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Nov 24 2010

What and How of Brand Essence in small business advertising

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‘Have skin as soft as a baby’s’… No images need to accompany this slogan; the power of imagination has already won over the women. Not surprising then that many Chinese women have begun taking a collagen drink – the product this ad campaign endorses – which promises women youthful ‘super smooth’ skin with every sip!

Small business advertising like this, which immediately leads you to imagine the caress of an infant’s cheek against your own, works because it achieves instant connect with the target group. In business jargon, this connectivity facilitator is called Brand Essence.

For those of you who hate jargon, the simplest definition I can rake up is this. Brand Essence is that aspect/s in a brand which causes the audience to sit up and take notice, to believe that it is him/her whom the brand is meant for.

So what makes a brand tick? Why do loyalists swear by it? What about a brand convinces them that ‘this is it’ before they agree to buy a product or a service? Too many questions? Let me simplify.
In a nutshell: What makes up ‘brand essence’ and how to spread it?

I know what you are thinking and No – the slogan is just one of the aspects that conveys the story of your brand. In short, it’s a tool for brand recall. For me brand essence is about these:

  • Whether your brand is relevant for diverse categories of your target group.
  • Whether it fulfills their need and is affordable.
  • Whether your brand wins the competition race.
  • Whether the products you offer and the ideals you uphold appeal to your target audience.
  • Whether the affinity for your brand surpasses beyond individual products or services you offer and the audience likes what you represent as a whole. For example, promotional giveaways that are useful instead of mere promotional show pieces are ideal ways to express the value every business upholds, that of keeping customers happy.
  • Whether what your brand invokes strong enough for your employees to believe in it and promote it. Business promotional products can be good ways of showing the ‘you care’ aspect to your clients and employees.

Ensure all the aspects of your brand embody the essence of your brand. Sloganeering is not enough; ensure that every aspect of your small business advertising activity embodies what your brand symbolizes.

Event promotions like tradeshows, seminars, and exhibitions are hotspots to get new clients. Simple things like the demeanor of your staff, promotional giveaways you distribute can convey your brand essence.

Brand essence is the core of your brand’s existence. Can’t be captured and can’t not be communicated. What are you waiting for? Give your clients a whiff of it and win them over. Now!

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Sep 10 2010

How to take a stand for your brand this September!

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September is the month for standing up for causes. It’s National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, National Childhood Cancer Month, National Literacy Month and of course, Patriot day on September 11th.Fulfill your corporate social responsibility by supporting one of the above causes. By associating with a meaningful cause not only are you helping those in need, you’re also enhancing your brand image.A CSR Branding survey conducted in the U.S in Feb this year revealed that 55% of the customers surveyed were more likely to choose a product that supports a certain cause when choosing between otherwise similar products.

75% of those surveyed who read about a company’s social responsibility agenda on its website said that it made them more likely to purchase products or services from that company.

What does this mean for your business? It means that your company stands a lot to gain by supporting social causes!

And whatever your cause, Promo Direct has the right promotional items for you to imprint your message on.

You can customize awareness bracelets (as low as $ 0.39 per piece) to promote the importance of education or to support cancer victims. You can contribute to educational institutions by gifting reasonable promotional Educational items.

Prove your patriotism to America by distributing imprinted promotional items Made in The USA to your customers, business partners and employees.

In fact, you can use any of our diverse promotional products to promote the cause of your choice.

Contribute to America’s future! Go on; start giving to start reaping.

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Jul 06 2010

Brand Building by Using Promotional Products

Nowadays, looking for new and more importantly efficient ways of brand building is as vital as developing a solid marketing strategy. Giving away promotional products is probably the most popular and easiest way to spread brand awareness and uplift its presence against competitors, in recent times.If your business has been spending outrageously on mediums of advertising like TV, print, etc.; switching to promoting by giving away promotional merchandize might save you a fortune! Business promotional products have the capability of being displayed or carried at home or the office. Do not underestimate their potential to generate positive and long lasting brand recognition or recall amongst customers.

You might be surprised to know how a product worth just a dollar, or even less, could eventually work wonders for your brand’s prosperity. Researchers believe that giveaways definitely help in building a good brand reputation. Many customers even recall the exact day and place where they received complimentary products.

These personalized business items can be customized accordingly as per your preference, with logos, taglines and other communicational brand messages. Every time those products are used, displayed or spotted by people, they might turn into informed potential customers. Thus, make sure you choose something specifically interesting for your target audience to expand your reach as much as possible.

If done appropriately, the products you purchase could successfully build your brand and leave behind a long-lasting impression on everyone.

So why wait?
Start brand building today!

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Jun 15 2010

Why Is It Important to Enhance Brand Recognition & Recall?

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Marketing products for business and other such activities are conducted to promote the brand’s existence and offerings. As you might know, the main objective of conducting promotional activities is to create a buzz in the market.Let us elaborate on one of the most common questions asked by promoters, which is:
“Why is it important to enhance brand recognition or recall?”

Brand recognition refers to the first process of identification and classification of any brand in the minds of customers, to the extent where the brand is recognized for its products, services, attributes or communications. And brand recall refers to the intensity of recognition and its enduring impact on customers.

For example, the first impression of business promotional gifts on potential customers could determine the extent of brand recognition in their minds and when asked about your industry, your brand could be recalled first. In using the technique of brand recognition and its enhancement, an innovative selection of personalized marketing items is vital for ensuring instant connectivity with receivers. Every brand needs to be unique and stand out in the market. Thus, it is extremely important to leave your mark behind.

Gratifying your existing as well as potential customers with efficient business advertising products would create enhanced brand recall over competitors. Your smallest of sincere efforts could reward you more than you expect.

In short, it is important to enhance brand recognition and recall if you want to you’re your industry and overcome your competitors’ efforts.

We suggest you to opt for our distinctive promotional gifts for business selectively.

Happy Brand-Building! :)

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May 08 2010

Using customized themed products for brand promotion

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Every business tradeshow, exhibition, event or a campaign has a theme. Nearly all marketing campaigns focus on promoting the business through selling their respective products and services. However, they are backed by exclusive themes to promote the business in a particular way. Not all campaigns have the same theme even though they have similar products for a display. Using a promotional product that fits in the theme can create wonders. Your potential customers will appreciate your creativity and you will get higher chances to pursue them to buy your product. Here are 3 simple ways of using customized themed promotional items for brand promotion.

Customized Promotional Products


  • Reinforce the theme

A good theme can help create a buzz of your product or service. Keep your brand message and campaign theme consistent and let people notice you. The theme of your business campaign should be such that people would relate to it.

  • Choose the right promo product

Go for a promotional product that goes hand in hand with your theme. Some common yet useful promotional products like promotional pens, caps, mugs, notepads etc are accepted by all kinds of customers. Consider giving out eco-friendly products, especially if your business provides lifestyle solutions.

  • Customize the giveaway items

You should always get your giveaway items customized with your brand logo. Print your company information and a brand message on the promotional products you are aiming to give out. For e.g. if your theme is revolving around the importance of fitness, make sure you use appropriate colors and message to attract the prospective customers.

Let your brand get the maximum exposure with the customized themed promotional products. Your customers get the high-utility products to use while you get your brand message delivered faster than ever.

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