pulse of the market in order to identify that. If your product can promise these aspects to the consumers, there is a great chance that your product will sail across smoothly.

One more crucial characteristic of any product promotion is its price in the market. Consumers should be able to compare it with its quality and uniqueness. In other words pricing is not what you decide after considering your cost and reserving profit margin—it is how consumers perceive it in terms of its actual worth for which they are spending.

The next important aspect that comes in the marketing mix is the way products are made available to the consumers in the market. This includes transportation, storage—in short the entire channel of distribution.

The final and the most essential facet is the promotion of your product(s). Promotion is a way of connecting your product(s) or service to your consumers in a way that is impressive, transparent and with a prospect of adding value to overall market offerings. Effective product promotion will also include quantity and cost of making those available to the consumers. Your promotion should also highlight what your peers are missing as a part of your product feature. In fact effective promotion creates new needs for the market and gives your consumers a valid reason to spend.

Any business, irrespective of size and geography of operations, if includes these basic rules in their marketing mix, can see their revenue and business growing multi-fold and successfully.

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Jul 25 2011

Have You Really Thought Out Your Promotional Campaign?

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While you know how to chart your course to success in the promotional industry, and what milestones to achieve along the way, have you also considered the pitfalls? For every way there is of getting it right, there are several ways it can go wrong as well!

Businesses must pay heed to the most common oversights that can be avoided through careful strategy implementation:

  • The tardy marketer:  In the world of marketing the one who leads or sets a trend is the one who is remembered—both by the end consumer and the competition. It’s no good to keep following in the footsteps of others. If you’re not first, then you’re not there! You don’t want to enter the market when it is already saturated with the product, or when it has lost its appeal with the audiences. A trendsetter is what the market wants and loves. What’s more, as trends change fast, keeping up with them is a true sign of a winner.
  • The mindset of a winner or a laggard:  A business must provide what the audiences are looking for. If a business refuses to change its approach and strategy, it loses touch with the pulse of the market, and that is suicidal! Staying alert to what the trends show is how you can be a trendsetter and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Failing to identify your target audience:  Have you committed this crime before? It wouldn’t be surprising if the answer is a ‘yes’ because several companies do. Who should you target?—the answer is those who love your brand and look forward to your offerings. A second consideration should be people who would love the promotional product you are considering.
  • Failing to set yourself apart: Often businesses just go through the motions when it comes to giving out business gifts, without stopping to consider what is their unique identity, what sets them apart from their competitors. It is this unique message that must be conveyed to the customers in order to convince them to take your product over and above others’.
  • Compromising on quality: Your logo goes on a promotional items and becomes a mouthpiece of your brand name and quality. It’s a message carrier—your message. So you can’t be careful enough when it comes to the quality of the promotional giveaway you’re using for your advertising campaign.
With this checklist in mind, you can avoid the most common mistakes made in the advertising specialty industry and take your promotion to the next level.
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Oct 15 2010

Be a Brand Rock Star!

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All you Prince fans out there, prepare to lay down the red carpet for the royal rock star who will soon be in your part of town for the series of ‘Welcome 2 America’ concerts in December. Royalty comes with entourage now, doesn’t it? The tour will undoubtedly be a feast for the ears (literally) with his favorites like Maceo Parker, Mind Condition, Cassandra Wilson and his Janelle Monáe performing too!


It’s interesting how a rocker can stimulate food for marketing thought and even help you nurture your business in the process! For starters, let’s draw a simple comparison.

Memorabilia is available for every Prince fan at prices that suit his pocket. Tickets and backstage passes of his earliest concerts are dirt cheap, while autographs and autographed pictures cost slightly more and signed early LP albums being a collector’s item are understandably high priced.

Similarly, there are promotional products made for every purse too. Again, there are products that merely promote and there are products that can make your brand a rage and generate fervor just like how Prince does among his fans. Would you ever throw away a T-shirt signed by your favorite rock star however old or faded it gets, or shred the ticket of the first ever rock concert you ever attended, because it is just ‘a yellow piece of paper’? (Nooo? Your shudder conveyed it all!)

Make your corporate gifts so unique that they become collector’s items that your client will never want to part with. For example, wouldn’t you rather hold on to an Antique Tractors calendar or a The Saturday Evening Post calendar as compared to a dreary yearly planner? Yes, because these promotional calendars become more than mere utility items or business gifts, they become collectibles with an emotional flavor.

