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Nov 07 2013

Examining the Performance of Key Promotional Product Categories

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Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has been contributing significantly to the promotional products industry for more than 50 years. ASI’s timely research and useful data has helped patrons from across the globe choose the right promotional giveaways to support their brand or cause.

This article features key data on consumer behavior vis-à-vis promotional items. We will briefly explore each product category to provide. The data used in this article is based on the research document the whitepaper “Defining the Disconnect: An Analysis of Channel Beliefs vs. Customer Needs in the Advertising Specialty Industry” by ASI.


• Men own 1.5 times more promotional shirts than women.

• The average number of years men used a promotional shirt is 7.7 years. For women, the statistic is 6.3 years.

• Black is the most popular shirt color with 70.1% of men and 61.6% of women choosing it as their color preference for shirts.


• Women (6.6%) own more promotional bags/totes than men (5.2%).

• Women (69.4%) are more likely than men (39.3%) to use a bag/tote for shopping.

• Both men and women keep their bags/totes for an average of 4 years.

• Black, blue and beige/tan are the most popular bag colors.


• Men own 3 times more promotional caps/headwear items than women.

• Both men and women keep promotional cap/headwear received for an average of 5 years.

• Black is the most popular cap color.

Writing Instruments

• Women (12.8) own more promotional writing instrument than men (10.7%).

• Both men and women keep writing instruments received for an average of 3.5 years.


• Men (6.2%) own more mugs/glassware items than women (5.1%).

• Both men and women keep mug/glassware items received for an average of about 5 years.

Desk/Office/Business Accessories

• Women (5.2%) own more promotional desk/office/business accessories than men (4.8%).

• Both men and women keep office accessories for an average of 3.2 years.

• USB memory sticks (54%) were the most popular form of product office item category.


• Both men and women own about 2 promotional calendars.

• Men have higher expectations regarding the quality of calendars than women.

Hope these stats help you make wise decisions while going for promotional giveaways.

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Jul 29 2013

Becoming A Supplier For The Promotional Industry

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The sophisticated promotional industry is run by talented professionals with an eye on efficiency and quality customer care. In this article, we take a look at how you can become a supplier and excel in this industry:

1. Are you a manufacturer?: Do you create consumer items that can be of good use to end-users in the promotional industry? For example, gift items, apparel or stationery? If your answer is yes, then you are welcome to join the promotional industry!

2. Become members of PPAI, ASI or both: The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) are umbrella groups for distributors and suppliers in the promotional industry. These associations enforce stringent rules that should be followed by suppliers. Being members of these associations will lend you credibility and give distributors a reason to do business with you.

3. Create an effective team for your business: It is important that you have the best talent at your disposal to take your supplier business forward. Your sales team and customer representatives should be ready to take on an

4. Attend important trade shows: Make sure you visit significant trade shows held across America. For example, the PPAI Expo is hugely popular and attended by some of the most important figures in the promotional industry.

5. Launch attractive brochures to showcase your inventory of products: It is important to prepare brochures that will showcase the products you have on offer to the world. If your brochure is good in quality, then interested customers will keep them for long, using them to refer products they would like to buy for their brand.

6. Launch an interactive website to showcase your inventory of products: Printing a brochure is not enough. You have to go further and create a website for maximum reach. Ensure that you have a strong SEO strategy in place to boost your website up in keyword rankings.

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Jul 02 2009

Promotional Product Trade Shows

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Almost all the industries hold trade shows each year to show off new ideas and to evaluate the latest trends. These kinds of shows provide an excellent opportunity to promote new products, make new contacts and renew existing business relationships. Here is the list of the main trade shows for promotional products in US.
Here is the list of shows that will be held this month: 

i) ASI Show is considered as industry’s biggest show of the summer – July 21-23, ’09 at Chicago
ii) California Gift Show – July 17-20, ’09 at Los Angeles
iii) Orlando Gift Show – July 25-28, ’09 at Orlando

You can get a lot of updates about promotional product industry and the latest trend from famous promotional product trade shows.

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