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Jun 29 2010

How to carefully choose a business promotional gift

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Promotional products, corporate gifts or any other type of business promotional gifts work only when they have been chosen appropriately for your business. Giving away promotional gifts could qualify as a beneficial tool to support your promotional and marketing efforts. However, choosing inappropriate, flimsy and inefficient products could lead to disastrous consequences.Thus, it is highly recommended to carefully select such personalized marketing items and plan your promotional campaign cautiously.


Make a careful move!

Durability is probably the most important characteristic to consider while choosing your promotional products. Instead of seeking for low-cost products, it is recommended to look for durable and efficient products. Carefully selecting a particular product which is inexpensive as well as efficient could be the right choice.

Remember, the key word here is ‘durability.’ Durable products could last for several months, even years. Here are a few examples of inexpensive yet efficient products: promotional calendars, promo backpacks, mouse pads, promotional calculators, travel mugs, etc.

With so many different kinds of promotional items available in the market, it becomes difficult for new companies to make purchase decisions. Those companies usually specify and determine their target audience first; before anything else. This helps them to choose suitable gifts for them and generates adequate curiosity amongst them. It also generates enough possibility for rewarding results from them.

Other important tips:

  • Choose a renowned company to avoid inferior quality products.
  • Look for testimonials. A company that other business owners have recommended is always a safer option.
  • Choose a company that has a trusted online presence.

A company like: Promo Direct, which offers low prices every day and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Jun 22 2010

How effective are ‘distinctive’ promotional products?

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Giving away promotional products to vendors, employees, clients, colleagues and existing or potential customers always leaves behind some impact on them. But is it better to opt for distinctive business promotional products to embark a better impression?Yes, it is.
Promotional giveaways are beneficial to all types of small and big businesses, but choosing just the right option to fit your budget and requirements appropriately is extremely important. Nowadays, consumers receive various promotional products in a variety of forms every single day. In order to stand out amongst others and leave behind an unforgettable first impression on consumers, it is better to opt for distinctive promotional items.

Individuals usually have a selective perception and they pay attention only to a certain things they are exposed to throughout the day. Distinctive products leave behind a long-lasting impact, making them recollect about your company and its brand message easily. Such products are highly capable to enhance your brand recognition in your target market.

For example, if a businessman receives various ordinary and renowned business promotional gifts in a short period of time, such as promotional pens or mugs; there is a fair chance of him appreciating a poker-set or a golf-kit over other products.

You can choose from the following distinctive products:

Healthcare products
Day Tripper Gift Set
Promotional Tools
Digital Jump Rope
FM Scan Radio
Boom Boom Sticks

And many more.

So, choose your distinctive business promotional item today!

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Jun 16 2010

How Fundraising Events Could Also Promote Your Business

Perhaps, one of the most surrogate yet effective methods of promoting your business is by participating in a fundraising event. Such events are ideal to bring people together as everybody is more likely to turn up for a good cause.The primary motive of fundraising events is to raise money for a good cause. Contributions are gathered from individuals, businesses and other well-wishers to support non-profit organizations for their kind efforts towards the benefit of our society.

If you are willing to conduct such an event instead, it is rather obvious to realize the intensity of goodwill it will carry for your company and boost its brand identity.

There are various promotional gifts for business designed particularly for specific events and occasions. You can giveaway personalized business items with your company logo and probably an appropriate message to support the considerate event. For example, you could be participating in a fundraising event for an orphanage and you could invite your existing customers, colleagues, competitors and other well-wishers to participate willingly. They will spread the word voluntarily as it is for a good cause and a lot of people might turn up for the event.

After the word spreads, you could distribute customized giveaways to all attendees with a message imprinted on it: “Thank you for supporting us in supporting a noble cause. We appreciate your presence.” This will enhance your brand image and also make those business promotional products last longer with them.

You could also subtly request attendees to fill out a form in return for your gift.
Their contact information could be used as leads for future sales.

So why wait?
Participate or organize a fundraising event today!

Happy fundraising! :)

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Jun 08 2010

The Versatility of Promotional Products

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There are hundreds of different promotional products available today. The primary idea behind promotional products giveaways is to promote your business by having your company name, logo, brand message or other contact information imprinted on them.Different kinds of target audience and their different preferences or likings are mainly responsible for the creation of new products everyday. For example, writing products are ideally given away to students and office-executives. Similarly, exclusive poker sets or golf apparels could work great as business promotional gifts for businessmen.


Now, the important point here is to share the awareness of choosing the right product amongst so many options. If you are new to the world of promotional business, we suggest you to do your research well, identify and understand your target audience; and most importantly choose an appropriate product.

We have an extensive range of products to probably satisfy any type of promotional needs and requirements. The versatility of promotional products extends over any budget too; from cost-effective items below $1 to exclusive gifts worth over $30. You can also decide over the extensive budget of a single type of product. For example, a standard ball-pen could be bought for $.50/each; whereas, a metal pen might come for $5/each.

You can choose from our standard stationary items or outdoor promotional items to the recently trending eco-friendly items. The choice is YOURS.

We are giving away free promotional catalogs.
So why wait? Place a request for a FREE CATALOG today!

Happy choosing! :)

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May 04 2010

Desk in a Box

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Office items are generally simple imprinted desk-products, which can be given away to all those corporate executives, businessmen or other office-going crowd who constitute your company’s target audience. There are various promotional gifts which can be listed under the category of office items, such as writing products, desk clocks, stationary items or stationary kits, etc. They are highly efficient, cost-effective and can be easily customized for maximum impact on your prospects.But why giveaway meager corporate gift items when you can opt for such exclusive products at same prices?Promo Direct presents your ultimate option amongst office items:

A Desk in a Box.

This product is absolutely great for traveling purposes. It includes various mini desk items like a stapler, staples, paper clips, rubber bands, transparent tape, sticky notes and sticky tabs. That covers up almost all the necessary office items which are used on a daily basis. It is compact and skillfully designed to fit easily into a bag or a purse.

All this at an unbelievable cost as low as $2.43 per box only. You can also attain free artwork from our professional in-house art department. Steal-deal, right?

The advantage of promotional office items is that they serve a very distinct function of meeting various needs of your target audience. For example, whoever works in an office is bound to need paper clips, sticky notes or a stapler.

Our ‘desk in a box’ is ideally designed for your complete convenience wherever you go.
This is how you could enhance your company recognition and brand image proficiently

So why wait?

Order now!

Happy working! :)

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