If you followed the TV grabs of Prince’s press conference you will realize how he implemented one of the simple tools of modern marketing by allying his concert with propaganda for the soon-to-release documentary on public education ‘Waiting for Superman’ and a charity.

Supporting a cause serves to heighten your brand’s popularity because of something that I will call as ‘the empathy factor. Psychologically your clients feel that if you have an empathetic streak in you, you are a befitting corporate citizen to do business with.

Finally, of course you know that Prince has sold 80 million albums worldwide and Purple Rain alone sold 13 million copies in the USA. He is a movement and this movement, with millions of fans is landing at your doorstep. A perfect setting to market your brand with promotional giveaways that are lapped up during concerts! From plain white t-shirts to get the rock star’s autograph to drawstring bags that fans can use to stash their Prince merchandise, use your promotional products to be a part of the craze and help your brand come alive!

So what are you waiting for…In the words of the rock star himself…

Its time we all reach out for something new…That means u too!

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Oct 08 2010

Defining a product appropriately in consumer’s mind while marketing

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If only Inception could be a businessman’s official guidebook! Picture this – we could all be real-life Leonardo di Caprios who will be able to unravel the mind of a consumer, plant the idea of how fantastic our product is and mentally prod him to do business with us. Well, that may work in the reel world but in reality it is your marketing strategy that can influence how much a consumer knows about your product.

The trick to define your product in your consumer’s mind is to know how much he knows and what to tell him. Your potential customer needs the product that you sell but he is faced with so many companies offering the same product that he doesn’t know which one to choose. Use the three-tier marketing strategy given below and your consumer will know your brand and make an informed choice.

Advertise and emphasize:

Door-to-door promotions are difficult to execute in today’s busy world and internet advertisements are the new buzz words. Your promotional advertisements should reveal the salient features of your product or your service and leave your customer with a budding interest in you. When he goes a step further, your website should embody your company’s personality and offer a glimpse of your work, policies and finally what you promise to give him.

Gift away a giveaway:

The customer has reached you and now it is your turn to reach out to him. Promotional products are meant to give a human edge to profit-driven business ideas. Promotional items like customized stationery, pens, health care products, calendars or apparel serve as good gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Top-class corporate gifts indicate you really care about your customers and won’t compromise on quality even if you are giving out complementary products.

Confessions of a consumer mind:

However objective you seem while describing your product to a consumer, you won’t be able to keep him from thinking that he is merely a means to your end. However, if he hears your message from another consumer who has used your product or availed your service, he is likely to believe him. Forums on social media like Facebook and Twitter are the latest forums to advertise and influence a consumer’s mind.

Now being a Dom Cobb doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it?

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Sep 23 2010

How to become attractive in business?

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A successful business is a goal desired by many, but attained only by the best. If you want to become attractive in business, the trick is merely to implement a creative and consistent business strategy that will attract customers and ensure they remain loyal to you.Spare a thought for the business tipslisted below and watch success beckon you.Use business promotional products to help clients SEE you:

Visibility is like oxygen for your business and promotional products bearing the logo and other details of your company will make customers aware of you. Advertisements are often seen and forgotten, but creative yet utility-driven promotional products given as samples or as corporate gifts ensure a visual presence to your company’s identity. Complementary promotional products serve a double purpose; of endearing a customer to you and of widening your client base, as one satisfied customer is likely to spread the word about your services.

Efficiency is effective:

Your team of professionals should guide your customer with subtle suggestions as he decides about which service to choose. Lending a patient ear to the customer’s queries and quick service offered with charm and confidence will help the customer make an informed choice. Your team’s efficiency also depends on how much and how often you motivate them. Make your team feel valued and they will ensure your customers feel the same way.


Give a new twist to your promotional strategy and keep your customer interested in you. Be creative while interacting with potential and existing clients, devise a new aspect to existing services or even introduce a new brand. Know about the latest trends and technologies and include them into your business strategy. The novelty of your approach and the vast choice of services will sustain the customer’s interest in your company.

Know your competitors:

In an ideal world, your customers’ loyalty to you will never falter but when it comes to business, competition will bring you back to reality. To tackle competition effectively and keep your customer faithfully by your side, you should know who your competitors are and what are they offering. Analyzing your competitor’s strategies will also help you gain insight into what you can do to enhance your company’s service and keep your customer’s loyalty to you intact.

Treat these tips as stepping stones to a stable clientele and become irresistibly attractive in business.

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