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Nov 03 2012

Promoting Your Brand: Targeting The Right People At The Right Time

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It is time for some retrospection. Ask yourself these questions:

1. How long has it been since I last promoted my business?
2. Does my target audience know that my business exists?
3. How much did I spend on my last promotional campaign? Was it money well-spent?

Think hard about these questions. Are you satisfied about how your business is faring? If the answer is no, then it is time you did something about it.

Decoding your target audience: Most companies deal with services that cater to a specific consumer group. Do you have access to these people? The key to getting your business noticed is to achieve significant brand recognition among your audience.

Get in touch with these people. Use promo items to break the ice. Send them useful corporate giveaways imprinted with your logo. Make it clear that you would value an association with them. The higher the quality of your giveaways, the more chances there are of prospective customers warming up to you.

You could also host a part and invite prospective customers. It’s the right to show off your brand’s capabilities.

Choosing the right time to promote your business: A couple of years ago, a reputed business house in Houston launched a glitzy marketing campaign to promote their range of knitwear. There was one glitch though – winter had just set in! The result – a lot of marketing dollars went down the drain thanks to an ill-timed promotion.

So it is highly important that you pick the right time to promote your product. Plan your marketing campaign around popular festive holidays such as Halloween, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Your customers will appreciate these well-planned corporate giveaways and remember your brand when it matters most.

So remember the next time you plan your promotional campaign, you should focus on targeting the right people at the right time!

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Jun 04 2012

Importance of being consistent for successful branding

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When it comes to branding, many marketers believe that change is the only consistent factor that keeps a brand alive and with this misconstruction they try implementing out of the box thinking, sometimes in the form of changing the logo, or may be adopting a new name because of launching of a new range of services. However, the important fact is that you don’t show your creativity just to prove that how radical you are in your business.  In case of your brand identity such creative fluctuations might be disastrous for you and your brand. Maintaining a brand consistency would only ensure your evergreen customers are always with you.

It is important for every brand to make its own identity and create an image that people can easily connect them with. That’s why repetition of activities through an identity is crucial for the success of brands. Over a period of time people associated with a particular brand will be able to connect instantly with that brand. Frequent changes in your brand identity will confuse your customers and this will result in poor branding which, soon, will get reflected in your sales volume.

Some of the important practices that have helped building brands worldwide are:

  • The focal point of your brand identity and brand strategy should revolve around you customers deep insights.
  • While creating brand identity keep space for accommodating future services and products that can be included under the same umbrella. This may include any possible industry changes or change in business model.
  • Your brand identity should always be under a brand identity enforcer and overseer
  • In case of any unavoidable situations wherein your brand needs to be repositioned then try to make the new one in a manner that it retains the same old flavor to some extent.

It would be judicious to think twice before you bring any new changes to your brand. Most of the time changes are not in the brand’s best interest. It is always advisable to think about a new product instead of thinking about changing your brand’s identity. Try to come up with a revolutionary marketing strategy if possible.

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Feb 26 2011

Stories for Brand and Business Building: Tell us your story!

Do you like reading stories? Have you grown up reading them? Did you have role models that you worshiped after you read them for weeks when you were young?

Stories are gripping. If told in an interesting way, they create a new world for you. They create a world of possibilities and that of dreams too. The role models in the story are the characters, who have performed commendable feats, or have accomplished a simple task with commendable precision.  Now convert all this into the world of business, and the hero’s become business tycoons and the stories that they play in, become their successful businesses, their new business ventures, the difficulties they grapple with and the new ways in which they conquered them.

Stories work a long way in establishing a brand identity for a product. They change the mundane world of numbers and names into interesting ones. They talk of the company and the struggles that it has undertaken and emerged successfully later. Instead of filling your website with brazen descriptions then, it would be a great business tips to convert them into stories?

“The Google Story” by David A. Vise is a fantastic example of the way in which the struggles of a business, its achievements and trials become a story and helps the firm establish itself as a special brand name and carve an identity for itself.

However, if you think that only famous people can write their stores or have them written, that is not true.  A mass media platform like a website is effective enough to narrate your tale. For instance, if your business deals in promotional products you could weave a beautiful and a realistic tale of how promotional items and business gifts became your own means to grow your own business.

Stories capture audiences. And they are rarely tapped as a potential medium for advertizing and branding.  This idea is sure to generate interest in your business and ensure a better sale for you. Here in fact is an idea- email your business story at susans@promodirect.com and you stand a chance to get your story posted on our esteemed Promo Direct Blog and Facebook page.

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Dec 26 2010

Share quick & make brand promotion stick with the new LinkedIn Share Button

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LinkedIn has finally gone the Twitter and Facebook way – possibly a step further – and introduced a LinkedIn Share buttonthrough which users can share information or content on their profiles as well as on LinkedIn Groups.  I know … I know that such forums for brand positioning were already started by the FB and Twitter magnates. Still wondering why am I so kicked about LinkedIn finally getting there? Its because this will give a professional focus to brand promotion on the social media network.

With most of your current and potential business contacts already on the site, the LinkedIn  Share button can prove to be a blessing for your brand promotion and can direct your brand positioning. Here’s how and why…

Share information

Any new developments in your business, new products introduced or discounts offered. All you have to do is share it using the LinkedIn Share button and the news gets zapped into the LinkedIn sphere that hosts all your business contacts. Brand promotion – instantly achieved!

Strengthen contacts

It works like the FB ‘likes’ and the Twitter ‘follow’ or ‘retweet’! In addition to your information, share information you sourced from your contacts’ blog or website too, using LinkedIn Share. The business camaraderie generated will be good for your business and will be reciprocated too. Brand promotion – gradually … but achieved nonetheless!

Save time

Information dissemination – to business contacts at LinkedIn who make up your business destination – at the click of a button! Brand promotion – won’t take more than a few seconds!

Linked in also recently introduced LinkedIn Company pages where companies can ‘build their brand through network-aware recommendations, giving members rich, credible insights into how any given product (or service) is perceived by their fellow professionals’ – (that’s how LinkedIn blog described it!) It works pretty much like the Facebook ‘like’ concept wherein clients can visit the company pages and ‘recommend’ your company and go a step further in your brand promotion.

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Nov 27 2010

The true colors of successful branding strategies!

When you see an apple, do you recognize it by its shape or by its color? Never thought so profoundly before gobbling up the fruit, did you! According to an ingenious team of researchers from Vanderbilt University, apparently an area in our brain is divided in such a manner that it responds differently to different colors. This in turn defines how you discern a particular object.

Go a step further and think branding strategies as you read this and you’ll have one of those ‘Oh why didn’t I think of it before’ moments like I did. Visualize Coca Cola and doesn’t ‘red’ flood your thoughts or ‘blue’ when you imagine Facebook? (This is apart from the shape, font etc.)

Take color seriously like the above brands did, and you’ll find brand identity and recall baby steps away. Find out why some colors work and how can you use them:

Blue – It represents calmness, integrity and stability. No wonder then its the most popular color preferred by businesses. Use it in your business cards, office décor, brochures to convey the ‘you can trust us’ message.
Red – It represents the color of danger, excitement, and passion. Use this color to imprint your logo on the promotional items and rest assured, it will keep drawing attention to your brand.
Orange – It represents enthusiasm and its vibrancy is guaranteed to enhance your brand identity. Use it for your banners and your marketing message will be communicated loud and clear.
Green – It represents prosperity or money. Sending mailers about how your low prices facilitate savings, write it in green. Want to portray your company as eco-friendly? Give your office, office stationery, promotional items a green tone.
White – It represents peace and simplicity. Pick this color while gifting promotional shirts or assigning uniforms to your employees, and not only will they use it as formal wear, your logo will look the brightest too.
Black – It represents seriousness and no-nonsense boldness and is the preferred color while stating facts. Use it while writing your website or brochure content and the readers will believe in you and your services. If in white, they convey simplicity, promotional shirts in black convey style.

So there! Why stick to drabness when you can add a dash of color to your branding strategies, right?

To view a large variety of branding products for business promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.com

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